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  1. ISU class 2-A

    If you knew Morton's program you wouldn't make that comparison.
  2. Metamora

    A lot of schools change parade tune every year. Off the top of my heard I know that Washington, Prairie Central, and Morton all do.
  3. New ISU Thread

    Morton is a smaller band then Herscher I believe....just FYI My feeling that drumline might be the other thing hurting Herscher in the long run as well.
  4. ISU class 2-A

    It is sad but true that with the score inflation most 2A, 3A, or 4A bands don't have a chance...even though they sometimes perform as well as the 5A, 6A bands. However, I'm not saying that most 2A bands perform to that level...because that would be a false statement. I think the day would be much more equal if it was run more like BOA with a random draw throughout the day and classes not being told to the judges. So that way a 6A band might be back to back with a 3A, then maybe a 1A after that. It forces you to try to keep scores consistent all day. As for your list of top ten scorers in the past you may be correct. However, Morton beat UT and Normal West among others this year already. However, come ISU Morton will probably be outscored by UT by 10 points mainly because they've gone later. I've seen evidence that this sort of inflation does happen consistently. Compare ISU scores to BOA regional scores the following weeks....you'll see that it is happening Even the difference between going first in 2A and last in 3A shows huge inflation. I would say Morton last year was scored a good 12 to 15 behind Lemont at ISU last year, but then a week later at the Indy Regional Morton was a matter of tenths behind...and that isn't because Morton worked some miracle in that week. I know many get upset by the suggestion of score inflation at ISU, but it isn't hard to find some evidence that it is happening...although I'm sure it isn't intentional. No competition is perfect.
  5. U of I

    There is a slight change to the schedule from what I heard in class A. Morton will be going 6th from last...not first in the class. While U of I tends to favor the large bands, I wouldn't count them out...especially now that they aren't going 1st. They took Mahomet at Danville, and I think they might be able to do it again if they have a good show that day. I'm looking forward to seeing them and many others at Metamora this weekend. The rest of this season looks very close and exciting.
  6. Metamora

    I would mostly agree with several of the predictions I've seen for Metamora. However, while I think Morton could potentially have the highest score in the field portion of the competition, I think the parade part will make it difficult for them to take the overall Grand Champion. Traditionally, large bands score very well in parade. IVC, Washington, and Galesburg will probably be some of the strongest parade bands, and even if Morton does have the best field score of the day, those bands will probably outscore Morton enough in parade to make up for it. With that said, I'd love teo see Morton pull out another overall Grand Champion, but I guess we'll have to wait and see what develops.
  7. Bands of Central Illinois

    Wicked is a cool show. I saw Geneseo do it at Washington yesterday. Musically it has great potential and I enjoyed it. If they continue to progress as they have it will result in a very strong showing coming the end of the season. However, I also think Morton's show is very cool. What did you think was confusing about it? I would agree it isn't a well known story like a musical such as Wicked...but I wouldn't classify the show itself as confusing. In terms of the music and design of the show itself, you wouldn't have to know anything about the story of the Anasazi people to enjoy it. I personally don't know anything about that stuff and it is far and away one of my favorite shows of this season.
  8. Washington Competition

    In class 2A Parade 1st Place: Prairie Central Field 1st Place: Streator Field 2nd Place: Prairie Central Field 3rd Place: Urbana Streator had a good, solid sound and their show worked really well for them. Congrats Streator! Prairie Central has traditionally done well in parade. Their show was Santana. It is a good show; however, there were some unsure moments. If they can clean-up the rough areas, they should do well at U of I.
  9. ISU Competition

    From what I've seen, Morton has one of the most demanding visual programs of any of the shows I've seen this year. They have extreme high tempos and lots of complex drill sets. I know they didn't do their opener at the football game, and that section is the meat of their show. They also didn't do the actual ending which alone is one of the hardest things I've seen a high school south of I-80 do. In my observation, IVC might be marching a little cleaner, but their drill is slower in tempo and complexity....as a result it should be better at this stage. IVC never has one tempo that I would consider particularly fast, which simplifies the drill execution process. As for the comment that working with a smaller band is easier...not so fast: you can't hide in a smaller band...you can in a large band. So there are some trade offs there.
  10. ISU State Marching band History

    This is what I know: Limestone did well in finals in both 95 and 96. They may have placed 5th in either year. Morton place 6th in finals in 94.
  11. Bands of Central Illinois

    Their instructors have been pretty consistent now for a few years. So it isn't like everything is unstable and up in the air these days for them from an instructional standpoint. Large band programs have many challenges just as small programs often do. They are just different types of challenges. They have had good instructors now for some time. I think the explosion in size of their program is probably the most difficult factor they're facing.
  12. ISU Competition

    ISU is still a long ways away. A LOT can transpire between now and then. I'm sure that most bands, including IVC and Herscher have "tricks up their sleeves". Morton- You have had a couple of good shows. Can you keep it up?
  13. ISU Competition

  14. Danville Viking Invitational

    While I have no way of predicting the outcome of the Danville Invitational, does anyone else think the reasoning in the sites prediction is a little odd? Mainly...the short drive and the last in class part of the prediction. Isn't performance order not supposed to matter when it comes to results? I only comment on this because people argue that it is fair no matter when you go in a class (especially those who think the ISU judging system is consistent throughout the day....but that is a different topic)...but the prediction this site makes only reinforces the belief that later bands score higher almost by default. Shouldn't it have no effect on how they place? Just playing devil's advocate on this one
  15. Full Music Rehearsal

    I have to make problem with this statement. Sure the guard never will perform their work standing still in performance....but how often doesn the drum line and winds perform their music standing still in arcs. Full music rehearsal allows everyone to hear each other better....thus lending to a better understanding of the musical intent. Which is something every section needs to hear...including the guard.
  16. Pekin Scores

    There are a number of downstate or even mid-illini bands that are basically finished with their shows...however, many are not. IVC wasn't complete at Pekin and Pontiac. Morton left out their entire closer at Pekin, and from the part of the show they did do, I would say that it is a very challenging visual program....ranking up there with many of the "powerhouse" bands like U.T. and those you would see at night finals at ISU. The question is whether Morton can be as clean as these other bands when it is all said and done? I cannot answer that, but I'd like to think they can be. They appear to have the kind of show that would peak in mid to late October. I'd keep my eye on them.
  17. Danville Viking Invitational

    I saw Hersher's show last weekend. While nice looking drill, I definitely wouldn't call it high velocity. Tempos were never particularly brisk, but they did look good at what they were doing. However, the musical book is pretty difficult, and I think that will be their biggest challenge....not the drill. Their marching seemed to be cleaner than their playing. Additionally, a lot of bands have outside drill designers they hire to write their drill...it isn't out of the ordinary...so I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. Never the less....best of luck Hersher.
  18. Sept. 17 Contest Predictions

    Well done Morton. You deserved the win. Keep working, the season has only just begun...