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  1. 2013 Contest Dates

    Ah...I'd be interested to hear what school districts this occurs in.
  2. 2013 Contest Dates

    Many Indiana school districts limit travel across state lines, some to just 50 miles. I would love to get schools from Indiana, but I have several friends that are directors there that have complained about the limited travel. This isn't true for many.
  3. Winter Guard 2013?

    Some Illinois guards have participated in the Mid-Continent Color Guard Association (www.mccga.org). Once you get south of Normal the MidWest circuit is kinda far. Hopefully the winter season can grow in Illinois...
  4. Any updates in this? Curious when/if the results of the IMEA survey will be made public.
  5. ISU

    Color me intrigued: How would you set this up? Give me a bit of time to gather my thoughts here and get back to ya
  6. ISU

    Replace it with what type of system, though? And if having a "finals" type show at Soldier Field wouldnt be too logistically sound for bands traveling a far distance. I would imagine finals of any kind would need to be centrally located...unless there was a rotation.
  7. ISU

    There are so many different ways and opinions on this. I personally would like to see the marching band classifications move more towards an achievement based system similar to WGI.
  8. Providence Catholic Invitational

    Everyone at Providence Catholic did an excellent job of organizing and running this invitational. From my perspective it ran like a seasoned invitational thats been around for years and not one in its inaugural year....and what a great line up of performances!! Like most shows, the crowd grew as the evening went on, but every band had a nice audience to perform for. By the end of the night this stadium (which has new artificial turf) was packed! This show site probably is among some of the best I've ever been to. Congrats to PCHS Director, Robert Sanchez, and the parents and staff for what seemed to be a very successful day! P.S. I have zero affiliation with PCHS
  9. The Illinois bands that have made regional finals

    Here is a link to another Indiana based site that does have a link to some BOA History and results. Not all the information is complete, but there is A LOT of information: http://www.indianafieldmarchingbands.com/
  10. Marcus will not be back until AT LEAST 2013. The Lewisville ISD (of which they're a part) only allows a group to take one out of state trip every 4 years. I'm not questioning that the district rule exists, but how do explain a trip to the Midwest Clinic and then going to Grand Nationals in less than a 4 year span? Of course, we are talking about Amanda Drinkwater...she can probably make ANYTHING happen that she wants
  11. 2012 Contest Dates

    So..enter both Regionals. Perform on Friday at one...Saturday at the other. Park your band half way between Indy and St. Louis (for dinner/rehearsal) while prelims awards take place. If you make finals at one..head there for the evening.
  12. ISU 2011

    This is a performance based activity. Thus, multiple opportunities to perform should be encouraged. The bands that advance get a chance to make better what they did in prelims...fix some individual or ensemble issues that might have occured. OR just have a second kick butt performance altogether ! Mod edit: Fixed broken quote.
  13. 2012 Contest Dates

    I like this idea. Is Marian considering hosting 2 competitions next year? They were going to host a competition this year for all of the ISSMA bands who didn't make it on to (I believe) regionals. However, this didn't pan out. Drawback to this: Marian only seats about 2,500. So, if Carmel, Avon, Lake Central, Homestead (they always bring a ton of fans), all come, this could become a SRO show very quickly. The original intent was for the ISSMA Festival Bands...and any who may not have advanced to Regionals. The facility is great, but does not seat a lot. Thus, a show that probably wouldn't bring in the "big guns." Although, we shall see how things go this weekend as they are hosting a really big football game. Expecting 5000+ people!!
  14. 2012 Contest Dates

    This is also influenced by the availability of LOS. The weekend of Oct 27 is when Indy hosts the FFA Convention. So, the ISSMA schedule was adjusted to put State Finals on November 3rd...the typical recent weekend for the Indy Regional. Side note...there is discussion that Marian University in Indy is considering hosting a show on Friday evening, the night before the BOA Indy Regional. Nothing confirmed, but could be cool to have bands traveling in for the Regional to have another performance opportunity while in town. I know there is a show like this the evening before the St. George, UT Regional and there have been shows in the St. Louis area on the Friday of the Regional as well.
  15. ISU 2011

    This Batavia show reference is a GREAT example of a show that is designed in such a way that many people might need to see it more than once to see/hear everything. They did not rely on the amplified strings. While it was one main focus, it is not unusual for some people to see and hear this for the first time and *their* mind is focused on it. A second or even third viewing of this show probably would have enabled the ability to take in the other aspects of this show. Part of having a great show design along with a great performance level is making audience members WANT to see it again. The reasons can be many. The more you see a particular show that is put together and performed well, the more aspects of the show you see/hear and get to appreciate. Maybe even answer some questions you may have had the first time around. At the same time, it is possible to have too much depth...but it still can be appreciated on some level. It would be sad to have a show that you can see only once and not need to or be interested in seeing again. There's nothing like looking at a line up of bands and pre-determining when you will go get a hot dog thats not during intermission. But, then again, not everyone likes hot dogs