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  1. 10-27 Results

    Anybody know if and where one can find the scores for the Atalanta competition?
  2. Reviews

    You're missing the part that it's up to the student. When it comes down to it, it's the responsibility of the student to get to the next level, not the staff. They can only show the way and provide motivation.
  3. Reviews

    Everybody does not have equal talent, and it's not the fault of the staff. Everybody has the potential to be equal, but in order for everyone to be the same then each individual has to work themselves to it. It's a discipline issue. You can only be as talented as you want to be. No fault of the instructor because they can only push you so far. They can't force you to be as talented as the guy next to you, that's up to you.
  4. Reviews

    I have to agree with trimpe on this one. It is very hard to come up with something original these days. So a marching band uses an idea that a corps used before hand, I really don't see the big deal on this one. If you're an advocate when it comes to this sort of thing you can recognize it as such, and then you could appreciate how much work the kids put into it to make it look as good as possible. You could also learn to respect the drill writers and directors who knew their kids could handle it.
  5. Vocals on the field?

    I've been talking to some people about this. I know it's kind of controversial, but please state your opinions. To me, I don't think vocals have a place in a marching show, or at least very limited. For example, when the Blue Devils did The Godfather, one of their pit members quoted the famous "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse." That was ok, but I've seen other shows from both marching band and drum corps, where they just take vocals over the top, almost to the point where the entire show is focused on the vocals. But then again this is just personal opinion.
  6. Seniors

    So what are your plans after marching band? Corps, college bands, etc? Me I think I'm going to play in college for a year before I try out for any coprs.
  7. BOA GN

    Does anyone else think the scores for prelims were a little on the low side?
  8. BOA Indy

    Don't forget fun. If you're not having fun then whats the point?
  9. BOA Indy

    Marion's show had some great music. But I didn't quite like the on field announcer. Kinda took attention away from the music. And their last set into the music note was pretty sweet.
  10. BOA Indy

    It was rather interesting to me at least (Lake Centrals) I also liked their warm up...where have I heard it before....lol 8-)
  11. ISU Class 2A

    It seems to me that this class is WAY too close to call. I would be surprised if the final two are more than 1 point apart. But yes I did vote and I voted for Murphysboro, because I don't like voting for my own band (makes me feel biased and comes off to me as cocky) IVC probably will be a close 3rd or they might pull a Phantom and catch Morton or Murphysboro in the end. We'll see. I've heard alot of great things about Murphy, and I can't wait to see you guys!
  12. Metamora - October 14

    well said.
  13. Metamora - October 14

    I may be crossing some lines here so what Do you really think it's fair to count parade as half of your score? I'm not saying that Metemora does a bad job conducting their show, I'm just saying I think it's unreasonable to count a 2 minute parade the same as a 10 minute field show.
  14. Metamora - October 14

    Good job last night to all bands and congrats to IVC on GC!
  15. Epiphanies

    Last year, at ISU Finals. The announcer announced (I hate when words fall in order like that, it's like saying my myspace..) our band and chills went down my spine. When we were done I never heard the crowd stop cheering. (a standing O after we finished our opener. that was cool) We came home placing 7th in Finals, knowing this (that season) will be tough to beat.