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  1. best drumlines....

    self explainitory. best drumlines from recent years. Marian catholic 05. WWHS 04/05.
  2. Indoor drumline

    The only other one in the western suburbs area is Pioneer Indoor. Last year it was Americanos Indoor, but they switched parent orginizations to pioneer drum and bugle corps. they are out of romeoville, and usually practice tuesdays and thursdays. check www.pioneer-corps.org for more info or email me at harto60440@yahoo.com
  3. Marching Tubas

    pioneer uses G bugles.
  4. ISU 2006

    i can see downers grove south barely squeezing in. there show is better than past years. i can also see LWC being bumped out. I was not impressed at all by there showing at lake park.

  6. '06 shows

    Hey naperville north.. The Glassmen called, they want there uniforms back? originality ladies and gentlemen. naperville central's d-line PWNS you guys.
  7. DrumLine

    you are right in regards to the winetrline thing in regards to high school lines. if you want to improve even more i suggest checking out an independent line such as leap or americanos indoor (the two independent wgi lines i know of in IL [i'm in americanos indoor]) and as for corps.what yous aid isnt true, if you are a newer player or arent at the level for a top 5 corps or you would frankly just rather march antoher corps (that was the case for me) you should check out the blue stars (WI) Pioneer (my corps!which is in WI) the americanos (WI but there camps are in romeoville IL) the colts (IA) or the racine scouts (WI) whatever you do just march..Thats how all those indiana bands got sog ood so fast. they took advantage of the wgi/dci activity. for mroe info onwgi/dci go to www.dci.org or www.wgi.org
  8. DrumLine

    i think that the best way for a line or any group of musicians to rise to new heights is to take part in drum corps/indoor. preferabbly both.
  9. Sousaphone Help

    don't be a pussy...that's how to fix it. contras rule. I <3 my contra
  10. there all good, but I would say Downers or Romeoville because they both have good drumlines, and keep me entertained.
  11. Most memorable show.

    i think that was centerville

    DGN ain't got nothing on DGS.