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  1. If you could create a marching show...

    I just want to see someone attempt to portray the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics in China. That show was UNBELIEVABLE !! Nearly impossible to portray.
  2. The worst judges tape in the world

    That judges tape is hilarious !! "You Look Like You Eat it up !" " Pretty Flags...mmmmm" "You are a TALL Band...mmmmm" LOL LOL Thanks for posting !!
  3. BOA Sound Check Predictions

    I love the black curtain, it not only makes for a nice backdrop, but it also sucks up some of the escaping sound making it sound a thousand times better than the RCA Dome. I can remember being at the RCA dome and not understanding the announcer at all, but now you can hear them clearly. YEAH !!
  4. Size of Bands Decreasing?

    I was sad to hear about Ronald Reagan decreasing in size. It's astounding how many programs are decreasing due to cutbacks in Education.
  5. Grand Nationals 2008

    Where are all of the Texas Bands this year ??
  6. Grand Nationals roll call!

    Hello All, We will be there with the award winning film, From The 50 Yard Line, now available on DVD. We will have a booth at both the regional and National Competition. Be sure to stop by and say hello. http://www.FromThe50YardLine.com Thanks !! Your Friends From The 50 Yard Line