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  1. Official 2008 ISU Thread

    Hi this is the UT percussion instructor Mr. Foster. I just wanted to say congrats to Normal West and Bloomington for your outstanding performances. It's good to know that there are other outstanding bands performing at a high levels. I don't usually post anything but I felt the need to reply after reading some posts from UT members - Please stop with any negative remarks and start reflecting on your outstanding performance. As far as others, please don't let those remarks be a reflection of our band. For the few individuals who have chose to vent do not reflect the thoughts of the entire UT band program. I apologize for those careless postings where emotions might have gotten the better half of those individuals. Again, congrats to all the outstanding band performances at state this year. They were all an enjoyment to watch. Later,
  2. Winter program in the quad cities

    Actually it is not just for Rocky. Last year we hosted this program and had students from over 6 high schools in the area represented. It is an educational opportunity open to all where students get together to explore the percussion experience. In it's second year we are looking to continue the educational environment we created last year. If you are in the area and want to jam with other local percussionist come to the info meeting on November 15th @ 7:00 in the Rocky Band room. Again you can also email me for info at fosterdrum@hotmail.com
  3. Winter program in the quad cities

    yeah! So go and 'freakin' practice.
  4. Is there is anyone out there in the quad cities area who doesn't have a winter program at their school and is interested in playing in a line during the winter? There is a program offered one night a week with playing opportunities in drum line and percussion ensemble. Last year we brought in Jeff Properie, DCI finals judge, for an end of the year clinic and performance. If anyone wants some information on this send me an email at fosterdrum@hotmail.com.
  5. Drumline quotes

    I know it's not a quote but here is a good drummer joke: - "two bass drums and a cymbal fall into the Grand Canyon." punch line - "badump crash"
  6. Marching percussion clinic Nov. 5

    Any percussionist out there should join PAS at pas.org. It is only $25, I think, for an epas yearly subscription. There is a forum you can go into and ask questions on just about any aspect of percussion. You can get replies from many Educators in the field and from all spectrums of percussion. Also there is a newsletter and a bi-monthly magazine, although being an epas subscriber you have to read it on line.
  7. Best Percussion - LW Show

    Hey thanks Oskeewowwow95, I've been working with rocky pit this last year and appreciate the compliment. I can't speak for any other line but yes we do use four mallets and NO! they aren't just playing chords. We utilize ripple rolls and independent strokes, etc...