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  1. COVID 19

  2. COVID 19

    Unconfirmed and trying to get more info: ALL Chicago area shows are cancelled.
  3. COVID 19

  4. COVID 19

    I've heard through the grapevine that all shows at state schools (U of I, ISU, EIU, SIU, WIU, NIU) are cancelled.
  5. COVID 19

    It could, but then you'd have to take into consideration winer guard/winds/percussion, spring sports, senioritis, AP exams, and notoriously iffy Midwest weather.
  6. COVID 19

    Murphysboro Drums at Appletime 9/19 is cancelled.
  7. COVID 19

    The MSBA show in Naperville on 9/12 is cancelled.
  8. COVID 19

    Update from Waterloo:
  9. COVID 19

    EIU has cancelled.
  10. COVID 19

    If bands do cancel their competitions (and they will), this is going to hurt budgets like no other. I wish I could find the article when Lake Park had to cancel the Joust in 2008 when it rained buckets. It was an exorbitant amount of money that they lost.
  11. COVID 19

    I still see them as attending Stagg (9/12), BOA Clarksville (9/19), LWMI (10/10), ISU (10/17) and BOA Indianapolis (10/24) https://www.lincolnwaymusic.org/lwmb-season-calendar.html
  12. COVID 19

    I can see contests doing a whole lot of live streaming and only allowing the followers of the band that's on the field in the stands to watch, and then kicking them out. I would LOVE to see what the BOA lists look like right now, as I can imagine administrations starting to say no to overnight trips and bands subsequently having to withdraw from events.
  13. Updating Band Pages on the Website

    I fail. I don't check the images/videos page that often, because we don''t get emails when we get submissions for videos/pictures. (We do get emails for shows/competition updates.) Apologies!
  14. Random Question

    1A-4A and 5A-6A are broken up into two separate "shows", for lack of a better term. Each grouping gets 7 finalist spots: 1A-4A class winners, plus the next three highest scoring bands in that grouping. 5A-6A class winners, plus the 5 next highest scoring bands in 5A-6A. http://www.ilmarching.com/festivals_detail.php?FestivalID=916&archive=0 1A-4A: Class Winners: 1A: IVC 2A: Morton 3A: Marian Catholic 4A: Hersey Next 3 highest scoring bands: Romeoville, Galesburg, Bloomington 5A-6A: Class Winners: 5A: Prospect 6A: Lockport Township Next 5 highest scoring bands: Lincoln-Way, VJA, Edwardsville, Plainfield North, H.D. Jacobs Finalists are then randomly drawn into two groupings: bottom 4 scoring bands from 1A-4A/bottom 3 scoring bands from 5A-6A, (break), top 3 scoring bands from 1A-4A, top 4 scoring bands from 5A-6A.
  15. COVID 19

    Midwest Clinic in Chicago cancelled (December.)