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  1. Change in Morton

    I will just post the most current article, but there is likely a director change for Morton.
  2. BOA 2018-19

    I know Prospect has been in Finals as well, not sure what others there are.
  3. BOA 2018-19

    Jackson Academy, MS would disagree with that, but I realize that is certainly an outlier. That might circle back to the discussion of larger band sizes "hiding" the weaker performers. There is no doubt that any of the bands in Finals were fantastic, but if they were the absolute best can be debated. It is still a subjective activity, case in point (for me), I felt that Dobyns-Bennett was stronger than Homestead in finals. I know I'm not fully versed in judging nuance, but it just looked, sounded, and FELT better. I already acknowledged my O'Fallon prediction as biased lol.
  4. BOA 2018-19

    Finals Results 97.350 Carmel, IN (Music, Visual, GE) 96.175 Avon, IN 95.600 Blue Springs, MO 95.450 Broken Arrow, OK 94.600 Tarpon Springs, FL 93.950 Wando, SC 91.000 William Mason, OH 90.150 Homestead, IN 90.100 Jenks, OK 90.000 Dobyns-Bennett, TN 90.000 Prosper, TX 89.300 O'Fallon Esprit De Corp: Blue Springs, MO 2020 Rose Parade Invitation: Dobyns-Bennett, TN I believe this makes Carmel, IN the third band to win 3 GN Finals in a row. The others being Avon, IN and Marian Catholic. Edit: Should I buy half of a lottery ticket?
  5. BOA 2018-19

    I am going to post my PERSONAL PREDICTIONS for Finals placements. I even scored bands myself. Apply salt liberally, as I am nowhere near a professional of anything but armchair judging. Also, trying to watch every aspect of a show is pretty difficult, especially when you enjoy it too much to look as closely as you'd like. *cough* Asphalt Cocktail *cough* If I'm anywhere close, I'm going to buy a lottery ticket. 97.000 Carmel, IN 96.875 Tarpon Springs, FL 96.625 Blue Springs, MO 96.250 Avon, IN 96.125 Broken Arrow, OK 95.950 Wando, SC 93.250 William Mason, OH 92.375 O'Fallon 92.000 Dobyns-Bennett, TN 91.750 Jenks, OK 89.500 Prosper, TX 88.750 Homestead, IN (Might be biased towards IL)
  6. BOA 2018-19

    Yeah, it does end their appearance streak of 34 years though. They'll need to be stronger next year if half of Texas is going to be there. Hopefully we don't end up with only Indiana and Texas in finals lol. I was really looking forward to two Illinois bands in Finals too. Great job to O'Fallon, though.
  7. BOA 2018-19

    1A 1. Bourbon County, KY (Music, GE) 2. Lewis Cass, IN (Visual) 3. Norton, OH 2A 1. Tarpon Springs, FL (Music, Visual, GE) 2. Marian Catholic 3. North Hardin, KY 3A 1. Dobyns-Bennett, TN (Music, GE) 2. Homestead, IN (Visual) 3. Franklin, TN 4A 1. Carmel, IN (Music (tie), GE) 2. Blue Springs, MO (Visual) 3. Broken Arrow, OK (Music (tie)) Finalists Carmel, IN Broken Arrow, OK Blue Springs, MO Avon, IN William Mason, OH Tarpon Springs, FL Homestead, IN Wando, SC Dobyns-Bennett, TN O'Fallon Prosper, TX Jenks, OK
  8. BOA 2018-19

    I was also surprised that Adair didn't make it. I do wish Lincoln-Way had gone this year for sure. O'Fallon looked really good in semi's, so let's hope they can make finals.
  9. BOA 2018-19

    Semi-Finalists: Broken Arrow, OK Kennesaw Mountain, GA Carmel, IN Castle, IN Franklin, TN Avon, IN Fishers, IN Blue Springs, MO Tarpon Springs, FL Marian Catholic Dobyns-Bennett, TN PCEP, MI Wando, SC American Fork, UT William Mason, OH O'Fallon Lawrence, IN Jenks, OK Bentonville, AR Lockport Prosper, TX Lakota East, OH Center Grove, IN Centerville, OH Homestead, IN Goshen, IN Rockford, MI Morton North Hardin, KY West Salem, OR Camdenton, MO Mustang, OK Norton, OH Greenfield, IN Lewis Cass, IN Bourbon County, KY Monrovia, IN
  10. Time for a change

    Unfortunately, we rely entirely on user submitted videos. Combing through youtube/vimeo what have you for videos each season is just not feasible for the few of us that attempt to keep things updated. We do, however, have to approve display of videos that have been submitted. I will admit that we could certainly be faster on that, but sometimes we get a video submitted that includes multiple bands or "fluff" content that just doesn't quite fit. If we could edit that or split the performances into multiple videos, one for each band represented, it would be just fine. Seeing as how we rely on external video hosting services, that just isn't an option.
  11. Nov 2-3

    Completely forgot I didn't post my Semi's list. Better late than never? I know its +a few bands, but it's hard to decide and account for class representation. No particular order, exactly, the top 16 or so are who I kind of lean towards on Finals, but that's obviously a pretty rough estimate. I might post who I think for Finals after semi's performances. I hope to catch most of them. Tarpon Springs Broken Arrow Avon Carmel Blue Springs Wando Dobyns-Bennett Jenks Homestead Union O'Fallon American Fork Marian Catholic Lawrence Township Kennesaw Mountain Franklin William Mason Lockport Fishers Castle Center Grove Morton North Hardin Nation Ford Fort Mill Bentonville Centerville Lakota East Prosper Archbishop Alter Jennison Bourbon County Adair County West Salem Homestead, CA
  12. Nov 2-3

    I have a Semi-Finalist list setup for GN, but I'll wait until after this weekend to post it, just in case I change my mind. Not that there are many bands from those two regionals showing up (i.e. one).
  13. OCT 27 results

    Guess it's too bad I don't use FB... Dan get on it lol.
  14. OCT 27 results

    I've been getting our scores updated and, no, I can't find them anywhere either.
  15. Eureka has also done those same 3 performances in one day. I remember it being a very long day. As far as prelims/finals goes, I would have had Rock Island as the 8th from 1A-4A (also 3rd in 4A to match that). Dunlap didn't have quite as strong of a performance in finals. Only placements I would have changed based on what I saw in Finals would have been to swap LW and O'Fallon, as well as swap John Hersey and Joliet West. MAYBE Morton and Lake Park, but I feel most everything was placed correctly.