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  1. DrumLine

    I'm doing Glassmen, out of Ohio. I'm going to miss my school's band camp, and the night after finals i have to stay in Wisconsin to play at the Wisconsin State Fair with my school (I have to learn my H.S.'s show on trombone anddd baritone), but it's going to be worth it. I just hope marching corps over the summer doesn't make me hate h.s. band as much as some people I've talked to. Who are you marching with?
  2. Website Updates

    Romeoville's for 2005-2006 was The Incredibles 2004-2005 was The Music Of Dimitri Shostacovich (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong too)
  3. 2006 Competitions

    Haha, I might just be doing that next weekend. I hope it doesn't snow..
  4. Things to look back on....

    At my band camp, our "fun" sectional ended up with us hitting a demented 'baby' pinata that was tied to a tree, its butt splitting open with candy, and then the body detaching it self from the head. We tied it to the inside of the sousa. and there was lots of peeing in the 'pee tree' for the guys in Low Brass.
  5. College Marching Band

    Same at my school....except for us its ISU, and I don't hate either. Its a joke that ISU is nick-named "RHS-South" and G-West (glassmen building) is "RHS West" because 4 of us tried out for them.
  6. Favorite Bands

    Postal Service, Brand New, Everclear, The Firebird Band, Less Than Jake, Rammstein..
  7. CAVIES 06

    I have a friend who went to their first camp, he says it's amazing.
  8. CAVIES 06

    This show sounds like it could be real good. I didn't really like My Kind of Town either, but it had its high points(the mellos going onto the ladders was pretty awesome). I hope the show will be something thats good enough to compaire with Frameworks
  9. Football Playoffs!

    haha. my school's football season has been over for a while, and they accualy won most of their games good luck to everyone else.
  10. ...auditions

    okay. I was planning on marching Baritone/Euphonium, just not to sure on whether or not I should bring just my Trombone (the instrument i'm auditioning on) or the bari too.
  11. ...auditions

    I was wondering if anyone else had an idea as to what I should do.. I'm trying out for the Glassmen next weekend, and I hope to audition on trombone becuase I'm not going to risk being not that great on baritone. I got a packet that says I should bring what is outlined in the brass audition section, as well as a three valve instrument, so everyone will have something to play all weekend. Now I'm probably missing the obvious, but does this mean I have to bring both instruments even if I plan on auditioning on trombone, and I'll be playing both trombone and baritone sometime over the course of the weekend? I e-mailed them and asked, but I'm afraid that I might not get a response back in time, and because I'm car-pooling with 3 other people, I'm looking for an answer because of the space issue. sorry if that made no sense, I'm just really nervous and am hoping that someone here with drum corps experience could help me.
  12. Instruments

    I picked trombone becuase I was a scared little fifth grader and didn't want to have to go through the trouble of memorizing complicated fingerings, but then I realized how cool the insturment is.
  13. Drum Corps

    My favourite is the Glassmen, but Phantom is really good too.
  14. Over

    kilties is kind of a weekend drum corps out of wisconsin. thats how i've come to know it as.
  15. Band Size

    our color guard last year I think had 14. lol