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  1. Predictions for the weekend of 9/15/07

    You also have the wrong date for the contest prediction at the top of the prediction page.
  2. Danville Viking Invitational

    Are you sure....that isn't what their schedule says.
  3. Youth in Music competition in Minneapolis - Oct 27

    It's not always about the scores, but that's a flat out embarrassing result. How is that an embarrassing result?
  4. Youth in Music competition in Minneapolis - Oct 27

    I'm not saying that no one should go there. It isn't horrible. Maybe it fits in their schedule and budget. However, I don't think you should choose to go there just because you can do better there than at a BOA event.
  5. ISU 2007

    I think that maybe some of us are making the wrong comparisons about this "inflation" issue. I think the strongest bands in each class are less of an indicator as to whether inflation is happening. I think a better indicator are the groups that fall more in the middle of the pack, and better illustrate this. For instance. In 2A IVC scored approx. 68. I believe in Metamora in 3A and up a class with Marian score approx. 67. I think this similarity of score is a better indicator of the trend. Metamora should not have been close to the same score as IVC. Perhaps you may find this logic a little sideways.....but it makes sense. In classes that trend upwards in scoring as the day goes....the middle pack bands show the boost most clearly.
  6. ISU 2007

    There are 4 classes that are easy picks. 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A.....only 5A and 6A could be a tough call.
  7. How much will you perform in Sept competitions?

    You are actually done with all the music and drill.....already? How many sets do you have in your show?
  8. 2007 Morton HS Marching Invitational

    they got a new director recently didnt they....like recently as in the past few years ago?? IDK i think thats what i heard. I think that it is his 3rd or 4th year....I'm not completely sure. This is Mr. Chernick's 3rd year at BHS. He's an ex-Cavi from what I understand, and has done a great job. I've been impressed by what I've seen over the last few years as well!
  9. 2007 Morton HS Marching Invitational

    they got a new director recently didnt they....like recently as in the past few years ago?? IDK i think thats what i heard. I think that it is his 3rd or 4th year....I'm not completely sure.
  10. Lake Park 2007

    You are right....if only UT would go....then it would actually be a competition.....
  11. 2007 Morton HS Marching Invitational

    Tough call on class winners on this one. I think it could go in many directions. A-First instinct would be Pekin or Metamora....but you never know.... AA-This is a tough call. I don't think Geneseo is the clear winner. I'd say three potentials. Geneseo, Eureka, and Dunlap. Maybe Limestone as a dark horse (I've heard good things about where they're going). AAA-I will pick UT, but I DFB might be correct here and it could go other directions.
  12. Shows for 2007

    Everything evolves........
  13. DCI Indy 2008 Info

    I think a show can be "for the performers" and for the audience. I don't think anyone is suggesting it is all about the fans and not the performers. I'm not sure DCIsop09 why you seem so appauled that DCI take the audience into account.....I don't think the shows (productions) themselves have to cater to anyone but the corps themselve (however, the type of show a group does year to year does attract a certain type of performer....so in a way they do write for the spectator...to draw the type of member they desire)......but the performance venues and environment needs to get people to want to come back or else the activity will shrivel up and die.
  14. Shows for 2007

    I just ask because I know that they don't allow permission to arrange some of the themes you listed as being in your show.....basically, I have no idea how he could have gotten permission. As dbalash said....Universal is very tough on that stuff.
  15. Shows for 2007

    If he did the arrangements I hope he got copyright permission. The owner of the copyrights on that music is very particular about anyone using it.
  16. DCI Show Announcements

    That is a very small gap (not to mention they've exchanged places several times recently). It is looking like BD and the Cavies may be getting an edge on some of the others......but with not many shows were all the top groups have been head to head it is too early to speculate much.
  17. DCI Show Announcements

    This year? This is worse than ever before.....but overall they have been much weaker for at least the last 5 or 6 years....with a little come back 2 years ago.
  18. DCI Show Announcements

    I should have clarified, wiseguy. The DCI show at the BOA camp. Actually....it's called "Music for All" now.....lol
  19. DCI Show Announcements

    Not sure how the show the Cadets are doing beat Phantom's show.....Phantom is pretty tight. If DCI awards what I've seen in the videos (all the narration) it is a bad thing for the activity.
  20. DCI Show Announcements

  21. DCI Show Announcements

    Like I said....I love The Firebird.....but like Ride... I think they are overplayed However, I think the real difference between the 2 is that the Firebird is a great piece of music, and Ride is sort of a flavor of the month. It has been done a lot the last few years since it was published....but it will pass and the firebird will remain!
  22. DCI Show Announcements

    I hope Phantom enjoyed last year atop the percussion standings, because it sounds like the Cavies drumline has finished their growing pains with Casella and are back in full form. Wow. And, in general, better arrangements than I had envisioned when I orginally heard their concept. Visual will be stunning, no doubt. Cavies will contend again this year. Has anybody been able to find any Phantom stuff online? I'm really excited to hear what they're putting together as well!! I have heard them. Cool show. Mellos are rediculous. The music is good, but it doesn't get me really excited......main gripe is that I'm tired of hearing Strav's Firebird in shows Great piece....overplayed