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  1. Marian Catholic- UNDERWHELMING

    I would like to add that Marion Catholic has been and probably always will be one of the best bands in the nation. To say they are nothing special is a low and uncalled for. They are always special, and always will be. They are a band that is in a totally different leauge. They have proven time and time again they can hang with the top bands. Thank you MC for representing Illinios marching bands with such class. You will always be one of the best.
  2. ISU 5A

    I have not seen WWS, but if what you say is true than I think VJA has got it in the bag because Joliet West can't hang with them. I was just going off of what I know of WWS from past years. Apparently they are a lot smaller this year and not as good. Do you think VJA will be the only band from 5A to make finals?
  3. ISU 5A

    I agree that VJA is very strong this year. I still have this part inside of me that says that 5A is not as clear cut as it seems. I think that we are still going to get a good battle in 5A like we have had the last few years.
  4. Chicagoland Marching Band Festival - Wheeling

    Yeah I did. I have seen it before so it didn't shock me but I have never seen UT do it. Some of the bigger bands I have seen at BOA and stuff use there directors because they just don't have enough drum majors to cover the field at certian times.
  5. Wheaton North Competition Sept 30

    I think it was Lawerence Central that did that, and they won Grand Nats that year so having a director conduct in no way hurts score.
  6. Chicagoland Marching Band Festival - Wheeling

    I wasn't making accusations. On Wheaton Norths site it says he was a judge. It did not say what judge. Thanks for the clarification. I am glad I know that now.
  7. Chicagoland Marching Band Festival - Wheeling

    Does anyone find it funny that one of the judges for the Wheaton North competition was Victor Scimeca who is the concert band director for Wheaton Warrenville South. Wouldn't that be a bad idea having him judge a competition with a band from his school in it.
  8. Chicagoland Marching Band Festival - Wheeling

    Yes, 2004 was the year WWS played "Lion King". As I reacal they made finals at BOA Michigan, first in 5A at ISU, and were only a couple of points away from a division 1 rating at BOA Indy. I personally think it was probably the best show they have had since the late 90's
  9. ISU 2006

    forget I said anything
  10. ISU 2006

    that better
  11. Lake Park

    ISU class is not determined by band size but school size. But the WWS band is a lot smaller this year than it has been in the past. They lost a good class in 06 to graduation.
  12. DrumLine

    I apologize for my lack of grammer and sentance structure. What I ment by rebuilding is their drumline was almost a completely new set of guys who needed time to jell as a group. If you would look at scores from ISU their percussion was the best in 5A and one of the best percussion groups there. Also they had a new director this year again so the band itself might need a year or two to get used to the way the guy does things.
  13. DrumLine

    WHEATON WARRENVILLE SOUTH If you are going to use the name spell it right, and no they are not losing a lot of seniors. 05 was supposedly going to be a rebuilding year. The line lost of good seniors in 04.
  14. Football Playoffs!

    Congrats LWE Great game Crush Main South
  15. Football Playoffs!

    The score showed they squeeked by but the last part of the third and all of the fourth quarter WWS showed why they are unbeaten.