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  1. 2012 Marching Shows

    Atwood-Hammond is doing music from The Phantom of the Opera.
  2. Directors

    Joe Wolfe will return to take over at Atwood-Hammond.
  3. Scores for September 10, 2011

    Olympia Marching Spartans Invitational Class 1A: 1) Farmington (DM, Color Guard, Perc) 2) Rantoul Township 3) Ridgeview (I'm not sure about 2nd and 3rd; can someone confirm that for me if they remember?) Class 2A: 1) Pekin (DM, Color Guard, Perc) 2) Metamora 3) ROWVA Class 3A: 1) Normal West (DM, Color Guard) 2) Limestone (Perc) 3) Champaign Centennial Perc GC: Limestone Overall GC: Normal West
  4. 2011 Marching Shows

    Pekin - "Shadows and Light" I. Illumination II. Eclipse III. Darkness Tentative Competition Schedule: Olympia Morton Pontiac Limestone Metamora U of I
  5. Scores for October 9th, 2010

    Any scores for Metamora 3A-5A? and who was the gc? A good chunk of Pekin's band (including me) left for the homecoming dance that was last night.
  6. 2010 shows

    Pekin will be attending Chicagoland in Wheeling instead of Stagg due to the date change.
  7. 2010 Bands: Predictions

    I haven't heard much, but I feel this year will be a strong one from the progress that Pekin and Metamora made during band camp. Everyone seemed optimistic about this upcoming year, and I'm anxious to see what will happen. So what about you? What do you guys think will happen in this wonderful world of Marching Band this year?
  8. Band Camps

    Pekin and Metamora had band camp side by side at EIU this past week. Had some really really hot days, but Pekin has the first two songs finished and looking good, a first for us. Hearing from Metamora that they have first and third songs done.
  9. 2010 shows

    Pekin: Vitruvian Man Mind Body Spirit Attending: 9/11 - Washington 9/18 - Morton 9/25 - Stagg 10/9 - Metamora 10/16 - U of I
  10. Pekin's Director

    Thank you so much. It is really great to hear from our fellow bands, espically Morton. We've worked really hard and we should have our closer finished on field for your competition this Saturday. Btw your show was amazing on Monday.
  11. 2009 Shows

    Numbers include Copland Opener (Fanfare for the Common Man, Symphony No. 3)/Appalachian Spring: Episode 1, Hoedown from Rodeo, and Appalachian Spring: Finale.
  12. 2009 Shows

    Pekin: Westward Visions The Music of Aaron Copland Copland Opener (Fanfare for the Common Man, Symphony No. 4), Appalachian Spring: Episode 1 Hoe Down from Rodeo Appalachian Spring: Finale
  13. Pekin's Director

    Yes, Karli Skelton is doing great things for the Pekin Band program. I'm a sophomore at Pekin this year, and the whole band program is starting to get back on the map. In fact, the Jazz Band won the State of Illinois Jazz Band Competition at ISU this past spring. Our marching band this year should do very well, even though we took 4th this past Saturday at Washington. We should have our closer's drill out together on the field by Geneseo, hoping possibly this Saturday by Morton.