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  1. Grand National Discussion

    Just realized no one posted this: Finals Results 97.175 – Vandegrift HS, TX 96.700 – Avon HS, IN 95.550 – Hebron HS, TX 94.575 – Carmel HS, IN 94.300 – Leander HS, TX 93.250 – Claudia Taylor Johnson HS, TX 91.425 – William Mason HS, OH 91.200 – The Woodlands HS, TX 90.425 – Round Rock HS, TX 89.800 – Homestead HS, IN 88.250 – Union HS, OK 88.100 – Ayala HS, CA Outstanding Music Performance – Hebron HS, TX Outstanding Visual Performance – Avon HS, IN Outstanding General Effect – Vandegrift HS, TX
  2. U of I Results

    That... is one heck of a departure from just a few years ago. Especially when U of I still used the Olympic judging. Then again, a "few years" is relative and I feel old. Honestly, however, looking at Indy results compared to ISU, there really isn't much that seems off.
  3. Indy Super Regional Predictions

    Really good way to end the season for Lincoln-Way. Too bad they aren't going to GNats this year. Same goes for Lockport and O'Fallon.
  4. Indy Super Regional Predictions

    Marian not in finals... Hope they can really clean up over the next few weeks, I'd hate to have no Illinois band in GNats finals.
  5. ISU Results

    The gap between 2nd and 3rd is... surprising.

    Except for over-valuing John Hersey, I'm pretty proud of myself lol.

    I was tossing that around, but the ending is just not there yet, which is no surprise. Those top 3 will be close for sure.
  8. Downers Grove Results

    They did just start competing a few years ago. The more competitive bands Illinois has, the better, especially for those Chicago public schools. So many students to bring into the world of marching. I feel like the overall Illinois level is up from where it was a a decade ago, so it's good to see.

    I'll go ahead and post my personal placements after watching finals. I'm probably wrong in several spots lol. Lincoln-Way Marian Catholic Lockport John Hersey Prospect VJA Romeoville Morton Edwardsville Plainfield North HD Jacobs Galesburg Bloomington IVC
  10. ISU Results

    This was definitely my favorite Lincoln-Way show since Blue Cathedral (LWE 2010). I didn't want it to end
  11. ISU Results

    If I'm being honest, I didn't expect HD Jacobs, but I didn't get a chance to watch their prelim performance. After seeing the finals performance, however, they were quite clean and deserved to be there.
  12. ISU Results

    This wouldn't be the first time that a finals berth or two seemed odd at ISU. We'll have to wait and see what the scores show point spread wise.
  13. ISU Results

    Finals Performance Order: 7:30 IVC 7:44 Bloomington 7:58 Galesburg 8:12 Morton 8:26 Edwardsville 8:40 HD Jacobs 8:54 Plainfield North BREAK 9:22 Lockport 9:36 Romeoville 9:50 John Hersey 10:04 Lincoln-Way 10:18 Marian Catholic 10:32 Prospect 10:46 VJA
  14. BOA St Louis Super Regional

    Not entirely surprising.
  15. ISU Results

    Finals 88.15 Lincoln-Way 87.05 Lockport 83.10 Marian Catholic 82.50 Prospect 78.20 VJA 76.70 Morton 76.65 John Hersey 74.80 Romeoville 73.70 Plainfield North 73.40 Edwardsville 68.60 HD Jacobs 67.75 Bloomington 67.10 Galesburg 65.25 IVC 1A 1. IVC (Music, GE) 2. Eureka (Visual) 3. U-High Herscher (Crowd) 2A 1. Morton (Crowd, Music, GE, Visual) 2. Providence 3. Metamora 3A 1. Marian Catholic (Music, GE, Visual) 2. Galesburg 3. Bloomington (Crowd) 4A 1. John Hersey (Music, GE, Visual) 2. Romeoville (Crowd) 3. Rock Island Finalists: IVC, Morton, Marian Catholic, John Hersey, Galesburg, Bloomington, Romeoville 5A 1. Prospect (Music, GE, Visual) 2. VJA 3. Edwardsville Plainfield North (Crowd) 6A 1. Lockport (Crowd, GE) 2. Lincoln-Way (Music, Visual) 3. DGS Finalists: Prospect, Lockport, Lincoln-Way, HD Jacobs, Edwardsville, Plainfield North, VJA