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  1. ISU Finalists Over the Years

    This puts the following after last night: 34 appearances: Lake Park 31 appearances: Marian Catholic 17 appearances: Victor J. Andrew 13 appearances: Naperville North 12 appearances: Lincoln-Way East 11 appearances: Lincoln-Way Central 10 appearances: Lemont, Prospect 8 appearances: Herscher 7 appearances: O'Fallon Township 4 appearances: Lincoln-Way North, Lockport 3 appearances: Plainfield North
  2. Scores for the weekend of October 27, 2012

    Those are some incredibly close scores for both 1A-4A and 5A-6A. A .10 finals gap in 5A-6A and a .20 finals gap in 1A-4A...this year was probably one of the most exciting ISU competitions.
  3. I think ISU has always been the better of the two; but I also agree that it's rough to see both on the same day, and that having it that early will be rough. Bands like Prospect and O'Fallon, who can't really maneuver to both because of location, will have to attend just one of the festivals. Obviously there has to be some revolving around the football schedules, but I don't see the problem of having it on the first weekend of November if that is the issue. In that case, Grand Nats bands would still get to go and we would get a better understanding on the best bands have to offer.
  4. Scores for the weekend of October 27, 2012

    Man close call for Glenbrook South. It really is great to see that there are more programs on the rise, and that there's still so much talent the State of Illinois offers. Pretty impressive scoring from Wheaton North as well.
  5. Scores for the weekend of October 27, 2012

    Few thoughts: Congrats to Herscher and Lemont, who made their first ISU Finals appearances in 11 and 6 years respectively! Also Congrats to Naperville North, who surprised some people by making their way into finals. As far as bands shows: I LOVED Victor J. Andrew's show. Loved the power, intensity, and emotion put into it, and you can tell that that was a great show for that band Lockport impresses time and time again. Their ability to create monumental impact points without a drumline is something quite remarkable Marian Catholic once again just put on a virtually flawless show. Not too much more to say about that Prospect's show was very heavy in effect, and their ability to balance sound was a big part of what made that show great. Some of the most powerful woodwinds I've heard. I only caught O'Fallon in prelims, where I was very impressed. They really put together an incredible show in all manners. Lake Park's show was another one that specifically caught my eye, great use of props to enhance effect. LWE also had a great show tonight, and had spot-on visuals that looked quite impressive. That's all I really caught from it. But congratulations to all bands who performed at ISU, and also congratulations to the 14 finalists, as that is always a remarkable display of youth talent and dedication that isn't replicated. Congrats on a great 2012 season to all!
  6. Rising Bands

    I think Lakes Community obviously, Morton, who has rose to even a higher level, and John Hersey, who have become strong competitors. I also think Lemont, UT and Plainfield North have made significant improvements throughout this season as well
  7. Rising Bands

    Bringing back this thread, who has rose the most in 2012?
  8. Who wins 3A at ISU?

    What's really mind boggling, is that all four of these bands are finals caliber on paper, and yet they have to be spread out 2nd through 5th. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if 2nd through 5th were all within 2 points.
  9. Who Makes Finals from 1A-4A at ISU?

    Oh yeah forgot about that . Plainfield North in that case
  10. Who Makes Finals from 1A-4A at ISU?

    With the weekend going in, my finalists are now: Eureka, Morton, Marian Catholic, Lincoln-Way North, Lemont, United Township.
  11. ISU High School Concert Band Contest

    I remember Marian Catholic as Grand Champion, and I know TF South and Lemont won their respective classes. I didn't hear the results of much else.
  12. Who Wins Finals at ISU?

    Going into the week before ISU, these are my full fledge predictions: Class 1A: 1. Eureka (GE, Visual) 2. Illinois Valley Central (Music) 3. U-High Class 2A: 1. Morton: (ALL) 2. Lincoln-Way West 3. Limestone Community Class 3A: 1. Marian Catholic: (ALL) 2. Lemont 3. United Township Class 4A: 1. Lincoln-Way North: (GE, Visual) 2. Plainfield North: (Music) 3. Lincoln-Way Central Finalists from 1A-4A: Eureka, Morton, Marian Catholic, United Township, Lemont, Lincoln-Way North, Plainfield North Class 5A: 1. Prospect: (GE, Visual) 2. O'Fallon: (Music) 3. Lincoln-Way East Class 6A: 1. Lake Park: (Music, Visual) 2. Downers Grove South: (GE) 3. Lockport Township Finalists from 5A-6A: Prospect, Lake Park, O'Fallon, Lincoln-Way East, Downers Grove South, Victor J. Andrew, John Hersey Finals Placements: 1. Marian Catholic 2. Prospect 3. O'Fallon 4. Lake Park 5. Lincoln-Way North 6. Downers Grove South 7. Lincoln-Way East 8. John Hersey 9. Plainfield North 10. Victor J. Andrew 11. Morton 12. Lemont 13. United Township 14. Eureka These are once again, quite amateur, and there are tons of possibilities for the 1A-4A finalists, so it is quite unclear. This I can see happening though
  13. Who wins 6A at ISU?

    1. Lake Park 2. Downers Grove South 3. Lockport As of now, 5A looks strong enough to send 5 bands into finals. I think Lake Park and DGS will get into finals, and close call for Lockport.
  14. Who wins 3A at ISU?

    I agree. Regardless, it will be very interesting with 1A-4A finalists.
  15. Who wins 5A at ISU?

    Prospect, but something tells me it will be like what happened last year in 6A when LP beat DGS in prelims and DGS beat out LP in finals. I could see that happening either way. Gut feeling tells me Prospect though.
  16. Who wins 3A at ISU?

    I right now am seeing some differences. Props to UT for putting out an outstanding performance at DGS. The way I see it now: 1. Marian Catholic 2. United Township 3. Lemont 2 and 3 make finals. This is really tough though. Not one of the 4 bands besides Marian is locked into any spot. I think it's the most interesting class at ISU this year.
  17. Favorite Show

    Hmmm in the past few years or so.... 2009 Lake Park 2011 Downers Grove South 2011 Marian Catholic 2010 Lake Park 2010 Lincoln-Way North 2011 Lockport (My personal favorite) 2011 Lake Park 2010 Lincoln-Way West That's all I got for now
  18. Who Makes Finals from 5A-6A at ISU?

    Prospect and Lake Park as class winners, then John Hersey, Victor J. Andrew, Lincoln-Way East, O'Fallon Township and Downers Grove South.
  19. Who wins 3A at ISU?

    The discussion is more on who will take 2nd and 3rd in this class, and all four bands under Marian Catholic are viable groups to fight for those spots.
  20. Who Makes Finals from 1A-4A at ISU?

    As of right now this is a close and tough battle. I see Eureka, Morton, Marian Catholic and Lincoln-Way North emerging as the class champions. The three other spots will be highly contested. It will be a horse race between Lincoln-Way West, United Township, Lemont, Normal West, and Lincoln-Way Central for these spots. I think that Plainfield North will secure one of the at-large bids, and I can see as of right now, Lemont and Normal West taking the two finals spots. I wouldn't count out Lincoln-Way West, and Lincoln-Way Central has done quite well this year, and have had very comparable results with Lemont. It will be very close, but there is still a lot of time for this season.
  21. Scores for the weekend of October 6, 2012

    Considering all three groups played at two competitions, I would think it's plausible for the scores to fluctuate around.
  22. ISU 2012

    I agree^. More and more bands are moving down to 1A-4A, and the competition gets harder in those 4 classes.
  23. ISU 2012

    After the first few weekends, what are everybody's thoughts on what we may see at ISU?
  24. Reviews

    It was a scary moment, but handled quite well, and everything is fine thankfully
  25. Providence Catholic Invitational

    Definitely agree. A very fun, well-organized festival.