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  1. 2010 BOA Grand Nationals Predictions

    Maybe I'm blind, but your one oversight is not having Adair Co. from class A Thursday. Also, Thursday class AA is an interesting group of bands, and I think the two AA that get in on Thursday could be any of 4 of them - Bellbrook, Brentwood, Edgewood, or Morton are almost interchangeable IMO....it will all come down to what the judges that day are in to. Bellbrook will perform well, but pretty boring show. Brentwood won't perform quite as well as the others, but maybe the judges will get into their show. I personally think the 2 AA from Thursday are bellbrook and morton, both of which will be grandfathered in....closely followed by edgewood who just misses. As for the rest of semis this year, it is a competitive bloodbath.
  2. Scores for 10/23

    Completely agree here. Robes comes off on this forum as generally a bitter person with an obvious axe-to-grind for many bands in the Chicago area. Naperville North is only the latest. I do not know him personally, but I see more negative comments than positive from him. Best to be ignored. Naperville North well deserved where they placed, as Morton's show was not clear or dynamic enough to surpass them and yet Lincoln-Way North was clearly better, in my mind. GE-wise, Naperville North is probably penalized by a more cerebral panel because their show reads easily. Plus, must I also mention that their drill generally is pretty uninteresting and very ordinary. They play very well and their guard performs just about as well --with what they do-- than anyone out there and that is their formula for success. Whose to say that every band needs to have the same formula to be successful? The overall package, however, is better than over half of the finalists on Saturday. And for Robes, yes, it was better than Morton, although the argument can always be made to swap spots. Fruitless though. We're talking 7th vs. 6th. Big deal. I agree that NN performed very well on Saturday night....but as for design vs. Morton, I'm not sure what you were looking at.
  3. Scores for 10/23

    Marian was the best band in 3A....that cannot be disputed. Were they the best in finals...I can see some argument there, but only a small one.
  4. ISU reviews

    Mostly agree with you thoughts....but Marian scored to high. Should they have been top 2 or 3, sure. Should they have won by 5 points...no a chance. They are consistently a band that magically gets credit when achievement still is not there. Will the a achieve by grand nats? I will assume so. Were they achieving on Saturday? No. High individual marching and vis ensemble....I really wonder if the judges were still watching when they performed. Sorry, but no one is ever honest on here about this, but everyone sees it.
  5. Scores for 10/23

    The new system isn't why Warren made finals...crappy judging is why.
  6. Scores for 10/23

    I think finals cleared that up....it wasn't that close there.Let me summarize: if Morton scores a few tenths lower and Bloomington scores a few tenths higher, then Blomington makes finals and Morton DOES NOT MAKE FINALS. When the scores are that tight, it could have gone either way. All I'm saying is that the new rules on who makes finals didn't seems to improve on the "Morton almost didn't make finals" front.I agree...I'm saying shouldn't have been close to begin with. They showed they were clearly top 3 for small classes in finals.
  7. Scores for 10/23

    I'm surprised by a few things from the prelims scores. NN so close to LP? LWW so close to Morton? So many 74's and 75's in 2a-4a? And all of those bands so close to Morton? I think finals cleared that up....it wasn't that close there.
  8. Top 14 Bands in Illinois

    ISU is far from a joke....it is the closest thing in Illinois to what a great contest is. It does have some flaws....it sounds like you just disagree with the selections from 5A - 6A. I would have to agree with you....VJA, probably should have made it in, warren shouldn't have. You could argue 1 or 2 others, but that is a judging issues, not a format issue. All the best bands don't come from 5A and 6A......
  9. Top 14 Bands in Illinois

    Which 1a and 2a have had to endure for years.Surely you realize that the new isu rules are to the benefit of the smaller classes. And, aren't most of the smaller class schools (1 and 2a) a lot closer to isu, distance-wise?I totally agree...and I understand...and it makes sense that there is a little help for the the early classes. They generally perform in more adverse conditions.
  10. Top 14 Bands in Illinois

    Which 1a and 2a have had to endure for years.
  11. Top 14 Bands in Illinois

    They could support 40+ bands in a random draw at isu.People would still complain.
  12. Top 14 Bands in Illinois

    I would argue that this has gone both ways...some 2a and 3a have missed out because of how early they've had to play under the old system...and score inflation...quit whining...things are unfair on both ends of the spectrum.
  13. ISU reviews

    I don't think anyone in their right mind would suggest plainfield over Morton....and the scores werent that close either.
  14. Top 14 Bands in Illinois

    The system at ISU was not the reason some larger bands that should have made finals didn't.....it was the judges....Warren shouldn't have made it....system's fault, no.
  15. Top 14 Bands in Illinois

    Even if ISU used the BOA system, you still might disagree with the results, there is no way to garauntee that....any system can create those results. My opinion is that I would have had a coulee different bands in finals, but that is my opinion....doesn't mean the system is to blame, judges being human is to blame.