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  1. u of i 2006

    Prospect will be at U of I.
  2. Sousaphone Help

    you all really need to get over yourselves! happy holidays
  3. Sousaphone Help

    thank you
  4. Sousaphone Help

    i play the sousaphone and the only thing that i do not like about it is that its shoulderstrap is very old and it really does nothing. i talked to my band director but he says that new pads are 'not in the budget', is there anyway i can make it better without getting a new pad? thank you all
  5. Midwest Clinic

    So I really wanted to go to this years Midwest Clinic, but I was alittle confused. Can you buy tickets at the door or do you have to pre-register? I was a little confused on this, and any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  6. President

    none of the above Ozzie Guillen
  7. Football Playoffs!

    The Marching Knights will be there as well...thats what I've heard Since both will be there it'd be worth going.
  8. Congrats to the Bands of the Year Voters...

    To Quote Bands of America, "We are all winners in life"
  9. Congrats to the Bands of the Year Voters...

    Im glad thats how you feel. Tell yourself how great you are! Now, realize that the administration does not want to do that. Maybe if it matters that much to you you could start your own site and contact your own reliable sources and have your own bands of the year. ...or you could just deal with it.
  10. Football Playoffs!

    7A has Prospect 8A has LWE I'd go just to see the bands...
  11. Illinois Symphonic Bands

    Prospect was the winner at superstate last year, so they will perform as the honor band last in class AAA, and from what I understand they will not have to re-audition for this year. All other bands are by audition, but Im sure we canassume that bands like Libertyville, UT, and Hersey will be there. This years contest will be held on May 5-6, 2006, according to a program from last year.
  12. Illinois Symphonic Bands

    Prospect was the winner od Super State a year ago if my memory serves me correctly...I would say that the top IL symphonic bands would be the Libertyville Wind Symphony and the Prospect Symphonic Band...UT would definatly be up there too, as would Marian.
  13. Your Bands of the Year

    are you people serious... can we try to be objective
  14. Underated

    on task...my vote goes for Wheeling...
  15. Underated

    no, im just sayin that these are the topics that get out of hand so im trying to get someone to step in and make sure this stays objective before someone gets their feelings hurt and makes some big speech that everyone jumps at...that it all