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  1. Anyone know their show for next year?

    It was actually '97, my freshman year. The Show title was "Great Moments in Cinema," and was pretty much Star Wars at the beginning and end with other John Williams in between. It was a good show, it got Rock Island its first Grand Championship in school history at the Geneseo competition. 1998 was Evita.
  2. BOA Indy staff conductors...your thought?

    I am curious about something. I know there are a lot of IVC people on here, and this is nothing against your band, but at the Geneseo competition I remember seeing a director on the field directing inbetween the drum majors (slightly behind the drum majors, but still on the grass). He was not there for the whole time, in fact maybe three minutes or less, but if it is against the rules in Illinois to do this (I don't know if it is), then what are the penalties assessed?
  3. Western Illinois University- Grand Champions?

    I also think Grand Champion will be between Macomb, Herscher, Geneseo and Rock Island. The only shows I have seen two of these four shows; Geneseo and Rocky (I'm a Rocky alum class of '01). It is interesting that Herscher is going this year, I'm sure Dr. Hopper would've loved to have seen their performance. If anyone else goes be sure to listen to WIU. They are great this year. I believe they will be doing their first and third shows, but I am not certain. (side note: their first show consists of music from Star Wars and Hook, plus other movie themes)They have a new director. Theirsound makes me wish I was still a Marching Leatherneck, but four years was enough.
  4. Class 4A

    My name is Chris Versluis, you may have met my older brother John. I played trombone. After Rocky I marched 4 years at WIU, also as a trombone. I was Carlin's first class at Washington Jr. High (he came when I was in 8th grade). By the way I have heard you guys, and you sounded pretty good, of course it was at a football game and I could hardly hear anything. Since I am telling you all of this I might as well tell you the shows that we did when I was in high school. 1. Great Moments in Cinema--record setting year for RIHS 2. Evita, complete with singing in Latin 3. Exhibitions (Pictures at an Exhibiton, Ritual Fire Dance, Firebird Suite) 4. Channel One Suite, complete with six drum sets in the frontline
  5. Class 4A

    Let me first start off by saying that I am a Rocky alumn , class of '01, and new to this forum (referred to it by a friend). I realize that you may be joking, but rememeber that sarcasm and jokes you may think are funny do not come accross as such very easily in these forums. Also by making such jokes you undermine all the hard work that you have put into your program, as well as those who worked so hard to build the program up before your time. Rock Island High School has enough preconceived notions (from other schools) it has to overcome (Rocky students probably know what I mean), and jokes like these do not help. I would also like to say that I am extremely proud that you guys did what Rocky could never seem to do when I was there (and that is to place at ISU). GOOD LUCK at Lincoln Way, and see you at Western Just remember that you not only represent yourself, but a whole school and band while your on this site. ----I'll get off my educator's soapbox now.