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  1. Top 14 Bands in Illinois

    Does anyone know / can explain how some of the big marching band states (ie, Texas) do their championships?
  2. Do's And Don'ts of a Marching Band Competition

    I so am with you on this one. There were parents like that up in our BOA competition at Ypsilanti and we were sitting a few seats over and one of our chaperones was even getting annoyed. He was joking that he'd go up to the parent and say, "Is that really necessary?" Of course, I'm all for the cheering of kids too, but theres a certain point when things like that get obnoxious...
  3. Bands of America Indianapolis Regional Schedule

    Wow, a tie for visual?
  4. L.D. Bell's new uniforms

    Wow... new uniforms for one year?
  5. Naperville North

    Any thoughts on how NN did at ISU? Looking at predictions, not many people expected us to do well, ranging from placing 5th to not even making finals, the majority of predictions saying placements 7th-10th. I honestly wasn't expecting a 4th place finish, knowing that the judging panel was going to be mainly composed of BOA/DCI judges; does anyone else have insights as to yesterdays results?
  6. Rising Bands

    DGS had an amazing year, I was kind of surprised when they did not make finals last night.
  7. Who wins 6A at ISU?

    They could base it off of soph./jr./sr. student population. In which case that would make sense because LWC would have more seniors assuming they were not forced to switch to West.I think thats true. For BOA this weekend in Ypsilanti, class placements were based on grades 10-12 student population
  8. Who wins 6A at ISU?

    Lake Park is looking very strong this year, and I feel like after LWE left because of the school split there hasn't been much competition for the 6A title
  9. 2009 Out of State Marching Band Shows

    i saw plymouth canton and lawrence central this weekend at BOA regionals in MI, and I was very impressed with both bands. Love them!!
  10. Naperville North

    I agree. At the St. Louis BOA we did not do great last year... to say the least. We will be at Ypsi next Saturday, and I am very excited to see how that will turn out.
  11. Naperville North

    Haha, thanks I guess. Just to clarify, I didn't mean that our shows would be bad without the actors/props, they just wouldn't be that entertaining. I dont know how that'd affect the judges scores, but surely it wouldn't be as fun to watch. There is no doubt the band can perform the music and drill, I just know that a lot of the impact of our show comes from the plot line supplied by actors, props, and guard.
  12. Naperville North

    Yes, I definitely agree that our show gets REALLY old after about the 2nd time you see it, which is why generally the competition the week before ISU is always a "I hope the judges still judge our show without saying anything about how old and lame it is." I feel that Mr. Moore doesn't really like adding or changing things to our show once we learn it, since we learn it all at band camp it is really hard to change things (actually I wouldn't know, seeing as I've never done it, but thats my impression). I dont think that our show would be entertaining if you took away all the actors, props, whatever. Definitely not. A lot of our show is based on that, but look at LWE, who also uses lots of props. Clearly they use their props differently, but I think their show would have the same impacts with or without props. Definitely not the case for NN because our show is based so heavily on our props and actors, which is just the way that Mr. Moore writes our shows.
  13. Naperville North

    No, winning isn't everything but who DOESNT like to win. come on.
  14. Naperville North

    Ok, here's the thing about Naperville North (and not necessarily just them, but Dan Moore in general) The show is based on GE...I think that's pretty obvious. He's learned that you can win when you focus on GE. He's also learned that if you stuff your show with GE, you can ease up on marching and playing. I'm not saying they don't play well or move well...they just don't have to do harder music and harder drill because Dan knows that he's going to get his GE from the extraneous stuff that's happening on the field. In fact, if they were playing harder music and harder drill, it would probably take away GE because it would take away from the focus on the play or little scene that's usually going on somewhere on the field. So that's why you see the show with tons of halts and only 58 sets. I think the problem most people have with NN is that most feel that's the "easy way out" when it comes to GE. It's cute...it's funny...it makes the audience laugh or say "aww, that's cute", but it's usually just kinda gimmicky. It's sometimes creative, and you gotta give the kids major props for pulling it off and being effective, but it's a lot harder to get tons of GE through shows that focus on the music and the movement. The Marching....and the Band part of marching band. To give a simile, I could make you laugh two different ways....one could be in a detailed and elaborate comedy standup routine, or I could just stand there and make fart noises with my armpit. You'll probably laugh at both, but most people would appreciate the standup routine more than the latter. NN is not breaking the rules. They practice and work very hard. But the above reason is why most people in Illinois don't really respect NN very much. They feel that they take the easy way out. And this also explains why NN does well at Chicago shows that have relatively the same panels show to show (and ISU of recent years), but then get blown away at BOA shows. BOA judges see so many well constructed shows that grab you through brilliant music , movement construction, and drill, and NN comes along and the judges are like "this is clown shoes." BOA judges expect the detailed and well constructed comedy routine...not the fart noises. This isn't meant as a slam on the students in NN's band in any way. They do what they do very well, and have success doing it. The format of their shows are determined (or recycled) by their director, not them. And I bet that there are some kids in their band that would really like to do a more serious and sophisticated show. The best way to look at this is that it's a perfect example of how marching band and judging of shows is a truly subjective activity, and how there is more than one way to interpret what marching band shows should be like. I completely agree with what Tuba Deus has just responded. Yes, we do GE stuffed shows. That is Mr. Moore's style. There is absolutely nothing that we as a band can do about it. He doesnt really take our suggestions into play when writing the show. I find it really insulting when people say that we "didn't deserve to win" (actually thats just plain rude, saying it to ANY band). Sometimes, I agree. I feel that other bands do better shows than we do, but GE (or at least what I can tell of it), a lot of it is HOW the show is written. Is it written so when the music is played, it sounds good? Is the drill written well? And since Mr. Moore writes our whole show, thats all on him. Personally, and please no one take this the wrong way, I feel that judges do sometimes judge bands with a bias if they like the band's show or not. It comes with the whole overall package performance type thing. If a band performs a really good but boring show, as opposed to a show performed equally well and really excited and engaging, who do you think will get the better score? Obviously thats not supposed to happen, but judging is subjective.
  15. Lincoln-Way West

    Just so you know, Lincoln-Way East and Lincoln-Way Central are now roughly the same size as Morton-a 2A band. It's NOT the quantity of the band. It's the quality. There's some very high quality bands that are in 1A and 2A, just as there are in 5A and 6A. Remember, Morton only finished .4 behind Naperville North last year. And this brings me to my favorite point, one that I bring back a lot: In 1993, at Grand Nationals, Jackson Academy from Mississippi won Class A, marching AT MOST 40 kids. They performed in Finals, beating Duncanville from Texas, a band that was probably 6-7 times their size. They also beat the 1995 Grand National Champion, Center Grove from Indiana. Jackson Academy finished in 8th place, only a point behind Marian Catholic, the AA Champion. A good point, especially when you consider the fact that Morton also demolished NN and VJA at the BOA St. Louis regional as well. (a week later that ISU) Lincoln Way North almost beat both of them as well, and they were pretty small. However, I think Jackson Academy is a pretty big outlier. I think that size matters up to a certain point. Once you get above a certain number of members, then you can get a fairer shake. So I guess I see both sides of the argument. And for the record, although I don't like it, I do tend to agree that all this splitting of the districts is going to overall weaken the LW programs. Especially since I heard that the anticipated growth that Altotus was talking about isn't really happening much right now because the economy is in the toilet (nobody building houses). Things could change, but who knows. It just seems impossible to keep diluting the talent and maintain a good product. And timing is everything...if those programs start to go down, they may have more trouble attracting kids, etc. When was the last time LWC and LWE marched under 140 people? Maybe East's first couple years? That's crazy. I dont know how to quote more than one person per post. So hopefully this'll all make sense. All the classes at ISU are based on SCHOOL size, not BAND size. If NN or LWC or any other 6A school had the same percentage of kids marching as Morton, Marian, or some of the 1A/2A schools, those bands would be FREAKING RIDICULOUS. No band can be looked down upon just because they come from a small school. That's just ridiculous, biased, and unfair. ItsOnTheField: "Money, or the lack of, is also a weak excuse for programs not being successful." I totally agree. Yes, NNHSax, we have drums that are ridiculously old, but that doesn't mean our drumline is bad. If we got new drums, the only thing that'd accomplish is making our drumline very happy, not necessarily make them any better. Likewise, you could give a really good drumline, like VJA, old drums and I'm sure they'd still sound great. Personally, I feel that at NNHS the band does not get a lot of money from the school compared to more popular activities like football, and thats where we feel it to be unfair, and I think this is where our complaints root from. I dont know if its actually true or not, but I feel that football families shell out a lot less than band families do to participate. I know thats at least true for gymnastics, which I participate in. We get a lot of money from the school to buy equipment for gymnastics, but in band every musician that uses a school-owned instrument has to pay fees, and other things like that. Its not that none of us can afford it, because as robes-and-swd said, Naperville is one of the most affluent suburbs of Chicago. Money is just an excuse for programs not being successful. ItsOnTheField said it perfectly.