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  1. BOA at Indi Illinois schools

    So an opinion that says that Morton will never be at the level of LWC, while Morton goes out and scores BETTER than LWC at a BOA event, is a correct opinion? Interesting logic, cuz it seems to me that Morton kinda proved that whole opinion wrong on Saturday. Are you suggesting that Morton will be one of those bands? I'm sure the Morton posters on this board would REALLY appreciate that. Do we need to revisit what the definition of opinion is? Once again, you DO NOT have to agree with his opinion. Since Morton scored higher then LWC, then morton placed higher then them at the contest in indianapolis, and that is a fact. However, if morton did not appeal to the tastes of his liking, it is his opinion that says he doesnt like it. And yes, opinion can also say that the particular viewer preferred LWC over Morton even if Morton came ahead.
  2. BOA at Indi Illinois schools

    SCFan...check it out. BOA judges disagree with you: Indi BOA results He or she was giving you their opinion. There also right as well. For all the hype Morton gets on these forums, its also important to remember the other bands that were rockin one year and pretty unrefined the next. And that too, is my opinion.
  3. BOA Indy Prelims recap for IL and IA

    Could it be that maybe...just maybe...Morton and WWS were actually better than LWC Are you from Morton?
  4. Was it...

    That one parent who came onto the forums with conspiracy theories about having parents that sit on the isu board rigging competitions should seriously get together with this guy.
  5. BOA part 2

    Dailydrill never said Morton was way ahead of LWC. He said they came out just ahead of LWC. Dailydrill also apologized for not remembering LWE score correctly...so I don't think he or she was trying to take away anything either school did yesturday. Yes LWC could have easily come out ahead of Morton...but they didn't, so what does that matter? That is what a competition is, and that is how it ended up. Right, he posted after I had. He apoligized after I had posted as well.
  6. BOA part 2

    At BOA the playing field is leveled by all bands, regardless of class, performing randomly throughout the day. The judges and audience have no idea what class a band is necessarily in. Both LincolnWay schools and Morton got Division II ratings, and Morton came out just ahead of of LW Central and a little behind LW East. No recaps are posted until tomorrow on the BOA website. I saw the recaps after finals. Morton was not a little behind LWE, they were just over 6 points away from LWE. If thats was close, then WV, WWS, LWC were not exactly that far behind morton. They were closer to morton then morton was to LWE. LWC could have easily been ahead of morton.
  7. BOA Indy Prelims recap for IL and IA

    Dont forget who the other bands that competed yesterday were. IL bands did not do all to bad. WV, LWC, WWS, and Morton all were relatively in close distance from each other.
  8. BOA part 2

    Division placement will be announced after prelims(every band), however scores are not. Scores are only announced during the finals placment.
  9. BOA part 2

    he was probably there listening, but yeah, if the scores are posted on any of the bands websites, please let the forum know!

    Being made into a marching band member....I dont know. I would be curious to see who the coach was.

    I'm curious to see what prospect scored in prelims, as well as the other illinois bands that were present as well. If they came in Div 1 and did their best, thats all we can expect. If anyone was there and would like to review some of the IL bands, please do.

    Does anybody know what MTV program murphysboro will be featured on?
  13. BOA Indy Prelims Results

    If anyone has the prelim scores lets see those when they are available
  14. Who will get Rank I?

    Agreed, based off history and this years performance. Both of those schools have surprised before and they'll do it again.
  15. Who will get Rank I?

    And I dont see morton as one either, no offense to those who keep mentioning them.