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  1. 2018 Normal Marching Band Invitational

    I'm excited to see the combined band perform. Both individual programs have been great, so it'd be fantastic to have another Illinois band performing at a higher level, not to mention an even more exciting ISU finals.
  2. U of I 1A 1. Watseka (Music, Visual, GE) 2. Blue Ridge 3. Okay Valley 2A 1. Monticello (GE) 2. IVC (Music, Visual) 3. Newton 3A 1. U-High (GE) 2. Mater Dei 3. Highland Streator(Music) Rochelle (Visual) 1A-3A GC: Monticello
  3. Results for October 14th, 2017

    With all the indoor/cancelled performances, the whole climate change thing is really starting to drag on my marching band time man.
  4. Results for October 14th, 2017

    There has been a rain delay for the past hour and they just announced that finals has been cancelled.
  5. Results for October 14th, 2017

    Finals performance schedule: 7:30 Limestone 7:44 Eureka 7:58 Normal West 8:12 Bloomington 8:26 Plainfield North 8:40 Prospect 8:54 Lake Park 9:08 BREAK 9:22 John Hersey 9:36 Lockport 9:50 O'Fallon 10:04 Morton 10:18 Marian Catholic 10:32 Lincoln-Way 10:55 Victor J Andrew
  6. ISU 1A: 1. Eureka (GE, Visual) 2. IVC 3. Macomb (Music) Herscher (Crowd Appeal) 2A: 1. Morton (Music, GE, Visual) 2. Limestone 3. Dunlap LaSalle-Peru (Crowd Appeal) 3A: 1. Marian Catholic (Music, GE, Visual) 2. Bloomington (Crowd Appeal) 3. Rock Island 4A: 1. John Hersey (Music, GE) 2. Normal West (Visual) 3. Batavia Romeoville (Crowd Appeal) 5A: 1. O'Fallon (Crowd Appeal, GE, Visual) 2. Victor J Andrew 3. Prospect (Music) 6A: 1. Lincoln-Way (GE) 2. Lockport (Crowd Appeal, Music, Visual) 3. Lake Park Finalists: Eureka, Morton, Marian Catholic, John Hersey, Bloomington, Normal West, Limestone, O'Fallon, Lincoln-Way, Lake Park, Lockport, Plainfield North, Victor J Andrew, Prospect
  7. Band Size

    One quick issue with this is that band size is not publicly available information, whereas school enrollment is. I wouldn't mind listing the band size as well if there was a reliable way to obtain this information each season.
  8. Results 9/30

    You appear to have linked the wrong Panther recap
  9. Scores for September 23rd, 2017

    I'm assuming that this was weather related, but I couldn't find an answer for sure on that.
  10. Props

    I don't mind smaller platforms and backdrops when they make sense, but sometimes it does feel overboard. A few shows in recent years come to mind, but I won't name any since there are probably some from said bands on these forums from time to time.
  11. Shows for the weekend of September 16th

    ... I knew that...
  12. Shows for the weekend of September 16th

    Hey Dan, it appears the recaps you posted for VJA are only for colorguard.
  13. Shows for the weekend of September 16th

    Pontiac: 1A 1. Watseka (Perc, Aux, Winds) 2. Hoopeston Area 3. Fieldcrest 4. Dwight Township 2A 1. Eureka (Perc, Aux, Winds) 2. University 3. Prairie Central 4. Streator 5. Kewanee 3A 1. Normal West (Aux) 2. East Peoria (Perc, Winds) 3. Plainfield East GC: Normal West
  14. Shows for the weekend of September 16th

    With Washington not going to Pontiac, I hope it wasn't a cost decision. I hadn't even thought of the potential state budget effects on bands participating in various competitions. Either way, good luck to everyone today!
  15. BOA Grand National Predictions

    Wow... that was the singer too. I can't even imagine.