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  1. U of I

    I think we all did a wonderful job. Congrats to all of you. and Good Luck next year.
  2. Judges' Tapes

    Our Directer lets us listen to them...we listen to about 3 during band class...and we can listen to others on our own time. He is very nice about that.
  3. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    Yeah they definatly surprised everyone last year with how welll they did. Before last year, Class A at U of I had been us, Potiac, and Mohomet swapping spots in the top 3 for field. Then last year all of the sudden Potiac was out of the top 3, Mohomet was bumped down to 2nd and Morton took first. (Mohomet and Morton were SO close last year though. It'll be interesting to see how it goes this year.) Class A at U of I is going to be hard core rough this year....I'd be stoked to take home any caption awards let alone place overall. This weather lately is icky. We've got rehersal tomorrow night and there's supposed to be snow. It'll be real fun if the brass freezes into their mouthpieces...A Christmas story band style, anyone? Mohomet??? Mahomet***
  4. Congrats!!

    I just wanted to say to all the bands that participated congradulations on placing. Everyone did a wonderful job. Major congrats to Morton. Thank you Danville for letting our school come. Well we go every year. But Thanks a lot and congradulations to all the Bands!
  5. Ready for first competitions?

    ours is Danville...and i think we will be ready. Good luck everyone!
  6. this year i think will be the best out of my 4 years. Our show is awesome....U of I will be a trip this year...good luck!
  7. well...i've had a lil bit of band camp so far...i'm not happy that i'm a senior this year...it is kind of sad...i have come to learn to like it over the years....i hope you all do too..and hope to see all of you during the season
  8. Anyone know their show for next year?

    well we do ours for next year..but i can't say...but it will be good..hopefully...that is if people willwork hard..yup
  9. Hello, is there anybody in there!

    well..our football team is in the playoffs..so our marching band still has to preform..which stinks b/c we had to march in our summer uniform..which is a t-shirt and jeans...and it was cold..plus it was raining...so it stunk..and if we win next week...we have to play in memorial stadium again..which i'm not happy about.. but everything is all good i guess...and congrats to morton for beating us at BOA. that was a long day. it stunk....didn't get home till 1:30 w/ the time change...but yeah...i think i'm not going to to marhing band next year....i get injured every year and my mom is getting sick of it...so good luck on the next year everyone
  10. why can't marching band be all year..i mean we can end the season...then like start again and have fun..i mean it would be cool...that way we don't have to scramble getting our 3rd song on and sucking at it. well this year it was the first song..but..who all knows their show for next year? ~Katie
  11. What is your favorite show this season?

    just a question?...Did anyone think that Mahomet did well this year?...i am from Mahomet-Seymour and I want to know the truth from you all. I think that we could have done better and we have one more shot to make ourself presentable...we are going to BOA...and I pray that our Freshman will work with us this last week to be good...Give me some pointers on how to make the freshman listen...ppplllzzz...and any ideas that you have about our show...thanks

    Fixed thanks

    Hey Everyone, Wonderful Job at U of I....everyone did a wonderful job...Congrats to everyone who went...If you don't think you did well...I'm pretty sure that you did...If you think that you could have done better...don't think about that...just leave it on the field...that is the best way of doing things. Just remember to keep your head up high and think...there is always next year....but if your a senior...I'm sorry...Have fun in College and hope that your plans turn out for you. If your going to BOA...Good Luck and I'll see some of you there. and just noticed...i spelled wonderful wrong...hit the wrong button..sorry guys....
  14. U of I

    I think everyone did what they could...and did a very good job...and good job to Morton...you did a good job...
  15. Anyone know what Mahomet-Seymour is doing?

    thanks.. i didn't get to see any bands and i was really sad....but by the results seems like everyone won something..and if they didn't. i'm sure they did a good job...who all is going to BOA. I'm sure i'll be able to see everyone there...i hope. Good Job Morton...and everyone...and Prospect....they did a good job...maybe in one they didn't get something but...they use our practice field...ha ha....Well i'm going to go...talk to you all laters...great job everyone