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  1. Scores for 10/23

    Congrats to all finalists! Also special one to Downers South for making finals the second time in 32 years!
  2. Rising Bands

    alright, Ill give my thoughts on this again some bands (in no order) I thought rose greatly this year were: -Huntley -Lincoln-way North -Waubonsie Valley(compared to last year) -Downers Grove South -Morton
  3. Scores for October 9th, 2010

    Im sorry, 2nd place in AA went to Waubonsie Valley
  4. Scores for October 9th, 2010

    Downers Grove South Music Bowl: A:1) LWW 2) Alan B Shepard 3)Wheaton North AA: 1)LWC 2)(I think it was Naperville Central, but I could be completely wrong) 3)Eureka AAA: 1)Glenbrook South 2)Romeoville 3)Lemont GC: Lincoln Way Central
  5. Shows for October 9, 2010

    Just a quick comment, I was looking at predictions for this saturday at DGS and noticed Lincoln Way Central wasn't mentioned? Did they drop out?
  6. Who wins Class 6A at U of I?

    I agree , WV and DGS will be the ones who gets this win. But from a personal opinion standpoint, I think that DGS will get this, they've had a great season so far as well as Waubonsie (who I have yet to hear from in a while ).
  7. Scores for October 2, 2010

    Also, congrats to Wheeling and Downers Grove South both exceeding predicted places! DGS:2nd overall Wheeling:3rd overall tie with Hersey
  8. Scores for 9/18/2010

    here are the recaps for the Morton Festival. http://midwestmarching.com/pdfs/2010/morton2010.pdf
  9. Scores for September 11, 2010

    Wheeling has a really great marching program and I'm excited to compete with you guys at ISU. It's amazing to see bands do hard music for even a wind ensemble.
  10. Scores for September 11, 2010

    Oh no! that face wasn't the right one haha. I meant, wow, like its amazing wheeling is tackling Hindemith as a marching band. I applaud you as well. Sorry if I gave off the wrong intent.
  11. Scores for September 11, 2010

    Lockport got 4th! They really improved. Some other comments are Waubonsie really made a showing at Finals. I congragulate Huntley, few thought they would make finals. Good Job Downers South at prelims, I am really confused why they got 8th in finals. Naperville north was very entertaining. Prospect was very prepared. Wheeling took on Hindemith? 0_0. Lake Park's arr. of Angels in the Architecture was very pretty. Those are my impressions .
  12. Lake Park Lancer Joust 2010

    I was wondering, what does top 5, and bottom 5 finals draw mean? I never really understood this concept.
  13. 2009 ILMarching Bands of the Year

    Div. 1:(random order) Marian Catholic, Lake Park, Lincon Way East, Lincon Way North, Prospect, Naperville North, Downers Grove South, Victor J. Andrew, John Hershey, then Warren Township OR United Township. Div 2:(random order) Bloomington, Morton, Limestone, Effingham, Pontiac, Normal West, Lincon Way West, and One more...i cant think of right now.
  14. Scores for 10/24

    it was very unexpected. It took me by suprise, well not really. They have been having some good years, and then everyone was saying how they might not make finals b/c other schools beat them this year such as DGS or whatever. I was also unexpected that DGS didnt make it, they had some great moments this year. But I really do congradulate LWC on a successful finals placement.
  15. is dan posting a review of isu

    Also considering that he started yet did not finish the LinconWay competition reviews? hehe