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  1. Shows for 2008

    I believe this was gone over several times. Stagg was never sued. The publisher's were fully aware of the show. It was legal.
  2. New directors for next year?

    I've heard this as well. Stagg will have a temporary director, though Mr. Daeschler will still be with the program a lot. Temporary as in a year. I believe they're announcing the 29th.
  3. DCI Countdown

    Ugh. What a night to have a rehearsal/performance.
  4. Midwest Music Festival

    Anyone know the results from yesterday?
  5. Marching Band Game Coming to the Wii

    Wow. My band director says he's buying one with his tax refund, and it looks like there's one game he'll be buying, I would think. Now if only the Onion would pay someone to make sousaphone hero.
  6. 2008 DCI rules proposals

    Do women have some advantage over men on the marching field? For that matter do men have any over women? I think with guard, because there's a bigger pool to pull from, with alot of them dancing since they could walk, but I can't think of any reason why a co-ed and male corps can't perform at the same level.
  7. Tubachristmas

    Did anyone else go this year? I was the first "S" in "Christmas", so if you're watching the news today, look for me! ABC just showed it, and I'm obscured by Colonel Bourgeois.
  8. 2008 DCI rules proposals

    The only reason for Cavvies or Madison to go all-inclusive is if offers some big advantage, and I don't think for brass or drums, there's much of one. Neither corps is short of talent, certainly, ad neither sex has an inherent advantage in marching. If either breaks tradition, they'll take tons of flak from former members and fans. So while I think they should incorporate, I don't think it's gonna happen.
  9. 2008 Illinois schedule/BOA schedule

    Sound check? Hmmm, must be testing the new equipment, though I don't know why that would be published, unless they're incorporating it into a contest, for a real stress test type thing.
  10. 2008 DCI rules proposals

    I think men are able to perform in a whole different way, gymnastically. It certainly adds a different dynamic. I think we can agree on no men in spandex though.
  11. 2008 DCI rules proposals

    Heh, the battle between tradition and "the next level". I think allowing horns that aren't technically bugles was a smart, necessary move. It makes the activity accessible to so many more players, because no one plays horns pitched in G, and having valves allows you to do so much more. I think amping the pit is okay, just because the brass can put out SOO MUCH SOUND.
  12. 2008 DCI rules proposals

    I agree with numbers 8 9 and 1. All of Hopkins sound kind of ridiculous to me.
  13. Marching Illini at the Rose Bowl

    I can't imagine them pulling anything that gutsy/stupid. You'd think they could have done it for their contest but no, so there's NO WAY they'd do it for the freakin' Rose Bowl.
  14. Marching Illini at the Rose Bowl

    I recall January of 2007 being almost entirely in the 40's/50's, with lots of sun.
  15. BOA Indy Regionals Review

    I've spent enough time with Mr. Smith to know that he'd appreciate this news to be kept under-the-radar. Is it true that he's going to Washington?