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  1. Results - 9/22/07

    Wheaton 2A 2. Shepard 3. Rock Island
  2. Shows for 2007

    We've known for a while what we are doing. We are doing 40's jazz. i don't know the songs off the top of my head.
  3. Home Football Games

    We play during pregame and halftime. We play after td's during the 1st half. We just all sit in the stands and goof off and do cheers and challenge the cheerleaders to cheeroffs. Normal goofy high school band kid stuff.
  4. Complete Band Program turn arounds

    I'm trying to remember exactly how many drums are on our drum lines tenors. I'm a woodwind so I don't pay that much attention but i could have sworn that they have 6.
  5. Yea & Boo!

    luckily i was at the front of the bleachers because I am a woodwind but one of my brass friends was talking about how she thought that she was going to fall off. like the t-shirt, our director has this sign in his office and it says "Football game, what game? I'm here to see the band." if that isnt it exactly its along those lines. boo for the way they tilted our one at ISU podium because they made it look like she was on the 35 instead of the 30. Also when you got up really close to the sidelines at ISU you couldn't tell the difference between the 5 yard lines and the little hashes for the 1's and the #'ed yard markers were really far back.
  6. Silly Songs

    Bohemian Rhapsody seems to be a popular one with the band. Whenever we hear the word drama we bust into my humps. sometimes we do the hokey pokey to strech out during camp. Our old stand by is mainly "I want it that way"though. We really messed with our director one time and sang it to him at a football game. At first he tried to hide and then he gave up and just ignored us.
  7. Silly Songs

    What can i say? Nerdy kids like sugar. Anyone see us do the roller coaster at Lincoln-Way?
  8. Lincon-Way Compitition

    Someone said that the pits were too big for many bands. I completely understand where you are coming from but our cymbal line last year couldn't seem to get anything right so our dircetor just nixed it. Different bands have different results so what may work for one band may not work for another. Also Davenport is right across the river from UT and Rock Island. 3+ hours on a school bus is not ideal. We all manage.
  9. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    Haha. I woke up this morning to go to fall band camp and it was 32 degrees out. Illinois climate is weird. It gets so hot in the summer then it gets cold really fast and really cold. Late September early October is the best weather in my opinion. That's Illinois for you.
  10. Good Luck Traditions

    Our asst. director yells "ENERGY!" at shows, usually before or after they call us up. Its so funny that we put it on this years rehearsal shirt.
  11. Epiphanies

    It seems like ISU is the site of many epiehanies. Last year when we came off that field and kids had huge grins and I did too, then when they announced we got second it was incredible and as our director says I got addicted to competitions and hearing our name.
  12. Silly Songs

    Do any bands have a song that they sing in the stands at football games or competitions? Rock Island sings the Backstreet Boy classic "I Want It That Way." I was just wondering, bands sometimes have some silly traditions like that song and the roller coaster.
  13. Last Comp

    Rock Island is ISU
  14. Opinion question: Band Classes

    It seems that most people agree that money, staff, contact time, distance from competitions, location in the state, and many other factors, add into the stress of keeping a marching band going but that could be said for just about any activity. I'm sure that ours is not the only district that has had to appeal to the school board multiple years to oppose budget cuts. Also ours is probably not the only one who has the jr. high and a 6th grade instructor as asst. directors at the high school. You have to deal with the hand your given. Some schools are more fortunate and some less, but you just have to cope.
  15. Good Luck Traditions

    Although at Rocky, I'm not personally part of this but I have seen it, before every show the low brass forms a circle and does a special dance. I don't know if its a good luck thing but we also circle up and do a sing-through of our show.