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  1. Central Illinois Bands

    I think this giving GC for small and GC for large classes is a little strange. Maybe if it was a huge competition....and if it was classified by school size I would maybe like the idea a little more. Like at U of I they do that. However, at a small show by band size.....it just doesn't make sense to me.
  2. ISU 2007 2.0

    Well....after this weekend.....not sure you are way off. So, I'm going to take it one step further and make a prediction of placement and score.....but the score is really just to show what I think the spread will be (spread means more than how high the numbers are IMO). Here we go. Maybe miles off...but it looks possible to me. 1. (89.5) Marian Catholic 2. (89.3) LWE 3. (87.5) Lake Park 4. (81.3) Morton 5. (80.8) VJA 6. (78.9) LWC 7. (78.0) Lemont 8. (76.3) WV 9. (75.4) Warren 10 (75.0) UT 11. (72.4) IVC I do believe that there are a couple of spots that could easily flip-flop. like 1 / 2 or 4 / 5 but I think that this is close to how it will stack up. I also think there is a chance that one of the groups lower on the list might get bumped out of finals by someone else like Naperville North. However, right now my gut says that they just barely don't make it in this year. Good luck to all the bands!
  3. ISU 2007 2.0

    I think Morton is being placed were they are for finals based on the results of competitions so far. While that is no guarantee that they will place 4, 5, or 6, it is at least a logical prediction. I think a few of the only groups they haven't gone up against are Marian, LWE, and VJA. However, through some comparisons you can at least make some reasonable speculation.
  4. ISU 2007 2.0

    What is your basis or logic behind this statement......because I don't see it.
  5. Shows for 2007

    What are you talking about?
  6. Poll: Who Wins A Field at U of I

    Ok....4 votes for Mahomet.....They are a solid band......but seriously......and Mt. Zion....what the heck are you people voting for? I know.....that is horrible for me to say.....but think about it seriously for a second....come on! Has Mahomet done any competitions this year? Side Note: I think the vote for Bloomington showed actual thought....as well as Washington.....to those people thank you for being reasonable. In the end the write in votes for Morton seem like the most logical choice at this point.
  7. Results - 9/29

    Congratulations on almost having a nice, thoughtful, and grateful post. I was reading and thought,
  8. Predictions for weekend of 9/29

    Quite possibly. However, sometimes making a prediction means taking a chance and going out on a limb based on a hunch. So....who knows. Also, what difference does it make if anyone goes earlier than another? Most of the people on this board like to argue that inflation doesn't happen at shows. That being the case inflation "should" be a non-factor in the results. Good luck too all.....should be a fun show!
  9. Pekin 9/22

    Usually this is not the case at the smaller shows (Pekin, Morton, Washington, etc...) Morton's and UT's location prevent them from regularly competing against all the other ISU Finalists bands. (Check it out, they are the only 2 not from the Chicago area). And most judges at these smaller shows aren't seasoned like the ones at Wheeling, Lake Park, etc.. (Dallas Niermeyer, Gary Czapinski, etc...) and don't give credit to difficulty as much as the DCI type judges do. i.e. check out scores from Pekin in the 90s when IVC would regularly win Pekin with other schools there performing harder shows, just not quite as clean. There may be some truth to that.....but it isn't absolute. These smaller shows do at times have some good seasoned judges....the captions that are the least well judged are usually general effect captions. Usually current or former high school and college band directors end up judging these captions.....as a result their comments and judging tend to focus more on sheer performance than design and the effectiveness of that design. However, I wouldn't say that has been the case this year.....except for maybe music GE at Pekin. Visual GE was well judged at Pekin and Morton.
  10. Shows for 2007

    i love this statement by the way. morton's not on it!!! (why would we be?) because we're going to compete in ATLANTA! so pumped. That is sort of a strange and confusing statement.......
  11. Pekin 9/22

    No music GE judges?
  12. Pekin 9/22

    Does anyone have the judging panel for this show yet?
  13. Pekin 9/22

    You also have to keep in mind that many shows in Illinois do not have criteria or 'definitions' to the numbers that are being put down by the judges. Just depends on what sheets are being used. I know several use BOA sheets, but some do not. Even this early in the season, trying to compare scores from show to show are difficult. Keep in mind that everything is relative. While Morton in the 80's might be high (especially if it was BOA sheets)...but the spread from UT to Morton could still be accurate. It's also possible that the judges where told to keep the 'floor' above a certain number...which would push scores higher then they really should be. No one wants to see a band in lower box 2 or even box 1...even if the should be...some shows tell judges not to do that. And just a question to think about...what is the point of inflating scores for the host band? If the host band wants good/accurate feedback from the judges, then why would they feel the need to inflate the score and give them a false impression of things? Amen!
  14. Pekin 9/22

    My point is that I agree with you totally. 82 was way too high. I think mid 70s is appropriate to what I saw.....at least for Morton. UT should have fallen below that. However, I know when it is all said and done....they will be right with the best as they always are. Keep up the hard work!
  15. Pekin 9/22

    Agreed - my point. Note....my point.
  16. Pekin 9/22

    I think the only reason Morton's score was that high was because the scoring was a little too high in general. I think Morton being a few points up on UT was plausible from what I saw.....but and 82 is sort of high. I think UT was maybe more appropriately around a 71 or so....and maybe morton was around that 75 you mentioned....but that is all hindsight. As far as predictions for the Pekin show. Tough call....my gut says the UT may win....but I really only think that will be because Morton goes first (based on what I saw at the Morton Invitational). I think Morton has the edge with GE and percussion. UT has strong winds. However, with GE being a lot of the score I would go with Morton all things being equal.
  17. Naperville Central Results

    Uhm...you probably shouldn't be posting that. There are plenty of other things that occassionally get posted on here.
  18. Results - 09/15/07

    Uhm...okay? So, if a band comes out of left field and blows everyone away at the first show of the season, it is COMPLETELY irrelevant to the rest of the season? You know, bands don't have to have a complete collapse to slip or to have another band get really good and pass them up. Early shows tell a lot about the caliber of bands competing that year. Wow...maybe I'm not reading this correctly, but is this your way of saying that bands with shows that are done by the first show won't grow by the end, or am I WAY off base??? And if I'm not off base and I AM reading that correctly, that is one of the most ridiculous things I've heard in a while. Bands that have complete shows at the first competition can grow a lot further because most of them have about a month (some almost two) to grow and clean and intensify. And those that aren't done at the first show can still grow a lot further when they add. It's all about the band's intensity on the practice field. I don't think anyone saw a "complete" show this weekend. What is complete? There is a lot more elements than just playing the music and knowing all the drill. If all that makes up your show are drill charts and music.....then you are music the real detail in a great show.
  19. Pekin 9/22

    I'm going to speculate that UT, Morton, and Normal West will be the strongest contenders at this contest.
  20. Results - 09/15/07

    Good bands show their strengths throughout the season.....even early. So....yes, maybe things will shift and move around a little. However, that doesn't mean that early season performance means nothing.
  21. Pekin 9/22

    I believe that Morton and UT are going.
  22. Morton Results and review

    I'm pretty sure best winds is determind by the music subcaptions of brass and woodwinds added together. Also, music GE has no connection to determining best winds.
  23. Morton Results and review

    Didn't Morton Play? No review?
  24. ISU 2007

    It is unfortunate that that is the way many of you feel.
  25. Judging Panels

    I've seen Judging panels listed for some of the shows. Is it possible to find out the panels for all of them? The juding panel can greatly shape the way a contest goes.