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  1. Football games

    We actually beat out the Pons and Cheerleaders on the program for halftime, going right after the football teams leave. We play our show, move whatever formation we were in last backwards/condense it and the pons come on and we play one of their songs (normally at half the normal tempo). Then I guess the cheerleaders come out...we leave by then and go back to the band room to change and to go back out. We don't get to play in the "stands" (we're actually now on bleachers on the track 'cause of the high attendance numbers, although the weird middle schoolers who come to the football games end up behind us and they yell at us for not sitting down since we do dance and do cheers to different cadences, and so we just keep doing it) but as I stated, we dance and do cheers, and if we score we get to play the fight song and the "Warrior Chant". Our pregame's really boring, we just go out on the field, do this weird fanning out thing so that we're in a bunch of diags of four, play the national anthem and the fight song. We don't even bother with a parade song after Labor Day until Memorial Day comes around again (although this year we have to do a song for the London parade! Yay!). For the Homecoming parade we just play the fight song. As for early mornings, since we're a big school/band (and I know it's unfair to small bands) we don't have REALLY early mornings. Normally around 7 or 8 we show up and have a 1-2 hour rehearsal before loading the buses and heading on our way. Although our football games often go until 10:30 and by the time you get out of the parking lot it's 11 and I live in the farthest subdivision from the school so it's a longer drive for me so I break the curfew of the city all the time. The only times we go home after halftime are for weather related reasons, twice last year for rain (although we still marched the show in the rain, we just took our plumes off) and once this year for extreme cold (we were all freezing to death in our wool uniforms)
  2. ISU 6A

    not sure but i always like your shows they are very interesting........... I agree, they're always very entertaining. We haven't gotten to it this year thought so I'm excited for ISU, we've always seemed to perform before you and left or preformed after you but didn't get to see you, sad.
  3. Prospect HS Knight of Champions

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of our Colorguard costumes either...nobody really gets how they go with our show, last years were better, DM costumes are adorable though, I love them!
  4. Season progress

    Hmm...so back to the actual topic and away from the talk of how arrogant some people can be (although I haven't been here in a while so I currently have no opinion on that) Our show's going pretty good. We've so far got up to the beginning (and a little into it) of the closer which is a lot farther than last year although this year there is no drum break we have a longer closer instead. Our band camp, like most of yours probably were, were sweltering hot and then one day it just poured. And when we say valley in our name, we really are in a bit of a valley and the field flooded. We were going to march on the football field that is set up on a back parking lot on a hill but it poured so much that they finally let us go home four hours early (this was after four hours of music rehersal). I think everything has just been getting hotter as the end of summer comes. We constantly have one or two people out when we're cleaning drill just because they're about to be sick from the heat (I was one of them a few weeks ago), although nobody has fainted yet which is good. The only thing we've done this year performance wise is we had a football game on Friday. Our team did horribly but the band was pretty good. Apparently a lot of the parents said it was the best first show they've seen since they've been with the band (which for some of them is a very long time). Although it helped that since we don't have a drum break we did a lot more nit-picking in our cleaning during band camp, stuff that normally doesn't start until the very end we were doing in the middle. We also marched the Memorial Day parade, the long one this time and when we were done everybody was about to die. We have two parades we can attend since our school is in Aurora but many people live in Naperville so we switch off and we did Naperville this year but it was much longer than usual due to construction. So that's about it. We're looking forward to Lake Park (our first competition!) even though we won't be staying for finals even if we make it...blah.
  5. who is going to be at U of I?

    And our directors like the U of I competition. We had a director from there the past couple years (but he left...sad, went to Oak Park-River Forest). This year we are at ISU though, not U of I (my first year at ISU! Yay!)
  6. BOA

    Or people need to stop saying that certain mascots are offensive. Apparently ours is getting challenged again since there's something on with Illini too (although I'm not sure if we actually are, we've all just given up on this subject at our school 'cause it's come up a lot)
  7. Lake Park

    Even if we make it we won't be attending finals. It's our homecoming (sadly, we're all really upset, we want the school to pick homecoming off of our schedule but they don't seem to like that idea, then we could stay for finals and go to homecoming)

    Their high school is nice...although among the Naperville schools Neuqua is really the nicest (it's the youngest...and is considered superior to Waubonsie which stinks for us because we have the same curriculum for everything). Their marching program is good, they did the Trading Spaces show last year, their shows always involve a lot of props I'm told which I'm not a huge fan of but they pull it off pretty well.
  9. Top marching bands for next year

    We're going to ISU this year.
  10. Show Opinions

    Okay, well I just thought of this and it's kind of pathetic but... A lot of our seasons are ending soon or have ended (mine ended yesterday) so I thought it would be interesting to hear other people's honest (yet kind...don't be extremely cruel) opinions on the various shows. I know there's been a thread like this on Prospect's show and I'd love to hear what people thought of my school's show and I didn't think I was the only one. I don't know if anyone will get into this but: tell us the school name and people can give you honest opinions, while being nice about their dislikes of the show (like explaining, not just saying, "your show sucks"). Anyways, I go to Waubonsie Valley...what did any of you think of our show?
  11. Prospects Show

    In defense of self: Never said it the guard thing should have effected your score...just that it was a bit creepy.
  12. East Coast Marching Bands

    Our BOA regional this year was in Piscataway, NJ and I have to say that it was a new experience. We were in the middle of the day we got to watch a lot of bands at the end. Except for us every band was east coast and the only farthest away excluding us came from down in South Carolina I believe. The bands in the east coast are really different. Props are major, I don't know if any of you read my post where I talked about the band with the blocks, toy box, giant jack-in-the-box, and dolls that the colorguard danced with, but also they had voice overs. It was not the only show where electronics were used, that one at at least two others had voiceovers. One was nice because it was all these american quotes, but the other two were kind of pathetic. One was even basically telling you what the point of the show was. Has anyone else here seen a high school east coast band and have any opinions? I felt their shows were really complex but they were not based on the band basically...but more the colorguard or their twenty-million props that took up large areas of the field. I know this isn't true for all east coast bands but a lot of them were like that.
  13. Which instrument should I take up!?

    Correction...Alethea and Nicole got together after games...Tom normally went off with Courtney (his girlfriend...really sweet. She and her other friend roomed with me and my friend at BOA)
  14. U of I (all scores)

    Actually...Waubonsie has a huge chance of going down to AA for the 2005 season...a large majority of our band is seniors, especially the colorguard, and we aren't getting too many seniors. Although at U of I we still would be competing with Prospect...since that's school size.
  15. U of I (all scores)


    Ha! Was I by you then Kels or was I still down by Meagan? I got yelled at during Lake Park's too...
  17. where are your bands going for band trips?

    Too be nice to the orchestra and choir the band only goes every third year (and choir and orchesta go their own rotating three years)...this disculdes extra curricular bands (so BOA doesn't count as a trip). Last year (I was an 8th grader) they went to Hawaii so technically the next trip should be my senior year...but we were invited to London for the 2006 London Day (new years day) parade...yay! But as for the rest of the year...no full band trips, but Jazz is going to Toronto.
  18. Next Years Show

    So that was you guys!! A bunch of us were watching at Lake Park, because we performed really early, and we saw you guys, and since our wind ensemble and wind symphony played Ride basically everybody (except for us nieve little freshmen) went nuts, and of course nobody had a program or listened to the announcer, so we had no idea who it was... and then either right after you or a couple later, a different band played Vesuvius (sorry can't spell to save my life) which they also played... so yeah, fun times... Ahem...I believe I went crazy because we knew the piece from that Fine Arts Fesitval thing...love those songs. Except Liz blew my ears out at rehersal because she went REALLY high when she wasn't supposed to.
  19. Postseason...

    That's what we do, but I think there are a few schools that it's marching band then concert band.
  20. Equipment Trailer

    Who promised that one? The pit dads want a trailer since instead we just rent trucks ourselves every time and that gets pricey after a couple of years.
  21. Postseason...

    I'm just in concert band and pep band basically after marching band (I don't play a jazz insturment and my attempt at one was really bad) but basketball hasn't started yet so we haven't done a thing for pep band. I am going to try and do winterguard...my friend Megan has got me into it.
  22. Which instrument should I take up!?

    Our mellos are all horn players with the exception of our section leader Catie who is originally a trumpet player and started horn this year (she switched to mello as a sophmore because of the lack of them) and Jordan who's going back to trumpet (but Steph's coming from trumpet to mello because...as I've said before on this board, the trumpet section hates each other and gets very little done).
  23. Which instrument should I take up!?

    Did you hear Waubonsie at U of I? You hear our mellos...it's ALL Liz basically, she plays really loud but at the same time with really good tone. Emily's right - it is ALL Liz (who, in case you hadn't clued in, is one of the WVHS mellos), with the exception of Abby's three solos - which can also be heard, considering she started the show!! Yeah...Abby and Liz are amazing mellos (and horns! *does little dance*)...I don't know how Liz got such a beautiful sound out considering that her mello was taped together for half the season before they gave up and bought a new one after it broke for the fifty millionth time.
  24. East Coast Marching Bands

    Kelsey, you still say that going into band exec board EVERY WEDNESDAY Scarier that the extra colorguard peoples walk in Prospects show. Much... Much...scarier.
  25. End of the season

    We were supposed to go the same year...and 9/11 messed it up for our school but not the neighboring school. We were lucky though and they invited us again for the 20th aniversary of the parade (Might be 200th...I'm tired right now...20th doesn't seem long enough, but 200 seems too long and I know it's a 2...hmm..)