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  1. DCI Classic Countdown 2007

    not quite...they are taking the top 8, with only one from each corps, but it can be shows from any decade or ones that have already been shown on the two previous Classic Countdowns.
  2. DCI Classic Countdown 2007

    no VK?!? Velvet Knights 1988??? were people not paying attention...there is a bull on the field!!!!! (youtube it, this is fricken hilarious)
  3. DCI Classic Countdown 2007

    here are your finalists: 1975 Madison Scouts Selections including Rhapsody in Blue 1980 27th Lancers Selections including English Folk Song Suite 1980 Bridgemen Selections including Thunder and Blazes 1983 Garfield Cadets Bernstein
  4. DCI Rules Proposals

    if I read things correctly, the passed visual judge rule was passed with an amendment that the vis judge would be back on the field after July 4 (like the percussion judge rule)
  5. DCI Rules Proposals

    the run down on the voting: the director of each div I corps each get a vote during the rules discussion. The II/III committee will meet to discuss the rules and the coordinator (J.W. Koester) votes the consensus of the II/III corps during the final vote. the show in DeKalb was the Drum Corps Midwest (circuit) championship....since DCM is no longer operating, the show does not take place...not quite sure why DCI has not added a show there, great location, but perhaps the subject has never came up. and finally: Colt Cadets/Capital Sound will also be in attendance at the Indy Regional on Sat. July 28...not really that far for IL folks (about 3 hours from Frankfort)
  6. DCI Rules Proposals

    just to point out...the current div I limit is 135, not 125, it was changed within the last few years (don't know when though)...it seems that there is a slight movement to get the judges off the field. by moving the percussion judge (early season) and vis performance judge, if both pass, it would probably only be a matter of time before the brass judge is moved to the front sideline as well. 1.) Extension of warm up time - so you still get 5 minutes to enter and set up, i guess the point is you get the last 3 of those minutes instead of 60 seconds to do a warm-up...i guess if you have to pass a rule, this is one of the safer ones, but you possibly run the risk of making stuff too drawn out and your kids run out of gas before the exciting stuff happens (of course this could be a design flaw within the show as well, so that's kinda moot) 2.) Raise membership of DI corps to 150 - 180 didn't pass in 2004, so he's going lower to eventually get up to that number. i understand wanting to have more horns or more guard, but when is enough enough? it's bad enough to see marching bands with so many people on the field that they can't do much without running into each other, drum corps should be very careful to not go down this same road 3.) Prop people not included in the membership count - i think this is really silly...if you have stuff that needs to be pushed around but don't want to have your corps membership moving it, perhaps it's not something you want on the field (see Capital Regiment "sundial", Cadets "door", etc...) 4.) Inclusion of electronic instruments - umm, no...next 5.) Positioning of Visual Performance Judge - then where do you put the judge? putting the judges in the bleachers not only takes away a seat from a paying audience, it also puts folks close to someone talking into a tape recorder throughout every show. if you give them a table on the field level, I suppose that could work, but i still think they need to be on the field. 6.) Ordinals decide placement at contests - i still don't understand the basis of this proposal and i've read it 4 different times...if the only proposal is GE is counted twice in the overall tally, than i think that's not necessary. 7.) Overall effect judges - not quite sure, i see where he's coming from, but a lot of corps still design with music and vis, not combined 8.) Percussion adjudication - mixed opinion....from a safety standpoint, i understand, but where in the bleachers?
  7. DCI Show Announcements

    from Pacific Crest's email newsletter:
  8. DCI Show Announcements

    to say the least....wow
  9. DCI Show Announcements

    what's all the 007 bashing? besides Scheherazade, it was the best show out there...and c'mon SCV i understand what you were going for, but loose the extra ending. 007 was a great show, deserved to win, and did win.
  10. DCI Show Announcements

    well i think it is official on this one...title of article on cavaliers.org: The Cavaliers to Perform Music of an American Icon. first sentence from said article: The summer of 2007 will see The Cavaliers explore the music of one of the world's most celebrated musicians: Billy Joel. specific repetoire and show title will be announced later, but that pretty much says to me "here's what we're doin"
  11. DCI Show Announcements

    right, but there are a lot of concepts and repetoires that are listed but have not yet been confirmed...sorry it's the journalist in me
  12. DCI Show Announcements

    shouldn't some of those repetoires, and even show titles wait to be confirmed? Phantom Regiment, for instance, has only confirmed "On Air"...the selections came from rumors.
  13. DCI Show Announcements

    well their concept is the music of billy joel...i'm sure whatever they have in mind will be top notch as the last 6 years. the design staff is all pretty much the same.
  14. DCI Show Announcements

    Sing us a song, you're the piano man ... Sing us a song tonight
  15. good luck!

    GSC or CDA...are these Canadian circuits? edit: I found the Garden State Circuit, but still curious about the other