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  1. Judging discussion

    All fine except Champaign would be a better choice for "State finals." Much larger capacity.
  2. Scores for 10/23

    Finals and 5a 6a panel are one in the same
  3. Scores for 10/23

    Nothing will be wrecked........it's turf.
  4. Reviving the Southern Illinois Band Traditions

    The South Will Rise Again! Looking for chants like that??
  5. Student Behavior

    Ok I'll bite...... School size is how IHSA classifies things because in sports - you only have so many players on the field. The reason they go by school size is that you can't go by group size - i.e. there are always 5 basketball players on the court. School size classification pits schools with similar #s because the top 5 players out of a school of 1000 is probably similar to the top 5 players out of a school of 800 or 1200. However, bands play ALL of their members. Why is it fair to pit a band the size of Newton up against Casey-Westfield at EIU? or Charleston(62) up against Mahomet-Seymour (149). I don't care if you have the best judges in the world - there's no way that a great Charleston or Centralia performance would beat a mediocre Mahomet performance with those numbers. Band size is how it should go. Now - if rules said you could have so many flutes, clarinets, etc... school size would make sense - because the best 2 flutes, 4 clarinets, 5 altos, etc... at a school the size of Mahomet would match those at a school like Charleston. And yes - at ISU - is it right that Morton goes up against Marengo? Not really. Morton should be up in the 4-5-6A groups, and bands like Wheaton North in the 1-2-3A groups. And I agree - IHSA has a multiplier for a reason - ISU needs to use it and throw Marian Catholic in 6A.
  6. Marian band article

    If any band came across 10 mil then yes - they should eventually be the band to beat. They could afford to higher full time staff on each individual section (flags, wepaon, dance, snares, basses, tenors, pit, flutes, clarinets, saxes, trumpets, mellos, baritones/euphs, basses). Then you'd still have money to hire a Grade A drill writer and bring in 5 (or however many one wanted) visual staff to teach your visual program. Yes - it would become the band to beat.
  7. 2009 ILMarching Bands of the Year

    Another example of why we need a state-run system......
  8. Marian band article

    I see you didn't answer the question though - other than a joke. No one in the suburbs really wants to share how much they pay per year to be in band. I guess until we are proven right or wrong we can just speculate. 2 of those Winterguard staffers are on staff with Cavaliers - so I'm sure they are making a pretty penny. Uh oh - Robes and I are agreeing...........
  9. Marian band article

    Ok MC and LWE and Prospect people..........and others...........how much do you pay a year to be in band? How much is the band fee per year at your school?
  10. ISU 2009

    This couldn't be farther from the truth. This program is GREAT because of Casagrande. The Symphonic Band has performed at the Midwest Clinic. They beat Prospect on the field at U of I a couple years ago. Hersey is a very good band.
  11. Scores for 10/24

    Wow......................Completely disagree with you............................. Big Surprise. Is that how you guys are taught at Dunlap - or are you in the minority there thinking this way? Just curious.
  12. Rising Bands

    So true.
  13. Scores for 10/24

    I don't think people (at least I'm giving my opinion here) had a problem with the placements in prelims in each class - the big problem to me was the numbers. Par Example - Morton not finishing in the Top 6-8 range. For the most part the Top 3 were all realistic and nothing that made you go "wow what were the judges thinking?"
  14. Rising Bands

    I would think that the Lincoln Way Schools - with all their financial resources - could pull that off.
  15. Scores for 10/24

    please post it or something.