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  1. Who wins Class 2A at U of I?

    I've been watching Macomb this year. I saw them at Morton...and to be honest, it wasn't all too good. Upon talking to members of the band, they said it was their 2nd performance in uniforms so it was still a bit awkward. I saw them at WIU on Saturday and they are monumentally better. The improvement is beyond believable, and the sound they produce is absolutely incredible. If they continue to do what they did over the last 2 weeks, they can definitely take 2A. Now....the Gov. Cup is a different story.....
  2. Scores for 10/17

    because there is a good portion of merit to both sides of this....we are now moving on Anyone else REALLY happy that Hersey won?? Much better execution than Prospect this year.
  3. Scores for 10/17

    Okay......Prospect is usually a band that does both extremely well...and seeing their drill, I can see major drop in their dedication. Lots of lack of cover/guide and lots of bad spacing. The drill itself was amazing, as it always is, but their execution was lower than usual. The thing is though....with parade, you can really show precision at U of I. The judges see foot phasing and out of step marchers much easier, whereas that can be harder to notice on the field (due solely to the fact that the judging press box is so very high). Also, if you didn't realize, Macomb won by 15 pts or so in B/C/D, showing a great dedication to both parade and field.
  4. Scores for 10/17

    Why are you so keen on making it sound like its not a big deal? It comes off as sounding defensive.
  5. Favorite Pieces

    Ah....... Lets see, Equus-Whitacre Lux Aurumque-Whitacre October...guess who!? Ghost Train Triptych....MORE WHITACRE Okay....moving on. Armenian Dances, Mother Earth-Maslanka Morning Star-Maslanka (although we never actually played it all) El Camino Real-Reed Prancing Dragons and Running Tigers (done as a marching arrangement...but still awesome) Symphonic Poem Dance No. 3, "Fiesta" Into the Joy of Spring Pines of Rome That's about as exhaustive as I can get.....this could be never ending.
  6. Scores for 10/17

    They very well might not, but for a band that has big sponsorship and a really high standard to be beat by a small band with little money, but an equally high standard, must mean a lot to Macomb.
  7. Scores for 10/17

    That comparison cannot be made. It is a different panel of judges, and the bands are not being judges across all the classes during the day. That comparison cannot be made. It is a different panel of judges, and the bands are not being judges across all the classes during the day. For field show, no, but the parade judges actually stayed the same all day. If memory serves, DM/Aux stays same too, but I may very well be wrong. I too have gotta say.....Wow Macomb. You outparaded Prospect! 2nd in the state!!!!! That's amazing. Welcome back to the top.