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  1. Vocals on the field?

    Speaking of vocals, has anyone ever done like a rap maching show? rap is the music of this generation, even if you do not belive it is actually music. I mean, listen to some Kanye West, and you can easily make a show out of his great cataloge of music. And if someone ever did a rap show, vocals would be pretty important. i'm not speaking of the rap laced with curse words and things that should not be done. There are some song with great messages,"The Message" by Grandmaster Flash, "Never Let Me Down" by Kanye. these songs are great, and i think should/ will be done, they could make a very enetertaing show, and something diffrent in the world of marching band. and vocals would be very important i'm all for vocals, they do help convey a thought, or emotion, but sometimes the band just needs to play and force the crowd to a certain emotion sorry if this was a bit off topic
  2. Taking Home the Eagle

    Nope. You openly mocked me. yeah, i was hoping you wouldn't remember that.
  3. Taking Home the Eagle

    a tip of the hat to Carmel winning the Atlanta Regional, and the Indy Regional is vey impressive. Carmel has blown me away more often then any other band i have seen in my marching years. well, i guess i've only been marching 4 years, o maybe i don't know as much as Gordon Gekko or others, but their show this year is the best Carmel show i've seen. Avon and LD Bell will gie them some stiff competition. unfortunatley i have not seen either this year. here's to hoping i am welcome to MHSmarchingbari90's Grabd Nats party still p.s. someone should change their name to Bud Fox on here. itwould be sweet to have Gordon Gekko and Bud Fox on the same message board, for all you "Wall Street" fans.
  4. BOA Indy Regionals Review

    I saw Carmel about two weeks ago down at Atlanta, and they blew my mind. I was in the front row, on the 50, so i didn't see much of the GE, but there marching and sound hit me in the face like a wall of bricks. I could not see how a band could get any better then they were that day. They did win Atlanta, now they win Indy, they are my favroite at Grand Nationals. but i may be biased, since they let us tuba playes in Morton borrow their contras last year, thanks Carmel.
  5. ISU 2007 2.0

    This just comes to show that Marching Band is much more an art, then a sport. My brass instructor put it well today "there are no touchdowns that gives you 6 points. No ball going through a hoop to give you two points." Marching band is graded by individuals with their opinions. Sometimes these people love the art that is being put onto the field, sometimes they don't. It kind of reminds me of how my friends and i have totally diffrent opinions on movies, paintings, and music. Lake Park, LWC, LWE, VJA, Morton, Marian, Lemont, and every other band is just a diffrent "painting". some run across the field, some do not. All I know, I was greatly entertained by everyone band I saw after our performance at Finals. I'm also pretty sure everyone felt the energy pumping through every band that performed that night. I sure did. oh, one more thing it's Ex Atrum not Ex Atrium the show has nothing to do with the blood collection chamber of the heart.
  6. Central Illinois and BOA

    Morton wasn't going to go this year, but we decided we would about a month ago
  7. Shows for 2007

    man, i love bands doing more video game music (Richland HS, "Opening Theme from Halo 2) because video games have some great music,i wish someone would do some Chrono Trigger music, if any of you remember Chrono Trigger, you'l know what i'm talking about. and does anyone know more about Westfield HS show "One"? Is it U2?
  8. Shows for 2007

    Can someone please tell me at what competitions Huntley HS is going to be playing at, because i would really, really, really love to see "Thriller" on the marching field. If i had it my way, we'd march parade doing the little zombie dance from the "Thriller" video
  9. 2007 Shows

    It would be nice if Illinois had a one system thing going on, but I'll take going to both ISU and UofI anyday. When they were both held on the same day, we'd go to both, those were some funtimes As for the staff/money deal A quality staff can do 10x more then what moeny can do. If you took half of Marion's money away, they'd still be a top group in the state because they have a staff that does their job amazingly. But i do have to say Morton's staff rocks. I guess I'm a little biased on that topic,but w/e Yeah, I would like to hear some show names. Morton is doing a show called "Out of the Dark". It has some music from "Angels in America" by Thomas Newman, and some original stuff from our brass instructor/composer.It's sweet
  10. Murphysboro

    I guess I'll have to wait till ISU to see Murphy again
  11. Murphysboro

    man, i would really love to Murphysboro, does anyone have their scheduel?
  12. Downer's Grove South Competition Oct. 7th

    Yeah. Last year we had nothign to prove, really. We just did well, and people were suprised. But this year, we got something to prove, that we aren't a fluke. Now that doesn't gurantee beating LWC at Downers, but we want to prove we're not a fluke. But i agree with MarchingBand>Life, don't judge us now, judge us at the end of the year. Beating LWC again would look good, i have to admit. They are one of the bands we're aiming to be like in the next coming years, who know what will happen.
  13. ISU 2006

    yeah, it's gonna be hard for two AA bands to make it, since bands that preform earlier usually get remembered least. But i wouldn't be suprised. Murphysboro really impressed me last year. And I see them doing better then they did last year
  14. Danville

    Yeah, not only is Morton going to Danville, we're also going to the Pekin Dragon Classic on the same day. It's gonna be fun. Last time we went to two shows on one day was ISU/UofI lastyear, and that was fun
  15. Downer's Grove South Competition Oct. 7th

    MORTON IS GOING DOWN DOWN TO DOWNER'S GROVE can't wait to see you there!