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  1. 2006 Season Updates

    I really didn't see that post as being boastful at all...:/
  2. A.A. Stagg

    Yes, why the heck not?!
  3. 'cookie cutter' shows

    Dispute it all you want folk, but I think and agree with you that there is DEFINITELY some influence going on there. But I was totally wrong about LWC on a previous post and I thought I would be definitely right. So there you are...
  4. A.A. Stagg

    Bluecoats used an authentic drumming technique, believe it or not. Cadets, well, did not. But I loved the drumspeak section even though I hated the "Bjorkspeak" that came right before the drum feature.
  5. BOA Merger, Name Change Appears Likely

    I'm sure it'll be just like when they change stadium names to reflect corperate sponsorship. People will still call it "BOA" for tradition's sake.
  6. A.A. Stagg

    Narration is to baby the judges into understanding a show which, had it been properly designed, COULD'VE told them the same thing through music and visual interpretations. If you can't get your theme across without narration, maybe you should've written a different show. I could've understood Cadets 2005 without that mumbo jumbo about entering the Zone at the beginning. And they could've done more to make it very clear to the judges. Hopkins threw it in when he realized no one was getting it the first time through. Telling your audience a story like they are in grade school is a cop out. That doesn't mean that the show isn't performed well or liked, however.
  7. ISU 2006

    LWC bumped out of finals?! You must be joking. The politics alone would keep them in. It's not right but it's true.
  8. 'cookie cutter' shows

    I think that worse than cookie cutters, is rehashing corps shows under the influence of corps staff. Probably the situation that Adair County has been in. I did feel my blood pressure rise watching them try to do the "kick". Grr.
  9. 'cookie cutter' shows

    Did that band perform "Ride" in 2004, complete with trumpet solo and Regiment kick at the end? And did that band's name start with an "A"?
  10. How far is too far?

    That should not have been controversial. Did you see Santa Clara Vangaurd from 2005? It was directly about the rise of communism in Russia. Revolution/Evolution it was called, I believe.
  11. Downer's Grove South Competition Oct. 7th

    I think it's safe to say that Morton is the The Academy of IL marching bands. They have been taking their time in building up a good program and they had a solid year last year. Now everyone wonders whether they are the real deal or whether they are a "one hit wonder". Some people claim The Academy (who won Div. II for those who don't know) had a hornline in the 9-12 range. That's finals quality. I think a lot of people are astounded and delighted with their success. But I don't think it's fair to judge them up until after this year, both Academy and Morton; they're in the same boat.
  12. Downer's Grove South Competition Oct. 7th

    Robes, I stand 100% corrected. I forgot that Morton would be here. They will not overtake LWC, however. If they do, well, I'll be wrong again!
  13. Downer's Grove South Competition Oct. 7th

    At any other show with a different set of bands, no. But at THIS PARTICULAR show, yes.
  14. Downer's Grove South Competition Oct. 7th

    Lincoln-Way Central is defaulted to the win. None of those bands will out march or out play Central even on their best day and on Central's worst.
  15. A.A. Stagg

    Prospect is the only band I would consider to be of a high caliber at the U of I show anyway. Doesn't matter what their score is, U of I's system is bogus. Prospect deserves to win that show every year that Marian doesn't show up. Plain and simple. But if Bimm is doing your stuff...and your staff who uses Bimm's stuff is judging. Marian is going to win. It would extremely "ungracious" of the judging panel to do anything else and I don't expect them to be amazingly honorable in this notion. They obviously like and respect Bimm's work to begin with. Can you spell bias? I feel bad for Central.