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  1. Judging discussion

    Actually, from what some LWE alumni told me at ISU, the LWW school was supposed to be the high school for a new school district plan that was axed after the school had been built, so they kept saying that the school's enrollment isn't going to get much bigger because the kids are still being split up between the other school. In fact, they said that half of the school is locked-down because the school is too big for the small enrollment. I'm not sure if that's all true or not, and someone who knows more, feel free to correct me.Your statements regarding the LW district have a vein of truth to them, but show that it was a probably based on student rumor. The district expanded to 4 schools with plans for a 5th in Manhattan. The Manhattan students go to LWC today along with 1/2 of the New Lenox District, the other half of NL is LWW. Given the slowdown in the housing market, the likelihood of another referendum being passed (or even presented to voters) for that 5th school is infinitesimal. No plan was axed, it just hasn't been put out there yet because it isn't needed. From the LW website for the 2010 - 2011 school year: LWC has 1,985 students, capacity is 3,700 LWE has 2,256 students, capacity is 3,700 LWN has 1,831 students, capacity is 2,500 LWW has 1,300 students, capacity is 2,500 No school is half shut down. Hope this helps clear it up.
  2. Judging discussion

    I think the regional idea sounds great, but the problem with that plan is you have to work around all of those college's home football schedules. Chances are, at least one of your regionals would have to be scheduled way early in the season to avoid conflicting with a home football game. I don't think you'd ever be able to get all of the regionals even close to the same time in the season (which I'm assuming you would want to make it a more level playing field). Is anyone familiar with Illinois Wesleyan's facilities? I have wondered about having the 1A-3A bands perform there for prelims in a random draw, which would open more sports for 4A-6A bands in prelims at ISU with a random draw. You wouldn't have to start at 7:00 am, it would also likely allow more time for an expanded finals performance. Top ten scores from each site in finals on Saturday night at ISU? Just a thought. What a fantastic idea. Two locations that are near to one another with a central finals location in the bigger venue. From a competition perspective this is a great idea. Logistically this may become a slightly different animal. The tough part for bands would be the transport of students and for late performing bands in location A that have to re-truck their equipment and bring it down the road to location B. Then there are the parents that would have to move their vehicles mid day, etc. especially for the physically challenged. Perhaps if there were shuttles going between locations this could be solved. Also, the current breakdown of the 40+ bands was definitely in favor of the smaller classes 1A - 4A so perhaps it is broken into 1A-3A and 4A-6A instead of the suggested 1A-4A and 5A/6A. Maybe this would really encourage more smaller schools to attend. The day could start at 9 or 10am, include a few more bands and have a finals with 14 bands like it did over the weekend.
  3. ISU - 2010

    Anyone think that ISU would consider going to a Friday night/Saturday format to eliminate the need for 7am performance times? May also help with judge fatigue.
  4. Rising Bands

    Unfortunately, you may see LWC in 4A next year too... Here is why: LWC has about 2200 students this year. They will loose about 330 next year when they and LWW are fully split. Depending on the class dividing line next year their 1900 or so may land them in 4A. I do agree that LWN had a good year.
  5. Who wins 4A at ISU?

    two words - Drum Major. Now they have one. At wheeling they didn't.
  6. I was up in that section and it was distracting...
  7. Scores for 10/17

    I guess we'll see, but I have a feeling that you're in the minority here.I think anyone that discounts the longest standing Lincoln-Way school at ISU constitutes a minorityLet's bring this back to the facts here, no single one of the LW's is the longest standing. LWC and LWE have been around for the same amount of time. LW community was a completely different school. The only thing LWC shares with the pre-2001 split is the mascot and one of the two buildings that used to be part of the old LW. LWC is getting a bad rap here (warranted or not) and continues to get compared to a school that used to encompass all 5 Jr. high districts. According to the web site (LW210.org) LWC now has 1.5 districts, LWW has 1/2 of the NL district, LWE has 2 (Frankfort and Mokena) and LWN has 1 district. We need to stop comparing LWC with LW Community, that just isn't fair. The only way to make a comparison is to look at LWC+LWE+LWN+LWW ----- THAT equals LW of old.
  8. Scores for 10/17

    Totally agree they were very entertaining
  9. Shows for 10/17

    Does anyone know if video taping will be allowed at the Naperville Central show this weekend?
  10. Who wins 6A at ISU?

    LWC has about 110 LWW has about 40 LWE has about 120 LWN has about 100 LWC has the seniors that would have gone to LWW.
  11. Scores for 10/10

    Any idea what LWN's penalty was for?
  12. Scores for 10/10

    Good luck staying warm over there.....
  13. Scores for 10/10

    LWN was 5th, Naperville 3rd in prelims