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    mhs1 got a reaction from Ridgevep in Morton High School Color Guard Instructor Opening   
    Morton High School Color Guard Instructor Position
    Morton High School is looking for an experienced color guard instructor for their fall marching band program.
    The Morton High School Marching Band is a fantastic group of hard working students. Recent accomplishments include:
    2017 Sudler Shield Award from the John Philip Sousa Foundation
    2017 Bands of America St. Louis Super Regional Finalists
    2017 Bands of America Toledo Regional Finalists
    2012 Bands of America St. Louis Super Regional Class AA Champions and Finalists
    2010 Bands of America Grand National Semifinalist and 3rd in Class AA
    13 Consecutive Illinois State Class 2A Championships
    5-time University of Illinois Governor's Trophy Winners
    2009 Presidential Inaugural Parade Performers in Washington, D.C.
    2008 Bands of America St. Louis Super Regional Finalists
    Online application is available at:
    If interested, contact Jeff Neavor at Jeff.Neavor@mcusd709.org
    Please include an overview of your training and experience.
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    mhs1 got a reaction from Anjaerogy in Downloading shows   
    They just wouldn't be allowed to participate. The fact that copyright permissions must be obtained in order to perform at BOA is soley for the purpose of video distribution. Everyone should obtain copyright permission to arrange, but most people don't that aren't attending events that require it. In fact, if groups use certain music that requires additional fees for licensing of recordings...the school has to pay these fees in order to compete at BOA. Our last two shows have used public domain material, so its not been an issue at all. In the years before that, I spent months hunting down permisssions each year. I've had to talk to Dave Matthews' agent. I've talked to the attorney of the estate of Michael Kamen and had his original manuscripts sent to us, as New Moon in the Old Moon's Arms was never published in print, just audio. We've had shows with permissions paid for each 20 second snippet from 5 different publishers, and shows with just one source to worry about. It's been an expensive part of original arrangements. Certain publishers are great to work with, and others won't grant the same arranger permission to use our show arrangements with another school. It's a pain. Some composers don't want their music on a field, and never grant permission.
    TechGuy, I'm pretty sure BOA would not let you perform. WGI would probably video tape you with no sound if you failed to gain copyright permission...it would be a silent video. Not sure about DCI, as I've seen listed repertoire for some corps over the years that I know the music has never been granted permission to arrange. So I don't know how they pull off their permissions???
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    mhs1 got a reaction from Anjaerogy in Fun Band Icons (for fun)   
    Very cool!
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    mhs1 got a reaction from Anjaerogy in Downloading shows   
    I got a nasty little email from Mr. Video via YouTube and all of our BOA videos that were on YouTube are down now. I understand, but its really unfortunate that people can't share videos of themselves from these events due to copyright, and due to restrictions...you can't film your own group. There's no middle ground that allows people to have there own home videos or even share videos that they purchase online from these events.
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    mhs1 got a reaction from Dan Balash in 2015 Schedule   
    Morton:  September 19th
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    mhs1 reacted to Marchguy in 2014 Marching Band Shows   
    Watseka Community High School
    Marching Warriors
    I.  Mirror Image
    II.  Shattered
    III.  Prism
    IV.  Glare

    Music to include:
    Threshold by Andrew Creagh
    Reverberations and Endless Rainbows by Brian Balmages
    Monster by Skillet
    The Pretender by Foo Fighters