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  1. Favorite 2013 shows/moments

    I haven't seen many shows yet, but I've heard several people say that Rock Island's show is enjoyable, and I thought Dunlap has an enjoyable show as well.
  2. 2009 ILMarching Bands of the Year

    I totally agree. O'fallon is an excellent band.....would have expected to see them higher on that poll.
  3. 2009 ILMarching Bands of the Year

    I would guess some votes were made before Grand Nats happened....might have changed a few minds.
  4. Marian band article

    So...you view the fact that Limestone has invested $70,000 (which I've not been able to find a link for anywhere, not saying it isn't true, but saying I don't know if that number is accurate) in a program that is: A) Curricular Technology-based (which is all the rage, and many times reimbursed by the state or by grants that can be applied for all over the state) is an indication that they then also have $40,000 a year to spend on a marching band program? Per year? If you view that as a "hole" in my argument, then you don't know much about public schools. Technology and curricular instruction will ALWAYS be funded more than fine arts. ALWAYS. Maybe things are different at private schools. robes- I think you are missing the point I was trying to make. Try the paragraph that starts out: "Now Limestone's band is rising...." Or more specifically the second sentence.I'm afraid the paragraph you are referring to just isn't an accurate depiction of how most schools seem to work. I know of a number of programs that have become very successful without much money, or an increase in funding over the years, and the schools still want to take more money away from those successful programs. At most high schools, the band can be very successful, but they will never spend as much money per child in band, as they do the athletics. This is sad because this is tax payer money and should be spent fairly and evenly. Also, music will create a stronger academic environment....sports do not. If schools want better test scores, even out the spending between athletics and music and the arts. I'm confident that it would be money better spent. Basically, most administrations don't really care if the band is competitive or successful...they just want a pep band at halftime (only referring to Illinois, I know other states do care about the success of the marching and all music programs)
  5. 2009 ILMarching Bands of the Year

    What difference does it make who voted at this point? For the most part the results seem reasonable. Sure everybody might have a slightly different opinion, but that is why 22 people voted.
  6. Marian band article

    Just want to mention that the bolded part describes EXACTLY Marian circa 1981 or so. Who's to say what Limestone is or isn't capable of over the next decade or so? Best of luck to them and all programs in IL -- there's no telling what combination of school, director, approach, and luck will produce the next "advantaged" powerhouse. I honestly don't know why I am doing this today. It is seems to be neverending. Here is the staff from Limestone's own website: Band Director Assistant Band Director Colorguard person 2 Drumline people 2 Woodwinds people 2 Low Brass people That would be 9 total "staff". For 110 kids that doesn't sound too too bad numberwise. Mind you, I don't know who these people are or if they do this as volunteers or teachers of other subjects in the school. What I do know is these people are not sitting around staring at each other as evidenced by they way their band looked and sounded. All I am trying to get across to you is that it seems most of the bands out there have a "staff" so I don't see how you think Marian has any kind of advantage because they have a "staff" too. I never said we were some pauper band. I just said I think you would be surprised at how much they do with the "resources" that they have and I don't think you have a realistic understanding of what they are. Just alot of speculation and "I heard this" kind of stuff. For the recruiting that you like to keep mentioning I really don't understand it. Let's see Mr. Bimm goes into peoples kitchen and sits down with the families to discuss the possibility of going to Marian to play in the band. In the NCAA I've heard of coaches giving their prospects things like cars. That wouldn't work here because the kid is only 13 or 14. I know he offers them 2 Science credits and one English credit to come to the school and play for the band. Sounds pretty goofy, doesn't it? But that is what you are suggesting. Actually I don't know that I have ever heard of any coach/director doing any kind of recruiting like that for high school. College yes, but high school?? I'm sure if I'm wrong about that you will let me know. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, these staff people are not necessarily there for the season. I believe some of these people are primarily there for band camp, and the occasional rehearsal. They aren't there for daily rehearsals, and not even all evening rehearsals. To me that is one way Limestone is probably different than Marian.
  7. 2009 Bands of America Grand Nationals Schedule

    Good point....you cannot really compare scores from day to day anyway with 2 totally different panels of judges.
  8. is dan posting a review of isu

    What does that even mean?My sentiments exactly....
  9. ISU 2009

    I'm aware. It's still a testament to their program, no? No would ever debate the quality of how that band can play. They are one of the best concert programs in the state, but it isn't a good comparison in marching band when it is a standstill...it means little.
  10. ISU 2009

    How about them beating three ISU finalists at Prospect? It was a standstill....
  11. Scores for 10/24

    Despite any disagreements I may have with any given result, I cannot disagree that you do it for the feeling...not a score or trophy.
  12. Scores for 10/24

    There are some rules...but it depends on the contest. Also it is usually up to the timing and penalties judge to allow a parent to help if there is an issue.
  13. Scores for 10/24

    Wow I would really with this to happen. Would it stop the arguments, the why did or why didn'ts, it should haves, etc. I think not. There's always going to be something to argue about but that is the beauty of this board. Anyway, this idea would really be awesome if it would ever happen. Talk about ... surprise, surprise, surprise!!!!I'm pretty sure this will never happen. The reasons why have been discussed before....even if not everyone agrees with them.
  14. Scores for 10/24

    same for me.... and I'm sad to hear Morton scored so low.I wouldn't worry about that to much...they showed where they belonged in finals. The prelims scoring had some clear inflation...but watching those 12 in finals it is a fair comparison.