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  1. 2011 Contest Dates

    Hmmmm... That's too bad ISU is on the 29th, that means I'll miss the first speech tournament. Whatever, that gives the bands that don't go to Illini two weeks to prepare for ISU.
  2. Scores for 10/23

    Forgot to address this: The fact that you would suggest that Bloomington, Lemont, or Rock Island were better than Marian Catholic is absolutely hilarious. In their own respective ways, they're all good groups, but to suggest that anyone in Class 3A deserved to beat Marian Catholic is one of the most ridiculous things you could ever say on here. I don't even have a word to describe how ridiculous that is. Is Marian always the best band in 3A? Yes. The thing is, their show is accurate...regardless of what their theme is, it was technically the best..there's nothing anyone can do about that. I personally didn't like the concept of Marian's show and was pulling for LWN after prelims but I think that as far as 3A goes, Bloomington, Rock Island, and Lemont all had good performances, and none of them made finals..Marian's show was heavily thought over. Bands like Marian, LWE, and LP are so good because of how they prepare. Great job to all bands performing, special congrats to LWN for a great performance, and to DGS for making finals.
  3. Scores for 10/23

    hurts to be .20 away from placing. But, I can't let a score impact how I felt, because everyone in our band knew it was an amazing show to us...we would have preferred playing out of the rain but I personally enjoyed my season..anyone here care to share on what they thought of Lemont yesterday?
  4. Who wins Finals at ISU?

    I've been pulling for Lake Park the whole season. 3. Prospect 2. Marian Catholic 1. Lake Park I just really like their show this year
  5. Who wins Class 3A at ISU?

    It's going to be super close....
  6. Rising Bands

    Yeah, Waubonsie and Morton are some serious threats now
  7. Rising Bands

    I just wanted to make sure that you realized that this thread was started in 2009. Looking just at 2010, Huntley seems to have made a nice jump up this season. yeah..as far as my band, this year determines whether we will rise or fall in the next few years..
  8. Who wins Class 6A at ISU?

    Surprised there hasn't been more discussion. I call for Lake Park to win state, so I have 1. Lake Park 2. DGS 3. Lockport
  9. Rising Bands

    Lockport and LWW are the most noticable...
  10. Who makes Finals from 1A-4A

    Marian Morton and Eureka are surefires.. Marian, Morton, Eureka, Normal West, LWW, LWN, Lemont Last in: Lemont Last out-UT
  11. Who wins Class 3A at ISU?

    I'm not trying to be biased towards my own band, but to say can't even come close to holding a candle sounds a little off...
  12. Who wins Class 3A at ISU?

    Marian will safely take this class, most likely by a margin of 5-8 points... 2nd place is obviously a Lemont-Bloomington battle. I'm unclear of both bands' scores from yesterday, so I can't have a recent comparison, but definetly will be hard fought.