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  1. Does anyone here really enjoy parades?

    i dont really like parades much, i mean they're ok, but they're so LOOOOONG! and most of the time they take place during the hot months, so it's really hot, and since i play tuba my shoulder really starts hurting after awhile. but i'ts also fun because we do a bunch of spins and jumps during the cadance. ouch. i dont know, it is good that we are inspiring the little kids to join band, but another good method of that is taking the band to the junior highs, or elementary schools.
  2. who is going to be at U of I?

    mahomet seymour is going to U of I, but not ISU, i think Morton is going to both
  3. heeey who's going to mahomet seymour band festival? just wondering, i'm excited to see you all there and watch the shows... i'm actually able to march this one... look for the shortest tuba there!!!! good luck all!
  4. Anyone know what Mahomet-Seymour is doing?

    heeey not nice. not all us freshman are so bad. but yeah i didnt mean to be offensive either... i'm from mahomet too... anyone see us at danville? any suggestions?
  5. Tradition or fancified

    just wondering...