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  1. Pep Band

    25 or 6 to 4 is probably the best one we have now. Centerfold is a big hit, but no one besides the seniors have played it, as our school banned it. heh. Land of a grand? We played that for marching my 7th grade year, lol.
  2. Which instrument should I take up!?

    He has a point. The ladies flock to the bones.
  3. End of the season

    They have pep bands for Volleyball at state? Keen. We played the Class AA Girls Semis and Finals for basketball last year.
  4. U of I Scores

    Ouch. Two bands received total scores of 0 in C/D, I just assumed that meant they did not march in the parade. One of them was actually included in the Governor's trophy tabulation, but I left them out.
  5. U of I Scores

    Kinda stupid IVC got penalized for something not their fault.
  6. funny storys

    heh... When we got to UIUC, it was sprinkling a bit, but then it let up. We were happy about that, at least. It was basically not raining most of the time we warmed up. As we walked to the stadium, however, it started to rain a bit. Then it stopped again, during the break between classes. About two minutes before we were to go on, it started to rain, and this time it didn't stop. We marched on in the rain, with our little version of Chameleon we added that Thursday. We got through our first chart, and it started to rain quite a bit. The second chart it was raining pretty fraggin' hard. The third, a trumpet duet of Gospel John, it was a downpour. One of our assistants yelled out "IT'S NOT RAINING! I SWEAR!" towards us. I was trying to look at the drum major, but was only to open one eye because I kept being pelted with rain. It basically rained that hard for the rest of the show, but we played better than usual. As we marched off, it started to let up. By the time we were out of the stadium, the rain was gone, and it didn't rain the rest of the day. Robinson (The band behind us) marched with no rain at all. Heh.
  7. anyone see macombs show?

    Sorry, I was out eating at the time...the rest of our band was there to see it, though.
  8. U of I Scores

    Hey, could you check on this for me? I was at the awards ceremony, and had Alan B. Shepard down as DM winner for AA Parade. Which makes sense, because their director has been a DM instructor before at Smith-Wallbridge and WIU. You're right, I know you are...I remember Tyler saying that Prospect might not win DM, and he was right. I either misread it or it was misprinted (The tables on the sheet are very small, making it hard to read)
  9. Best area for music in the State?

    I'd have to disagree and say that being a public school doesn't mean you have a bad band. Other than Marian Catholic, I really think that the rest of the powerful bands are public, not to mention that the bands that usually make bands of the year on this cite in AAA are Marian, Prospect, LP, Lincoln Way(s), and VJ Andrew, 5 of which are public. Plus, public school = more funding. Yeah, true. I'm used to talking to people on a AOL message board and they're all amazed that I go to public school and have such a great band program because they talk about great programs being at arts schools and stuff. But I don't think we really get that much funding for band. More than some schools yeah but...they had a list of things the school was trying to buy for various activities and groups and not a single thing had been aproved for the marching band and I know the colorguard is pushing for new pregame uniforms and the pit dads are pushing for our own truck. On fuding: The year I got into school, funding was cut 75% or so. The year after, another 10%. I can't remember what it's at right now.
  10. End of the season

    My high school season has ended, and I've never really thought much of it, because I've always just assumed that I'll be marching elsewhere (in college or in a DCI corp.) It sucks, because I'll never be as comparitively good as I am now anywhere else, as there will always be guys a lot better than me. That'll be a little weird, being as, coming from such a small place, I've been the top since my sophomore year. That sounds really arrogant, sorry.
  11. At what point does winning go to far.

    That's a good thing about having a small band like ours... Most everyone likes each other and loves being in band except for a few people that just hate everything about band and everyone in it.
  12. New Look

    We got new uniforms this year, the drumline got their drums painted, a few new heads. We got a marimba this year, too. This year's uniforms.
  13. U of I Scores

    Parade Scores: Class C/D Atwood-Hammond: 76.85 (Perc, Aux, DM) A-C Central: 73.45* Barry: 71.6 ROWVA: 71.45 Cerro Gordo: 68 Roanoke-Benson: 63.25 Bement: 62.6 Blue Ridge: 60.9 Dwight Township: 58.3 Class B Macomb: 86 (Perc, DM) IVC: 76.35* Dunlap: 69.25* (Aux) Prarie Central: 67.15 Eureka: 65.5 Newton: 62.1* Porta: 61.75 Pinckneyville: 53.5* Class A Highland: 88.55 (Perc) Mahomet-Seymour: 88.3 (Aux) Galesburg: 83.4 (DM) Champaign Centennial: 75.7 Bloomington: 72.15 Minooka: 66.35 Yorkville: 65.45 Washington: 62.15 Mattoon: 61.75 Class AA Prospect: 90.55 (Perc, Aux, DM) Alan B. Shepard: 82.35 Pekin: 68.1 Carl Sandburg: 62.1* *Penalized 5 Points Governer's Trophy Class B & C/D Macomb: 338.99 ( IVC: 321.33 ( Dunlap: 301.24 ( Eureka: 297.49 ( Newton: 285.09 ( Atwood-Hammond: 272.84 (C/D) ROWVA: 266.45 (C/D) Prarie Central: 264.13 ( Pinckneyville: 248.5 ( Dwight Township: 236.29 (C/D) Blue Ridge: 231.9 (C/D) Class A & AA Prospect: 370.54 (AA) Mahomet-Seymour: 339.2 (A) Galesburg: 318.39 (A) Alan B. Shepard: 314.34 (AA) Washington: 306.14 (A) Champaign Centennial: 289.9 (A) Minooka: 280.34 (A) Pekin: 271.38 (AA) Bloomington: 268.14 (A)
  14. Traditions

    This one is kinda new, and will probably only stick for this year. Two weeks ago our football field was dedicated in the name of Jim Finks. He was some football player here who went on to play in the NFL, coach, to own a bunch of football teams, including the Bears, and the Cubs at one point, and almost became commissioner of football. He's in the Hall of Fame now, but the school made a huge deal out of it for a week. Made him look like a god. So, before we march on, we usually have one of our seniors tell some drastically made up story about feats Jim Finks did. Such as destroying 5000 Vietcong with only a piece of gum and a shoelace. We also the the whol 1-2-3 *Jim Finks* shout now.
  15. Your family and marching

    Just wondering if anyone has hardcore bloodlines in marching or if it's a recent thing in your family. My dad played trumpet until his freshman year but quit quickly. My mom was a Clarinet and marched in the South (Mississippi, Alabama) but never did anything other than high school. My brother was the first to really go after marching. He's tried out for the Cavies the past three years and will have his last shot this November. He's toured partially with the cavies as, well, a water-boy/picture-taker/website-man. He's on the Illini Snare Line for his second year now, and, if he doesn't make the Cavies, will go to Southwind. I've been marching since my freshman year, and only really took notice into it my sophomore year. I almost quit my 6th grade year, and now I want to major in music education. Life is fun. I plan on trying out for Southwind this year or next (money is non-existent around here.) I've been playing trombone since 4th grade, and baritone since second semester my sophomore year - just so I could march in DCI. Hopefully I'll make the Marching Illini next year, but, we'll see. How about you kiddies?