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  1. Shows for 10/17

    BOA St. Louis Predictions: Possible Finalists (Includes all likely finalists, essentially everyone I think that has a decent chance): Berryhill, OK Irondale, MN O'Fallon, IL Union, OK Blue Valley West, KS Roosevelt, SD Lake Hamilton, AR Lafayette, LA Jenks, OK Owasso,OK Marian Catholic, IL Southaven, MS Rosemount, MN Centerville, OH Westmore, OK Father Ryan, TN William Mason, OH Oakville Sr., MO Eden Prairie, MN Paul Lawrence Dunbar, KY Morton, IL Kickapoo, MO Blue Springs, MO DeSota Central, MS Birdville, TX Broken Arrow, OK Locks for Finals (these bands should be in): Irondale, MN Union, OK Lafayette, LA Owasso,OK Marian Catholic, IL Rosemount, MN Centerville, OH William Mason, OH Paul Lawrence Dunbar, KY Broken Arrow, OK Strongest Bubble Bands: O'Fallon, IL Blue Valley West, KS Lake Hamilton, AR Jenks, OK Father Ryan, TN Oakville Sr., MO Morton, IL Blue Springs, MO Birdville, TX As for the final 14 finalists....tough call. It could go any direction! Of course, if you have insider knowledge on any of these bands....please share your thoughts!
  2. Scores for 10/3

    OK....this thread has been very entertaining, but maybe it is time to move on. Everyone is going to have their opinions on the subject and especially the results. Let's just wait for another show, and hopefully a lot of great performances!
  3. Scores for 10/3

    I don't think anyone is questioning the quality of Hersey's music program or how they play. However, Dallas was judging music GE, which is more than a performance caption. It is about having a creative music book....and that is why I think some are questioning his placements (or moreso his scores)....especially when you put NN and a relatively standard Copland book so high. I love Copland, and they played great, but it wasn't as creative as many others.
  4. Scores for 10/3

    Giving an opinion about the judging is not whining...it is an opinion...just like the scores the judges gave are opinions. Saying what one observed is perfectly fair.... *who is to say that I haven't judged before myself, why would my opinion be any less valid?
  5. Scores for 10/3

    Are you talking about the guard or the band winning? I don't think guard and percussion scores went into the final tally at wheeling. am i right? I think that's crazy, guard band percussion, all one. anyways, their guard doesn't get first all the time even though they are good and the show is based around them. I guess it depends on that night's performance and judges. Guard caption scores are not included in the total, however, the guard does effect the final score considerably. A lot of the visual GE score can be greatly shaped by the guard and their effectiveness. So, they are included in that way in the final score. (of course at Prospect, they shouldn't have effected the final score because there were no visual scores awarded) Same thing with percussion. Their caption score for percussion placement isn't used in the final score, but on the music performance sheets they do effect the final score of the band.
  6. Scores for 10/3

    I'm more surprised that Lemont beat Morton in Music G.E. Music GE is a total of both scores, so Lemont did not "beat" Morton in Music GE, but from one judge they did. However, you might notice that there is a lot that is strange about Music GE 2 scores that night. A lot of scores from that judge were ahead of Morton, but from the other judge Morton was a pretty close 2nd to Lake Park. Based on what I saw that afternoon / night, the Music GE 1 scores seem much more representative of what was actually going on in terms of unique music and creativity. Music GE 2 seemed to favor more traditional music (except for Lake Park, which doesn't fit that category). Yes, yes, I know that there are some exceptions to this in the music GE 2 scores, but there seems to be some correlation.
  7. Scores for 10/3

    The placements from last night are interesting because half of those bands would not have placed nearly as high if they'd been required to move as well...Hersey would not have placed 2nd, for example. It's hard to place bands in any order going off of only half of their total package. Throw marching into the mix and things would have been a lot different. Morton more than likely would have placed in their class. Hersey probably in 4th. Just a personal opinion, but to me it didn't really seem like NN's show would have been that different out on the field though... From what I saw / heard all afternoon Morton should have placed in their class either way.
  8. 2009 Shows

    Have you been to Texas to see all the top programs? Still a loooong way to go here!!Agreed. But it IS safe to say that the number of quality marching bands in IL has increased a lot over the last 8-10 years. And this year, especially, it's looking like some very good bands won't even make finals at ISU this year.Funny....I was thinking except for the top 10, it is a pretty weak line-up.
  9. Naperville North

    Son.....I'm quite sure that all the bands taking the field want to please their audience. I'm also quite sure that there is nothing wrong with asking or expecting your audience to think a little when watching a performance. This is music and movement that kids are asked to do for months. It better be worth the effort educationally. Marching bands should try to entertain their audience, but they are also meant to educate the students, and IMO the audience to something new as well. If watching a show or performing a show doesn't require you to stretch your creative and musical muscle a little, then it is just a waste of everyone's time. * *disclaimer: Before anyone comes after me with a rant, this isn't directed at NN, but it is directed at the student from NN that just doesn't know what he's talking about.
  10. Morton Review

    No reviews on Morton in exhibition?
  11. Shows for 9/26

    Chicagoland Marching Band Festival: Wheeling, IL Class A 5:00 Bremen 5:15 Urbana 5:30 Glenbrook North 5:45 Alan B. Shepard 6:00 Break Class AA 6:15 Olympia 6:30 Lincoln-Way North 6:45 Huntley 7:00 Elk Grove 7:15 Fremd 7:30 Break Class AAA 7:45 Bloomington 8:00 Glenbrook South 8:15 Neuqua Valley 8:30 Waubonsie Valley 8:45 Naperville North 9:00 Break 9:15 Victor J. Andrew 9:30 Morton 9:45 Warren Township This could be a very interesting show. Bloomington only scored a small fraction behind LincolnWay Central at the Morton competition on Saturday. Throw on top of that VJA, NN, and Morton and anything could happen. I'm going to go with this top 3 in AAA 1. Morton (ahead of NN and VJA in prelims at Lake Park) 2. VJ Andrew (was a very close to Morton at LP, think it will be the same) 3. Bloomington (very high energy show, and performing at a pretty high level at this point, we'll have to wait and see where they go this year) Of course anything is possible, but I think people are reading to much into the Finals results at Lake Park. I think the judges got it wrong in finals, not saying NN didn't put on a great show that night, but it is my opinion. Every group there did less show than NN and it was still very close. My guess is those other groups have put a lot more on the field since then, and have had more room to grow...just my 2 cents.
  12. Shows For 9/13

    Anyone going to do some reviews of the Morton competition?
  13. ISU 2008

    I will predict LWN does not make finals first year out.
  14. U of I recaps are up

    I am looking at the printed program for the 2007 U of I competition. The program has separate judges listed for Auxiliary, Drum Major, and Percussion. How do you know that the same person judged both drum major and guard? First of all....there is no point to a drum major judge...but yes...there is a judge for that at U of I. There is a percussion and aux judge....but the judges who give scores that effect placement are essentually judging everything. That is not an effective way to adjudicate.....this is the biggest issue.
  15. Scores for 10/13

    Like I said, they probably will stop going after this year. There's a reason that a lot of the best bands in Illinois have stopped going to U of I. And it's because their scoring system allows for the bands that do easy shows with easy music and slow movements but have big loud sounds to do better. I can guarantee you that Morton would 7-10 point Mahomet at a BOA style competition. And I don't think that it's just Morton complaining. Just look back at previous posts and see plenty of other bands complaining about the judging. That's just the point, it's NOT a boa competition. And to think Morton trumped MS in marching and guard...thats the funniest thing I've heard in a week. Try watching both shows before spinning that misconception. You obviously don't hear very funny things......
  16. Hey.....just wanted to see if any Central Illinois band who have not traditionally gone to BOA events are trying them out this year. If your group never goes......do you have any idea why?
  17. Central Illinois and BOA

    might it be posted on youtube or anything? i want to see it now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qafkWzaykc4 Here you go...just try doing a search next time.
  18. Favorite Shows of 2007

    I think that is exactly what I'm debating with you. There wasn't anything about Geneseo that stood out. The trumpets playing the drums isn't even remotely as difficult as what any section of Morton's band did. Seriously.....stood out compared to what? I don't feel like you were really watching what was going on out there. A show that anyone can do doesn't stand out in my book....but clearly we have different standards.
  19. Favorite Shows of 2007

    6 years.....are you serious......you were a freshman 6 years ago.......or wait...you....are a soph. in college.......I guess you are an expert on what is good or actually interesting. Wait...... I'm sorry.....I didn't know that you have watched shows in central illinois for the last 6 years....my mistake.
  20. Favorite Shows of 2007

    There was nothing unique or interesting about their show.....my guess it was a hal leonard "anyone can buy" show. Also visual design was weak at best. You can like it if you want....but it is too bad you haven't been exposed to more.....
  21. Favorite Shows of 2007

    Were you watching the same competiton.......totally different league.
  22. ISU 2007 2.0

    I would often agree with the score inflation scenario, but I think Morton's prelim score makes that a non-issue in the case of lemont. I think they were probably at least another hour earlier than Lemont maybe more.....not sure when everyone went. As for the judges getting it right in finals....I think they were close. Marian not in first....that was correct....didn't see lake Park, so I don't have an opinion. Morton behind Naperville North....that was probably the biggest mistake....while not massive, clearly incorrect. I think they should have been in front of VJA as well....LWC, while I didn't like their show did a great job.
  23. Scores for 10/13

    Confused I would agree with you on Aux placements in A. Not sure how you would have had it, but I think Morton's guard should have been 1st. But what were your problems with Percussion placements in A. I'm guessing you had issue with third place in class A percussion. I think 1st and 2nd being Morton and Bloomington respectively is correct. Both have smoking drumlines.....but don't forget the pit is included in that score.