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  1. Yea & Boo!

    i was also one on the top and it was very scary because the top bleacher was wobbly and the person in front of me kept moving!
  2. Weather in Bloomington

    Yeah that was ironic how it started pouring big time during that big impact moment of your ballad. It had a cool effect I thought
  3. U of I

    does anybody have the field scores yet?
  4. Metamora - October 14

    The metamora competition was FREEZING last year! Anyways.. Good Luck to all the bands today competing in parade and/or field!
  5. Hey. I was just wondering who is going to this competition? There isn't any info about the bands attending on midwest marching or anywhere I can find, so if you know if your band is going please comment. Thanks.
  6. Instruments

    im sorry if u couldn't read that
  7. Instruments

    for marching band-baritone....i like it because it puts out a durm corp like sound and the mouth piece is the perfect size not too small like a trumpet or too bgi like a sousa/tuba. also. since im a trombonist when a joined highschool we don't march trombones and the baritone was the closest related thing. for concert band season, jazz, etc.-trombone...its challenging and like another person said unique b/c its hard to slur and have good tone. imo
  8. Hello, is there anybody in there!

    lol but u can do a 180 spin or w/e it was while dog a 4 to 5 so gotta give u props on that
  9. Hello, is there anybody in there!

    Eric Ogden was the one how tackled you. He was the senior trumpet last year. i know it was eric who tackled me. i just don't know who it was that brought up the all-day practice...sry for the confusion if u didn't get that or u did understand and were jsut stating that idk.
  10. Hello, is there anybody in there!

    last year's all day practice was my favorite memory ever. since u brought that up...i forget who that is if its a fresh or soph-senior...anyways so we have our hour lunch break u no and last year the seniors loved playing football so i was like hey what the heck ill join in the game...so i forget how exactly i got the ball but i got it and went booking for the endzone...then a senior slide tackled me and i went flying and hurt my shoulder..luckily it didn't do any damage but it was one heck of a memory...which reminds me of this year's favorite memory and if u don't no what it is then this will give u a big clue, the montage. if u still don't no what im talking about then send me a message. -eric
  11. Hello, is there anybody in there!

    haha my favorite memory of today was you losing your shoe berg. haha that was great!
  12. After Band

    whip out the tbone that's what i'll do!
  13. Confusion

    the 6 and the 8 got switched around it should be 86.65 instead of 68.65
  14. Where did these guys come from?

  15. BOA Indy

    ok thank you