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  1. Review: ISU Finals

    Shoooot....I'm still just getting used to there being a letter after "LW" in the first place! With all the splits going on, they may have to bring Kummer back. For the record....Lincoln-Way, B.S. (before split) did win ISU back in 1999, I do believe. And...yeah, I'm tooting my own horn...LW did beat MC back '93, but that was at the Wheaton North competition, which I believe was a week or two weeks before ISU. Someday, I'm going to get myself back into Illinois the weekend of ISU and attend it just for old times sake.
  2. How far is too far?

    Grizz> I object...I would SO be offended by watching a Styx show. I have no problem with patriotic shows, or shows that depict a rather hard time in our history. Any past war America has been involved in, including Vietnam. Oklahoma City, 9/11, etc. Of course any band/corps is going for GE points, but using these things as themes I don't believe is cheap. What the judge did during the competition in 2002 was inappropriate. He should have been judging. Sure...getting a bit weepy eyed, a little choked up...perfectly acceptable. (Less than a year after it happened) But keep judging.
  3. best drumlines....

    Best recent drumlines: LWHS '92-'94 Oh...wait.... Well, they're recent to me!!!
  4. It's official...

    That would be the logical choice. They would build the school in Manhattan, which is the southernmost town in the district. If they have to build any more schools, it's going to get confusing with Southwest and Northeast and "North-by-Northeast". Yes, thank you to the 60% of people that did vote for this referendum. I remembered how bad I thought it was at Central my junior and senior year, and that was '92/'93/'94. East, with how crowded the halls were between classes, wasn't bad at all back then. I saw a pic in the alumni newsletter showing what the hallways look like at East in between classes now. That's bad. So now, the south suburbs are being overrun with Thornton's, Thornwood's, and Lincoln-Way's.
  5. It's official...

    From the Star Newspaper... L-W Voters Say Yes to Two New Schools Cliff Notes version: Lincoln-Way North will be built in Frankfort Township, and will open fall of 2008. The students from the Summit Hill District will attend there. Lincoln-Way West will be built in New Lenox and will open in the fall of 2009. The students from Martino Junior High School in New Lenox will attend there. Both of these schools will be built for a "student-load" of 2,500. East and Central are built right now to hold 3,750. (In fact, East is over capacity this year) Kids from Mokena and the Frankfort school district will still attend East, and Central will have kids from Liberty Junior High in New Lenox and the Manhattan school district. The other little addendum: There are plans eventually for a fifth school in Manhattan. I would think, though, that that would be after 2010. This has been your political update of what's going on in Illinois from the person who lives in Nebraska.
  6. Football Playoffs!

    Holy SMOKES!!!! Lincoln-Way East - 30 Maine South - 24 F/2 OT With 2 1/2 minutes left in the game, Maine South scored to tie it up 21-21 with a 27 yd rushing TD. Then, in OT, LWE got the ball first, and they got a field goal. Maine South then gets a field goal. In the second OT, LWE's quarterback had a 1 yd TD, and I guess Maine South didn't score with their possession. And congratulations to Prospect. Sounds like you had an exciting game yourself.
  7. Football Playoffs!

    Class 8A finals...from the ihsa.org... Date: Sat., Nov. 26, 2005, 7:00 PM Site: Memorial Stadium, Champaign Tickets: UI Ticket Office, (217) 333-3470 Lodging: Champaign-Urbana Convention and Visitors Bureau When you say the Marching Knights are going to be there, I'm assuming you mean Prospect? I'm not thinking LWC is going to be there. That would be....strange.
  8. Things to look back on....

    My first ever performance(s) in high school band were the three Fourth of July parades we marched in three different towns. Of course, it had to be 95 degrees in the shade that day. In one certain town, we were standing in the staging area, when we saw a semi truck coming through from the other half of the staging area. It was pulling a flatbed trailer, in which one of the hometown bands was sitting on. They basically thought the risk of band members fainting in the heat was too much, so somehow managed to get a flatbed truck. Instead of a parade, they did a sitdown concert that moved. That was a running joke for the next couple of years with Kummer. If he mentioned how heinous the weather was going to be for a performance, he'd throw in "Or, we could always get a flatbed truck..." Mr. Joscher, the asst. band director, always saying "One more time..." to practice a move in our drill, which, of course, turned into about five or eight or twelve more times. There were, of course, the inside jokes that changed from year to year to year. There are two things that I will remember, not necessarily funny. Mr. Kummer was known as hard nosed, and you didn't really kid with him unless he started it. My junior year, we were holding a set, at attention, as some cleaning in positioning was done. Joscher, also the drum instructor, would be up on the tower while Kummer walked amongst us. While holding the set, some of the flutes might have started to droop. Joscher notices this, and calls us out from the tower "Flutes! What are you doing? Those things weigh...what...a pound?" That got some guffaws and snorts from the nearby brass players. I will contest this till the day I die...it HURTS to hold a flute in that position, no matter how light it is. Your left arm is yanked over in an awkward position, and your right arm is held awkwardly also. Not necessarily saying we have it harder than brass, just that we have it just as hard. Anyway, right after that, I heard Kummer say loud enough for several of us to hear, but not Joscher, "Don't worry, I know how much that hurts..." (Kummer was a woodwind specialist, btw) I half-smiled knowing that we at least had the head director in our corner. The other time was right before ISU finals my senior year. That year was the second to last season for Kummer for directing the marching band. We were broken up in our sections right before full band warm up. Kummer went around to each section, had a little lighthearted talk, and thanked all of us for our hard work. My mind is saying "Who are you, and what have you done with the real Mr. Kummer?" That was cool. P.S. - For dealing with the strength to have to play a certain instrument, my hats off to anyone who plays frontal baritones. By your senior year, you'll have HUGE shoulders and upper arms.
  9. Come to terms

    This is a quote from an article in The Star newspaper from September 4th of this year. The district, which serves five grade school communities
  10. Football Playoffs!

    What are you going to do when LWE plays LWC? It would've been better if that matchup was later on in the playoffs, more drama.
  11. Band Size

    My senior year we were, I believe, 204. Wish I had my massive band picture, but I only have the concert bands' pics in my yearbook. 2 drum majors 27 flutes, might be 25...might be 29 27 clarinets 25 trumpets 12 mellophones 8 trombones Saxophones...I'm not even going to try 4 tenor saxes 6 tubas 4-6 baritones Battery was 6 snares, 6 basses, four tenors Can you tell we were top heavy? When you get more than 250 people on the football field, including the guard, I think that's too many. Getting too crowded to really do anything.
  12. Shows you WANT to see performed.

    To be quite blunt, Disney has been WAY overdone. It was overdone in the early 90's. Someone said something about last year Avon, IN, using a football during their show. Were they playing music used with NFL Films? THAT would be a cool show. Get the chimes in the pit going on the song titled "A New Game". You could do a lot with it. Find the right arranger, and you can make the music pretty difficult.
  13. props and tarps?

    This just triggered something in my head. How many on this board have seen "Blast!"? I would consider "Blast!" to be musical theater. It is also, though, pretty much marching band, winter drumline, and winter guard crammed onto a stage. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) I'm trying to think of any props used in "Blast!" I remember the guard had something slightly unusual that they twirled, but it wasn't totally off the wall. I remember a trombonist playing the "Simpsons" theme while riding across the stage on a unicycle. The only real prop the instrumentalists used were chairs. I don't know if you would even call that a prop. My point is...with the popularity of "Blast!" in the past three years, are marching bands now trying to be more like musical theater? I believe "Blast!" has successfully transferred many marching band/drum corps/winter ensemble aspects onto the stage. I do believe, though, that it's much more difficult to bring musical theater to the football field without props. To me, this appears to be the way many marching bands are going. If you are going to use props, I'm in the camp of "Less is more".
  14. BOA Indy staff conductors...your thought?

    Back when I marched, we had only two drum majors, that was it. Didn't matter that we marched 204 my senior year. Main drum major on the front podium, auxiliary drum major on one of the sides around the 35 yd line, or at the back stand when most of the band was facing backfield. My junior year, I want to say right before ISU, our main DM got mono. He was in the "thick" of the illness the week before ISU, and could barely stand long enough, let alone long enough on a stand five feet in the air, to conduct the field show. We put our auxiliary drum major on the main stand, and pulled our band president to do the backfield conducting. Since we didn't have a "DM" uniform for him, he just flipped his cape so that the white side faced out. I believe that's how it worked for prelims for ISU that year. By finals that night, our main DM felt well enough and strong enough to direct, which he did. Staff directors> If you're in an ABSOLUTE pinch, such as a sudden major illness to one of your drum majors, or a death in the immediate family, I would say take a staff member and have them direct. If possible, not the actual band director. Of course, smaller schools might have to rely on the band director. As far as staff members on the field directing, I say "Don't bite off more than you can chew." If you need a DM actually on the field to help direct because that section of the band is facing an odd way, then either 1) have a "temp" DM from the band direct, or 2) don't write drill that has them facing that odd of a way. Dr Beat/Metronomes> Ohhhhhh......no no no no no no no no no. That is an absolute for me. No metronomes...period. In my personal opinion, that is outright cheating to use a metronome in competition. Can you tell I'm a purist? Don't like props, not too keen on electronic amplification in marching band....just call me old fashioned. (But not old!)
  15. LW's OLD Uni's

    You know what's REALLY sad? The freshman in marching band now were born the year this picture was taken, meaning the seniors were only 3? Yikes, where's my cane?