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  1. yeah...thanks alot. only you would do that...sam's right, if you need help, just say so
  2. Seniors

    Who's all ready to graduate? I sure am. Can't wait until I"m out of the town of Morton. How about all you other Seniors? Are you pumped to be out on you're own? I AM!
  3. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year y'all? Who in their right mind would want to say "y'all" on Ilmarching? Unless you're from Morton, then i understand.
  4. 2006 Competitions

    No idea. I wish we knew our show for next year. Wait... our show for next year is..... not telling!
  5. Sousaphone Help

    Yeah our band doesn't use pads because we don't have enough. It's not all that bad. We have a girl who plays sousa and she does just fine.
  6. Come to terms

    just you Berg
  7. Come to terms

    yeah Berg, it's just you.
  8. Things to look back on....

    yeah band camp was fun this year. At least I didn't get hurt like my sophmore year. That was a bad year. I wish my birthday had been during band camp. U were lucky Berg.
  9. Favorite Bands

    My fave band would have to be Nirvana. who else?
  10. Hello, is there anybody in there!

    hey springer, how many times have you fallen since ive known you? at least half a dozen or more. lol thanx for a great marching season
  11. Hello, is there anybody in there!

    yeah barbour, that stunt of yours was so hilarious. you made my last year in high school great. lol great times guys.
  12. Anyone know their show for next year?

    Morton has no idea what our show for next year is going to be, so don't ask. we're just as clueless as you guys.
  13. Things to look back on....

    sam, i started laughing when i read the part about neavs rubbing the dirt on his ankle and the one about craig flipping over him during the saturday rehearsal. jessica and i started cracking up. oh and the footbal incident. now that was hilarious. good times. gonna miss all of that. i will NOT miss what also happened our our sophmore year. now that sucked big time. but other than that, we had a great four years in marching band. sure am gonna miss it. -Jaxie Marie p.s. Larsen if ur around and read this, the water bottle incident was totally hilarious. i thought neavs was going to kill u that day.
  14. Seniors

    yeah i agree with what all the seniors said. it has been a great year. i'm going to miss going on band trips all over the state. i'm gonna especially miss all my favorite little people. i'll miss all my homies, beth rocke included and i guess andrew too. jk i'll miss you too. i'm glad i was a part of all this for four years. great times.
  15. Where did these guys come from?

    great job to all the bands who were at isu and uofi. u guys were great