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  1. What does your band do at half-time?

    There is a band in the area that had not worn their uniforms once to a football game. The first time I saw them in uniform was at Band Day. As far as college marching band....it's a world away from highschool!
  2. What does your band do at half-time?

    I always liked to whole football atmosphere when I was in marching band. I LOVED the competition! In college marching band, it was even more fun and crazy!
  3. What does your band do at half-time?

    On the same note, what is everyone's consensus about wearing uniforms at halftime? IMO-I think a football game is a great way to show the crowd one's talent and it looks better when everyone is uniform. Not wearing them and then wearing random jeans,khakis, different colors. doesn't give the crowd the impression that the band cares that they are out there. There def. has to be a mutual respect, but not so sure if it is there. My 2 pennies....
  4. Finally some sanity at ISU.

    I really think the wind threw some of the earlier guards off in finals. It wasn't as windy earlier in the day but the 4a on guards had to deal with all of the "gustiness". Random thought: I think Marian made a good choice not to open the umbrellas during finals, although I enjoyed the visual message that was sending. But those things would have been flying all over the place! Could have hurt someone! Some guards handled themselves very professionally in the wind and it all came down to good technique. Some, you could tell were frazzled by the wind. Kudos to the kids who had the equipment in the air. It's not easy to throw a quad in that wind!-with any piece of equipment! My hats off to all who performed. It was a great night for bands in Illinois. I'm sure that Marian's show will look totally different in a few weeks. I look forward to seeing their finished product! Good luck to all the bands that are still competing past this weekend!
  5. ISU 2007 2.0

    hornplayer I was there for both. 87 I was a junior in hs at Pekin and in 91 I was marching at ISU! Tonite was a great night for performers and spectators with the exception of the crazy wind. I felt bad for the 4a -6a bands...it got pretty windy. But nothing like ice storms! Or down pours of rain!
  6. ISU 2007 2.0

    Maybe something could be worked out!!!
  7. ISU 2007 2.0

    I remember the terrible weather days!! Days of snow and sub zero temps and windchill! Does anyone remember the bomb threat? I know I am totally dating myself but oh well. BTW...I was just over on the field last week at one of ISU's Monday rehearsals. The field looks absolutely fantastic. I cant wait until all of the renovations are done!
  8. Shows for 2007

    Washington doing a rock show??? I'm shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like there is a variety of shows out there! I wish everyone a great season of skill!
  9. DCI Classic Countdown 2007

    Man oh Man the Velvet Knights were awesome!!!! I loved the Cavaliers Planets. It was pretty powerful! Their winterguard did a planets show and it was really cool!!!
  10. Winterguard

    Some of the girls in my classes are in it. They practice at both facilities however, I don't know who the official "sponsor" is. One of the staffers that used to teach at Community is working with them. I haven't officially seen them, but the kids I know that are involved are having alot of fun so that is good!
  11. Winterguard

    Normal Community and Normal West have combined programs to form one winterguard.
  12. Winterguard

    Morton had a winterguard for the first time last year and made a good intro into winter performance. I wonder how they will do this year. I think it is still up in the air if Normal West is having a winterguard. I really enjoyed their Fall season performances. If they compete this winter. It should be pretty good.
  13. Winterguard

    IDTA has not stopped offering a flag division, but it is starting to dwindle. There is also a new competition circuit called the Team Dance Illinois which offers flag categories. Both of these circuits are much much much different than the Midwest Colorguard Circuit (which is the guard venue I would reccommend) These still have "Tall Flag" and "short flag" categories. There are alot more parameters on equipment and movement than in the MCC. As far as Effingham....not really Central IL, but they have a winter program.
  14. Winterguard

    Yep....Peoria Richwoods. They have had one for years. They compete in the Illinois Drill Team Association circuit. Until this year, they will be competing with the Midwest Colorguard Circuit.
  15. Why do you do it?

    Band is Fun: What do you like about band? What made you be in band? I loved the friends I made, the prforming for crowds and in winterguard, I especially loved being so up close and personal to the audience...seeing their facial expressions when they were truly entertained and just being able to express the emotions of the music was just incredible to me. I really do miss it.....