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  1. 2011 Contest Dates

    Wow they finally made Indy into a super regional. Its nice considering its more like a TN preview show than anything else nowadays.
  2. Scores for 10/23

    Don't mind robes he tends to negative about everything on this board. In general I like NN I live about 8 miles from the school, its just my ovwerwhelming fear of clowns that made me squirm in my chair good thing I was near the top.
  3. ISU - 2010

    wow thats stacked panel for 1-4a.
  4. Rising Bands

    Morton has been consistently hitting it out of the park for the last 4-5 years - complex show concepts and execution have been top notch. WV, since I graduated in '03 has had a director change '05 or '06 i think and went through redistricting in '09 with metea valley opening up in district 204. '06 was possible Matt Temple's last year (now at New Trier) and that put them 5th that year in ISU. Josh Chodoroff Took over after that and i would guess went through a financial reconstruction of the program (no out of state comps in 5-6 years now). The fine arts program there is one of the strongest in the state, sending a lot of kids to IMEA state festivals with nationally ranked choirs and drama programs. i
  5. Scores for 10/16

    The totality of the judging panel this year was highly influence from a lot of high school directors. I assume if there was a request for more caption judges, accommodations would've been made. Its the first year with this new format and from what i heard the stadium was packed, at least 4x the turnout of previous years. Once UofI realized how much of the money maker this competition is and is a lure for potential music majors to the school (i.e. ISU, hell even at the DGS competition there was a booth from a university trying to get kids to go to their college of music), there are more like to add more caption awards. Give it some time for them to fix the sheet - there wasn't even a GE trophy this year.
  6. Scores for 10/16

    recaps of UofI anywhere?
  7. Who is going to ISU?

    im going solo to support my sister (parents are otherwise occupied) - hopefully ill be there around 10am or hopefully earlier through the end of finals. Im hopefully looking for a group to hang out with for the majority of the day instead of looking at my cellphone 100% of the time a group is not performing. plus i can actually go to the bathroom before the stadium clears for finals this time.
  8. Who is going to ISU?

    ....and what time will you be arriving there? are all the ILM staff going as a group?
  9. Tech Gear

    Im planning my trip to ISU at this moment and would like to get a good recording of my sisters last marching performance(s - if the universe aligns right). I know that other companies have rights to the sale and distribution of these shows. I went last year with a point and shoot nikon s70 (video quality was crappy). Recenty i got a samsung s9000 (galaxy) smartphone with a freakishly good on-board camera - my concern is with audio capture quality. The audio out port is a triple connector (earbuds and a mic on the same plug). Is there a way to plug in a better mic?
  10. Scores for October 9th, 2010

    anyone have the full recaps of the DGS competition?
  11. Scores for October 9th, 2010

    ill see you at DGS
  12. Shows for the weekend of October 2, 2010

    Btw dan are you going to dgs?
  13. Shows for October 9, 2010

    Since WV was in AAA for Lake Park, How come there are back in AA for DGS? or did DGS not update their books?
  14. Who wins Class 6A at U of I?

    its gonna be a battle between DGS and WV for this one. WV hasn't had any metrics about their show in 3 weeks but just recently completed their show for homecoming last friday, so its cleanup and modification time all the way til ISU. We'll see what the DGS competition scores tell us before really making a definitive answer. wv @ homecoming game: the audio quality is kinda bad since the camera i think was a point and shoot digital.
  15. Shows for the weekend of October 2, 2010

    ok why is LWN going to a comp in michigan?