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  1. ISU reviews

    Does anyone know what the music pieces were for Lockports show? (Specifically Opener). I know its music of Grainer, but specific pieces?
  2. The band your referring to is Downers Grove South. At the end of their show(BEYOND the storm), they have a rainbow then it condenses and makes another compact rainbow.
  3. Scores for October 2, 2010

    Actually, not just John Hersey, but many other bands on the bands side bleachers were begining to leave as well. I dont think it's usually this scenario since most competitions dont give out scores when announcing placements, but it was just a one time mistake, but I agree with your point.
  4. Scores for 9/18/2010

    So.....my question is, whats Marian Catholics show?!?!
  5. Shows for September 11, 2010

    There was an error for one of the bands at Lake Park invitational. Downers Grove South is actually under class AA.
  6. Lake Park Lancer Joust 2010

    If I was to base predictions (haha yes, already ) solely from last year and maybe more of my opinion on show themes, here's how I would predict things. Class A: LWW Wheaton North Class AA: VJA Wheeling Waubonsie Valley Class AAA: LWE Prospect Naperville North then in finals I would probably guess.... Finals: LWE Prospect Naperville North VJA DGS Waukesha North, WI Lockport Waubonsie Valley Wheeling Lemont or LWW?
  7. And how many bands usually do end up playing?
  8. When do we usually get to find out which bands go to the IMEA All State Convention this year to play?
  9. 2010 shows

    Any other shows out there? BTW, just curious, has anyone yet to find out what music Naperville north will be using for their show?
  10. Rising Bands

    Quite a lot in my opinion, but I believe every year holds new suprises. But if we are basing off of last year (look towards the other "Rising Bands" topic) I would agree the following would be some bands to look out for. 1. Lincon way North-they made a stunning improvement from beggining to end season 2. Downers Grove South-I hear they might drop a class? But they came close to ISU finals for first time ever by .05 a point 3. Bloomington-Like the other post, I never noticed them till ISU finals, their sound is great! A show I would look to is maybe Normal West this year, very interesting show.
  11. Superstate 2010

    Anyone know what bands are playing what yet? Predictions?
  12. Superstate 2010

    I got it cleared up! It is downers grove SOUTH that is going to superstate
  13. Superstate 2010

    Just curious, which downers grove high school?
  14. ISU jazz festival

    Just curious, what jazz bands are performing at the jazz band festival this Saturday at ISU? If anyone knows, and any thoughts?
  15. Favorite Pieces

    Oops. I'm a little late haha. Some favorites I have played before are symphonies of gaia- Joyce . *my fav.* yosemite autumn- Jupiter- holst symphony in Bb-hindemith