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  1. Scores for the weekend of September 17, 2016

    Wheaton North Falcon Marching Band Festival: Class A: 1. Wheaton Warrenville South (Music, General Effect, Color Guard, Percussion) 2. Providence Catholic (Visual, Drum Majors) 3. Sandwich Class AA: 1. A.A. Stagg (Visual, Music, General Effect, Color Guard, Percussion, Drum Majors) 2. Fort Atkinson, WI Class AAA: 1. Marian Catholic (Visual, General Effect, Percussion) 2. Plainfield North (Music, Color Guard) 3. Downers Grove South Drum Majors: Plainfield Central Grand Champion: Marian Catholic
  2. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    Assuming we're still referring Lawrence Central, the band program there was a strong program that won plenty of awards. Something tells me trying to beat Avon, Carmel, or any of the other Indianapolis-area powerhouses wasn't their primary impetus for combining programs. I imagine having the two combined bands has made the season much easier, as others have pointed out, and definitely took two large financial burdens and turned it into something more manageable for both schools. Again, let's look at the learning experience here. They're giving the kids an opportunity to work as a team, despite being at different (and probably rival) high schools, to do something amazing. Who cares about the trophies? Those kids are going to leave that program better people because of their involvement with the Pride of Lawrence Township. In the end, I don't think that this merger is going to make them an unstoppable "superband." They'll have the same problems as the rest of us, rehearse just as much and just as well as the rest of us, and perform at a level reflective of their hard work and preparation. Kudos to Lawrence Township for combining these two marching bands, and best of luck to them in the final weeks of their competitive season!
  3. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    Thanks for that, Dan! Sorry to contribute to the cluttering of the scores topic!
  4. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    The random draw would be very interesting. I believe there are a few non-BOA competitions that have adopted that method, but I am not entirely sure if that has made an impact on the results or general morale. The problem I foresee with having a finals round at every competition is that there is going to be even more wasted time that way. In the Chicagoloand area there are many bands who choose to compete at two different competitions on the same day - one in the morning, one in the afternoon (I'm not sure if this is a trend in southern Illinois). A finals round at every event would limit this severely (or just make the selection of finalist bands a nightmare). Finals at every competition means long days for everyone involved, waiting for the awards ceremony to see if you'll be going on for finals or packing up and heading home. For those competitions electing to host both a preliminary and final round, I do think it would be nice to have a mix of the small and large bands performing in random order. Again, every band puts a tremendous amount of work into each performance and deserves to be recognized in a finals performance.
  5. Scores for the weekend of October 11, 2014

    I risk sounding pretentious, but fair is a really sticky term. I don't believe it is possible for competitive marching band to be a fair activity. Fairness is in the eye of the beholder - what seems fair for one band may seem unfair to another. Just out of curiosity, what do you believe could be improved to make competitions more fair?
  6. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    Deep down, I do love the thrill of winning. Winning anything: caption, third place, grand champion, anything associated with a piece of twisted plastic in recognition of how good I did, fine! But after seeing this activity from the side of an educator, it's much different for me. I stand on the sideline and sob as my kids perform their hearts out week after week. It could be the worst run we've ever had in public, but I'm still overwhelmed by how amazing it is that we took 180+ kids and put together a high-quality show. Ranks tell us what a panel of well-respected and highly qualified individuals think of our bands in comparison to the other performers, but inside we are all grand champions. I agree, at ISU specifically the scheduling does favor bands from larger schools, but there are large bands who encounter the same problem here. I can't speak for many other competitions - most of ours this season have been afternoon and/or evening shows that have allowed us to have a bit of an easier morning. Unfortunately, I don't think there's much to be done about the issue. Random draw may still place small schools at the beginning of the pack, only to wait around all day to see if they make finals that night. If it makes you feel better, University of Illinois changed the scheduling for SuperState last year to make 3A (out of 4) perform Saturday morning... We left the school at 4am on school buses.
  7. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    I was referring more to the selection of bands who will perform in finals. The current system at ISU makes it possible for smaller bands (or at least bands from 1A-4A, who may not be all that small) to make finals, which I believe supports your thoughts in earlier posts. As for the order of finalists, I'll be cliche and say they're all winners! And to comment on an older post of yours, CrimsonDad: There are many large bands who are up and at it early to get to competitions, only to find out they don't make finals. I happen to remember a day when I was in high school when we had a 4:45am rehearsal before leaving to compete at ISU. Performed in 3A, then had to stay until 7pm to find out we didn't make finals (back when the top fourteen bands, regardless of class, were selected for finals). It sucks, but that's just part of the game, unfortunately.
  8. Enrollment, Judging, Illinois, and Random Draw

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the change in the way bands are selected for finals at ISU just changed a few years ago (maybe four or so years). Though my opinion is just another opinion, I really like the way it is done now. Every band puts in an incredible amount of work to perform at this competition and deserves a chance to do so under the lights. At the end of the day, it's not all about who's winning or the trophies they earn (in fact, the plaques for fifth through fourteenth place finalists are exactly the same).
  9. Shows/Scores for the weekend of September 27, 2014

    Was there a mistake made in announcing Class 3A captions at Naperville last night? The first post reflects what was announced, the second reflects the recaps.
  10. Scores for September 13, 2014

    I recall hearing that LWN is exhibition at NIU next week because Alan Spaeth will be judging the competition. I could be wrong, though.
  11. Scores for October 5, 2013

    Prospect Knight of Champions results: Class 2A (Indoor standstill performances due to rain): 1. Naperville North 2. Munster, IN 3. Batavia Music: Naperville North Percussion: Batavia Auxiliary: Batavia General Effect: Naperville North Class 3A (Outdoors): 1. Downers Grove South 2. Lake Park 3. Plainfield North Visual: Plainfield North Music: Lake Park Percussion: Lake Park Auxiliary: Plainfield North General Effect: Downers Grove South