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  1. sam, i started laughing when i read the part about neavs rubbing the dirt on his ankle and the one about craig flipping over him during the saturday rehearsal. jessica and i started cracking up. oh and the footbal incident. now that was hilarious. good times. gonna miss all of that. i will NOT miss what also happened our our sophmore year. now that sucked big time. but other than that, we had a great four years in marching band. sure am gonna miss it.


    -Jaxie Marie


    p.s. Larsen if ur around and read this, the water bottle incident was totally hilarious. i thought neavs was going to kill u that day.

  2. :D yeah i agree with what all the seniors said. it has been a great year. i'm going to miss going on band trips all over the state. i'm gonna especially miss all my favorite little people. i'll miss all my homies, beth rocke included and i guess andrew too. jk i'll miss you too. i'm glad i was a part of all this for four years. great times.