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  1. Beer sales at BOA Grand Nationals

    There's no need for alcohol at an event involving underage performers. If parents and those over 21 want a brew there's a dozen places around the arenas where they can grab a drink between bands. Especially in Indy. Been there and done that and have never seen a need for it ot be served in the dome. The last thing BOA needs are loud mouthed drunks yelling the the stands like its a pro football game. Having to go out of the dome to get it reduces the consumption.
  2. Leaving a show before awards

    Lemont did so last year. Prospect in the am., LWC in the pm. The more chances you have to perform your show before a crowd the better. I don't think it's that uncommon anymore. Nothing wrong with leaving if you have another obligation.
  3. Band Directors

    Lemont has a new assistant director, Matt Dougherty...an alumist from LHS band program. He replaced Ben Collins.
  4. Sucess of band

    On topic though..... I think the quality of the directors and staff come first, then the parental support via fundraising etc. Like someone mentioned above...you can have all the financial support in the world but if you don't have a good director and staff it won't make a difference.
  5. Sucess of band

    If you are referring to the ISU competition in 1998. Lemont won class 3A From MW Marching: 1998 scores 3A 1 Lemont 2 Morton 3 Washington Winds - Lemont Guard - Morton Percussion - Lemont Effect - Lemont Crowd Appeal - Lemont
  6. Hard to Read

    I agree. I even nicely requested she stop doing it. The yellow is especially hard to read. The multi-color is just annoying.
  7. BOA Indy

    I agree with Robes. Cograts to Morton. A Div I rating is a nice reward for all your hard work this season. You earned it.
  8. Review: ISU Finals

    I saw Collinsville. I thought in was a very interesting and entertaining interpretation of their music. Something original and yes, very different.
  9. BOA Indy

    definitely starting to wonder What is with all the colors?? Have you seen some of those postings?
  10. Oblong Spooktacular

    Color_guard_girl: pick a color and stick with a color PLEASE. Your responses are difficult to read. ( stay away from yellow) Thanks
  11. Review: ISU Finals

    it is very premature, but ultimatly, i think the lw's will rank in the following order of success, say 4 yrs after the spilts happen and have settled. 1) LW North 2) LW East 3) LW West 4) LW Central 5) LW South south and west can be flipped since i don't recall of hand which one is going to be opening in 3ish years and which one will be open at some TBA date as the 5th LW. But the one coming in the gray area between new lenox and mahatten will be ahead of the one purly in manhatten (which is the one i have peged at 5th), just initally b/c of the growth that has yet to happen there. If you're really curious about the other rankings, PM me or message me on facebook and i'll explain the rational in deeper detail. You've got 5 schools listed there. From what I understand the referendum that passed was only to build 2 new schools, though no doubt a 5th will be needed eventually. I'll check to be sure, since I have a neice that teaches at LW-C but I think it's only 4 schools in the immediate future. The North campus to be built first and then the West campus.
  12. Yea & Boo!

    Would you mind sharing where you got that shirt? I know I would love to get one if they still make them. If you can't remember that's cool too. I've seen the shirt at cafepress.com
  13. Review: ISU Finals

    Enjoyed both but I would've given this match up to LW-E. but hey...it was very close!
  14. Yea & Boo!

    Drillwriter and dbalsah I have to agree with all your points, and have nothing to add.
  15. Last Comp

    I felt the same way about ISU...and it feels even longer when it's cold...and raining!