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  1. Rising Bands

    I would think that the Lincoln Way Schools - with all their financial resources - could pull that off. Then you would also throw all the directors together (Wellman, Smith, Nedzel, and Johnson). They got some pretty great minds and could really make some magic happen. On top of all of that you add assistant directors and techs it could be really quite amazing.
  2. Scores for 10/24

    Any thoughts on LWC pulling through and making finals. I was extremely happy for them.
  3. ISU 2009

    Here are my predictions: 1A - Eureka 2A - Morton 3A - Marian Catholic 4A - LWN 5A - Prospect 6A - Lake Park Finals: 1. Marian Catholic 2. Lake Park 3. Prospect 4. LWE 5. Morton 6. LWN 7. DGS 8. NN 9. VJA 10. LWC 11. Eureka
  4. ISU 2009

    It is somewhat interesting that one of the biggest talks seems to be how surprised people are that there is a good chance LWC isn't making finals. Shows how resistent we are to change. It is a shame though if they do not.
  5. Scores for 10/17

    However, I still think that LWC making finals at ISU may be tough and a little out of reach. They are still going to have to rebuild for some years to come but I would not say it is impossible by any means.
  6. Scores for 10/17

    Not to be negative but lets actually see. Two years ago they got 4th So... 7th Graders (Now freshman) = small class from splits. 8th graders (Now Sophmores) = RAther small class from the two splits Freshman. (Now Juniors) = Even less of these freshman are now here because those who were required to go to LWN left. And since they were not seniors, those who were asked to leave to LWW had no choice but to go as well. So technically there are only 1/3 of them here. Sophs. (now seniors) = Only some of these Sophmores are here now becaues of the split with LWN and are now Seniors. So technically only 2/3 of them are here. Juniors = Theses juniors graduated last year. Also gone. Seniors. = Those seniors are not in college So almost all section leaders are gone. All talent and sound from them is gone. So they only kinda have 25% of that talent here still. In a way it did just disappear. but I would be glad to see them make finals. Yes, someone else said it, but LWN was not involved in the LWC split at all. It is true that they lost the juniors and seniors from that year. The freshman then (now juniors) lost about a little less than half or so. The sophomores then (now seniors) are all still at LWC, none of them were lost. So they really have about 40% or so of the same members from that year. I would say that most of the problems are because of the loss in staff, I would have to imagine it is a little disheartening to shrink in size so vastly in such a short time, and they need time to perhaps change some things around to adjust to the new size and the fact that there are many other emerging bands.
  7. Scores for 10/17

    Wow. This should liven things up for next week. Meh, that's not all that surprising. Lake Park's on fire this year. LWE has a little ember going. LWC is a smoldering ash.I dont think its fair to say LWC is a "smoldering ash." While it is definitely true that they have taken a big hit over these past couple years, they are going to need some time to rebuild. They have split more than once in under 10 years and will get even smaller next year when their seniors start to go to West. While its true that LWE went through this as well, they have fallen a little bit as well but were also riding some momentum from winning ISU and having some really fantastic years. LWC lost their assistant director who was their drill writer and from my understanding a large majority of their techs from previous years. I am pretty sure that LWC will need to rebuild for some number of years, but I would have to believe that they will start to build to be around the same standard as all the other Lincoln-Ways. Dont forget that just two years ago they did get 4th at ISU, the talent did not just vanish.