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  1. Last Comp

  2. Last Comp

    they should judge it like ISU At U of I they are judging how well you execute your show. So you could maybe get away with just moving boxes around to simple music and win if you do it perfect.... Shows with difficult pictures and music is not givin credit if you dont do it perfect...... At ISU if you play harder music you get points for that in winds and other things. Also if your pictures are very hard moves it gives you lots of GE.... putting it this way at U of I they judge how well you perfomr it where at ISU they judge how good you perform, and how complex your show is.
  3. Complete Band Program turn arounds

    Im from IVC and i say Morton..... It wasnt a fluke last year.... (Kinda like our football team :])
  4. Review: ISU Finals

    Nope i was just making sure... Thanks... :]
  5. Last Comp

  6. Review: ISU Finals

    I have a question.... As i was looking over scores i found an error. IF the scores posted are correct the worng band played in finals..... These are the prelim scores of what should be top 10 plus class winner... what should be the bands for finals... Top scores 1. 89.55 Marian Catholic 2. 87.55 Lincoln-Way East 3. 86.35 Lake Park 4. 84.90 Victor J. Andrew 5. 83.25 Waubonsie Valley 6. 82.60 Lincoln-Way Central 7. 82.20 Naperville North 8. 80.55 United Township 9. 79.85 Lemont 10. 78.50 Normal West (Did NOT make finals?) 11. 77.80 Warren Township (Made Finals??) 12. 76.05 Collinsville Class Winners (Bold made it in on score) Class 1A 62.75 Eureka Class 2A 71.70 Morton Class 3A 89.55 Marian Catholic Class 4A 80.55 United Township Class 5A 84.90 Victor J. Andrew Class 6A 87.55 Lincoln-Way East Warren Township played in finals but had a prelim score of (77.80 Warren Township) So the way they do it Finals should have been these bands...(Unless a band didnt play cause of rain) 1. Marian Catholic 2. Lincoln-Way East 3. Lake Park 4. Victor J. Andrew 5. Waubonsie Valley 6. Lincoln-Way Central 7. Naperville North 8. United Township 9. Lemont 10. Normal West 11. Morton 12. Eureka Was it raining in finals that Normal West didnt want to play or did they make a mistake? (I was not there at finals so i don't know) Finals were Finals 88.60 Marian Catholic 88.00 Lincoln-Way East 85.05 Lake Park 82.80 Victor J. Andrew 81.30 Waubonsie Valley 79.10 Lemont Township 75.55 United Township 75.15 Lincoln-Way Central 74.60 Naperville North 73.80 Warren Township????? 72.50 Morton 67.45 Eureka
  7. Football Playoffs!

    sweet...LWE won....thought they would win it all.......nice job to prospect too.......
  8. Football Playoffs!

    alright it was either champaign or springfield but i wasnt sure.....champaign is more logical.....
  9. Football Playoffs!

    Hey guys, Yeah, come see our football team and the marching band. It will be an awesome event! Great game and awesome half time (heh, heh, heh!). The game starts at 4pm I think. By the way, Congratulations to Marian Catholic for being band of the year not just by IMO proclamation but just because YOU ARE in my eyes! See y'all next year! Looking forward to yet a great season! That in Springfield or wherever state finals are held?
  10. LW district splitting again???

    how 'bout a white ghost? the design can actually look scary and tough....unlke the stay puft marshmellow grey ghost we see elsewhere hey were the grey ghosts....dont screw with us :ph43r:
  11. Illinois Symphonic Bands

    i dunno if anyone has seen our wind ensamble play before.....they dont usually play at that many gig things let alone go to superstate or whatever....but if you have heard them how do they compete with other schools?
  12. Congrats to the Bands of the Year Voters...

    yup yup....and as i look over the School sizes were close to making Division 2....we have like 680 students this year but they are going to build a subdivision right near the high school of like 600 or something houses......So in maybe in the next decade haha we will be division 2......
  13. LW district splitting again???

    any idea's on mascot's for the new schools?
  14. Football Playoffs!

    I beg to differ. Friday, WWS squeaked by Bolingbrook, a team LWE beat by twenty. And after the convincing win last night (in the band weather, i even heard the band left), I can't see LWE losing. But either way, go band schools! im with you ive got LWE winning.......my cousin goes to school there.......
  15. Football Playoffs!

    yea i think LWE has it to win i dunno how they did last night thouhg..... correction: LWE won 32-6 over Chicago Brother Rice