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  1. Marching Band Videos/Footage

    video shows the more interesting things going on the show....maybe ur drill isnt interesting enough to show?
  2. Youth in Music competition in Minneapolis - Oct 27

    good idea...any boa regional is better than this
  3. ISU 2007

    how bout u all practice and just be good....then score wont be issue
  4. 2007 Shows

    Heartbeat... We did that two years ago. Won a lot of awards, Good Show easy 2 do when u have no competition... would you care to back up that statement with some proof? they dont go to shows with big competing bands....duh...proof in results
  5. 2007 Shows

    Heartbeat... We did that two years ago. Won a lot of awards, Good Show easy 2 do when u have no competition...
  6. How do you learn drill formations?

    we use those little flag thingys that u see utility people put in the ground....lots o kool colors
  7. Why do you do it?

    cuz band is fun.....duh....look at my name
  8. Come march in 2007

    racine? 1 of the lowest placing corp...tell me why i shuld join?
  9. Why do you do it?

    Good?!?!?! by what standard? it was average at best....even today drill is boring... fast tempo dos not mean good show if its sloppy messy. nothing interesting bout the guard then...they still are messy... perc is only good thing that is consistant.
  10. BOA

    I've heard many techs/instructors say "from shoulders up is the musician part, shoulders down is the athletic. Seperate the two and never let them get mixed together" um...ok?!?!
  11. Complete Band Program turn arounds

    Oh, I know there's not much difference really - it's that Galesburg's only got one quint, so before expanding that portion of their drumline, they'd have to invest in more. It's all complicated to me, simply because even though I'm a percussionist, I've never played quads or quints, but thanks for explaining how simple the difference is. wouldnt a percussionist KNOW the difference? i think "drummer" is more the word here. a complete turn around wuld mean having all the right equipment too...not sure gburg fits the bill....imho
  12. Marching Tubas

    hates sousas....wont do corps...can u explain. u make it sound he wont do corps cuz of sousas...and corps dont have those.
  13. Yea & Boo!

    Yeah they pretty much have those same things. It's basically pieces of tape that can randomly get stuck to people during a show. Entertaining to watch sometimes but such a pain to deal with. maybe why prospect didnt do so well...they seem to have problems w/out the right hashes
  14. Oblong Spooktacular

    odd...since they r not very good in indiana...why see them twice?
  15. ISU 2006

    Very true....give us all something to look at