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  1. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    No Ah, mr. dailydrill (assuming you are a mr.), it seems we've had this conversation before.
  2. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    Starting off with a drum feature? Best. Idea. Ever.
  3. Good Luck Traditions

    The Morton drumline use to have a spoon that we'd "stir" our drums with last year. We'd call it spoon lovin'. Yeah.. we're mature..
  4. Downers Grove Competition

    Haha, thanks. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's being wrong. You can quote me on that one.
  5. Downers Grove Competition

    I have heard of them.. my sister was actually their pit tech for a little bit. (small world, eh?) Sycamore is a city connected with Dekalb, but from what I hear, they are a lower budget school. However, they supposedly have a fairly good record. I think they went undefeated last year in their class. Don't quote me on that, though.
  6. Downers Grove Competition

    Now let's see the poll where Morton kids didn't vote for themselves (I'm a Mortonite, just so you all know..)(meaning it was a joke)(let's move on) Honestly, I have no idea. I haven't seen their shows, and with all the talk I've been hearing about LWC having a down year, I decided to play it safe and go with Lemont. But then again, it's LWC we're talking about, so I'm not counting them out.
  7. Morton Pumpkin Festival

    I would have too.. and I'm even on that line
  8. 'cookie cutter' shows

    I don't see why cookie cutter shows aren't "BOA-type competition" worthy. If students can take one of those shows and really perform the heck out of it, what's wrong with that? It's not like the band somehow has it easier because their show was pre-made. You still have to learn everything that goes along with it just like an brand new show. Or am I greatly misinformed?
  9. How far is too far?

    Well, on the topic of the judge, I say it's understandable if you're a patriotic person. Put yourself in his shoes.. you're out of the field, watching a band, then they start saying the pledge. You have your hat on, you're just walking around, and assuming you love America, it starts to look like you have no respect for your country. What would you do? Personally, I don't like saying the pledge, but I can admit that if I did take pride in saying it and if I was in that man's situation, I would have taken my hat off. Moral values are more important than some job you have.
  10. How far is too far?

    I feel high schools should stay away from those shows. You might have a show that is based on the war in Iraq, but obviously today not everyone would want to support that. Even within the marching band, you'll have differing views.. and it should never come to a point where students wouldn't want to perform because of the show theme the school is doing. Marching band should be an equal oppurtunity for all, without having personal objections to what is being performed. I'd say stick to shows on Mozart or Styx. No one will be offended.
  11. Final Scores

    1) Cavaliers 97.200 2) Phantom Regiment 96.850 3) Blue Devils 96.550 4) Blue Coats 93.175 5) Cadets 92.375 6) SCV 92.350 7) Blue Knights 90.125 8) Carolina Crown 89.975 9) Madison Scout 87.700 10) Boston Crusaders 87.325 11) Glassmen 86.860 12) Spirit from JSU 84.825 Captions Disney: Cavies Brass: Cavies Percussion: Phantom Colorguard: Blue Devils Visual: Cavies GE: Cavies Division III champion: Impulse Division II champion: The Academy Thanks to MHSereph for phoning me the information. Comments? I'd just like to say I'm glad Phantom got second!
  12. Lets Get Talking People

  13. Lets Get Talking People

    I think that an entire movement of only percussion would be awesome. However, it would get boring unless the pit was used to provide music. The best example of a good combination between drumline and pit I can find is a drum feature in the Cavie's opener back in 2001. Here's a link to the download.. http://www.cavaliers.org/media/cavie-2001-1.m3u That's how a drum feature should be. Just a little longer, though.
  14. Lets Get Talking People

    Wait, you're saying other sections of the band play while we play? Yeah, that was especially true during our ballad last year. 3 inches with brushes is enough to drive a drummer crazy.
  15. Lets Get Talking People

    To me, props are only bad when they're the focus of your show. I saw a band up in Chicago Land that actually tried to have the attention put on two houses that the guard was trying to build since it was a Trading Spaces theme or something along those lines. As a result, I can't remember what music they played or anything they did drill-wise.