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  1. 2007 Shows

    I wasn't trying to brag in the first place, I was simply trying to compliment Mr. Key Poulan. I'm sorry that that was taken the wrong way by a few people, that's not what I ment at all. Can we please just drop it?
  2. 2007 Shows

    Heartbeat... We did that two years ago. Won a lot of awards, Good Show easy 2 do when u have no competition... would you care to back up that statement with some proof? they dont go to shows with big competing bands....duh...proof in results Wow you got the wrong idea about our band, we were originally going to compitions that had LOADS of other bands in our class, but come compitition time, they dropped out. Not to mention that there are lots of good bands in lower classes, the bigger doesn't mean the better. For example Murphysboro, they have a small band but yet they are not ones to over look. We've been trying to get into the bigger compitions but ther isn't enough room. We've also beat Robinson, both of those bands were voted 2006 Band of the Year. They are Competiton BandIsFun, Can you stop bashing my band, we work just as hard as any other band and I would appreciate it if you stop disrespecting our accomplishments. Thank You.
  3. Shows for 2007

    Just out of curiousity, is this the same basic show that Edwardsville did in 05? I seem to remember that being a Key Poulan show as well. You are correct, we (Edwardsville) did that in '05 and we have stuck with his shows ever since '04.
  4. 2007 Shows

    Heartbeat... We did that two years ago. Won a lot of awards, Good Show easy 2 do when u have no competition... I'm sorry but what are you implying? We had plenty of Compitition. If you don't believe me you can look at our last year's awards too.
  5. 2007 Shows

    Heartbeat... We did that two years ago. Won a lot of awards, Good Show
  6. 2007 Shows

    Edwardsville is doing another Key Poulan show this one is Heros Fallen, Not Forgotten Mvt 1 - Shades of Shenandoah for Mrs. Bixby Mvt 2 - Wars, Politics, Homeland Tragedies Mvt 3 - Let Freedom Ring
  7. Pinkneyville Parade and Field

    It was cancelled due to weather conditions. We were going to go but, like I said, it was cancelled (
  8. ISU 2006

    I just want to wish all the bands good luck!
  9. Anyone Out there??

    I have always had a lot of respect for a lot of our area bands. I've always respected the bands that don't make up excuses why they lose or brag when they win. I think its kind of a pride thing, not that other area bands don't have that too.
  10. Murphysboro

    Murphysboro is pretty good this year! I will say that without question, but yet it seem they are good every year!
  11. Results

    Robinson Marching Maroons Band Festival Robinson, Illinois October 7, 2006 GRAND CHAMPION - Edwardsville CLASS A 58.1 Edwardsville 54.8 Champaign Central 50.5 Newton 47.6 East Richland Percussion - Newton Auxiliary - Newton Drum Major - Newton CLASS B 45.4 Casey-Westfield 43.2 Mt. Carmel Percussion - Mt. Carmel Auxiliary - Casey-Westfield Drum Major - Casey-Westfield CLASS C 54.8 Murphysboro 42.8 Lawrenceville 38.4 Oblong Percussion - Lawrenceville Auxiliary - Lawrenceville Drum Major - Oblong TO ANYONE FROM ROBINSON: Thanks, this was a really fun festival!
  12. Robinson...Predictions on this year?

    Ya I liked their show, I heard it at Newton and saw it at their compitition. Its not as fast as I pictured it to be after I heard their music.
  13. Band Camp

    OK to clear things up. The diamond cutter is when four diamonds turn into one. Inside that diamond, there are about 18 groups of four that "cut" or move around their smaller diamond at different times giving the appearence that the diamond is changing, or being "cut" Hope that makes sence
  14. 2006 Season Updates

    Edwardsville is taking the Diamond Cutter from the Cavs Niagra Falls show.
  15. Band Camp

    So far we are having one of the best years in out schools history. For Now. We are attempting to do "The Diamond Cutter" in our third movement and it looks pretty good.